Transport Medal 1899 - 1902

 This medal  was to reward service transporting troops and materials (including service on hospital ships) during the  Boer War in South Africa and the Boxer rebellion in China. It was awarded to Mercantile Marine officers of the ranks: Surgeon, Purser, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Engineer, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Officer and the Vessel Master. 1719 medals were issued to the officers of 181 vessels. 

Description:  silver, 36mm diameter with a swivelling suspender. Naming:  Impressed in serif block capitals. Recipients name only - no rank or ship is given - reference to the medal roll is necessary to identify the recipients rank and vessel.
The obverse bears the bust of King Edward VII in Admirals uniform and the legend "EDWARDVS VII REX IMPERATOR." Reverse depicts his Majesty's transport "Ophir" under way, beneath a map of the world, surrounded by the legend "OB PATRIAM MILITIBUS PER MARE TRANSVECTIS ADJUTAM" (latin) which translates "for services rendered in transporting troops by sea".

Two bars issued;  S. Africa 1899 - 1902 and China 1900

Ribbon, red with two blue stripes.





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