The Turkish Crimea Medal 1855

    Issued by the Sultan of Turkey to the Allied forces of Britain, France and Sardinia who served during the Crimean War 1854 - 1856.
 Description: In silver1 36mm diameter, obverse depicts the Sultan's cypher over  "Crimea 1271" in Turkish2 , all within a wreath. Reverse; a cannon, mortar and anchor standing on the Russian flag. A map of the Crimea is spread over the cannon. In the background are the four flags of the allies. Three versions of reverse exist.

British: "CRIMEA 1855" in exergue, British flag to the fore, on the right. (illustrated)3

French: "LA CRIMEE 1855" in exergue, French flag to the fore, on the right.

Sardinian: "LA CRIMEA 1855" in exergue, Sardinian flag to the fore, on the right. (illustrated)

The original suspension was by means of a small silver and  larger steel ring fit through a pierced hole in the disc, but this is very often replaced with a Queen's Crimea medal suspender, or some other more robust form of suspension.

Naming: Issued unnamed but frequently found with engraved naming of various unofficial styles - also found (less commonly)  impressed regimental or depot style.

Ribbon: Crimson with green edges. (the original issue ribbon was 18mm wide but this was often replaced with normal width, 32mm ribbon)

1 Struck in a lower grade 0.800 silver as opposed to the usual British standard of the time (pre 1875) of  0.950.
2. 1271 A.H. Islamic = 1855 Gregorian
3. A ship bringing part of the consignment of medals to Britain was wrecked, but the problem was resolved by the issue of  Sardinian and French strikings to British troops - hence all three types turn up to British personnel.

(Also see: Medals of the Regiments for qualification by regiment for Infantry and Cavalry units.)



Turkish Crimea Medal Sardinia Issue

Turkish Crimea British Issue

Above: Turkish Crimea medal Sardinian version reverse "LA CRIMEA 1855" and British version reverse "CRIMEA 1855"
both are engraved to British soldiers.


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