The Delhi Durbar Medal 1911

This medal was issued to commemorate King George V's Coronation Durbar celebration in British India, December 1911. A total of 26,800 medals were awarded with a large number presented to men and officers of British regiments, although it was not universally awarded - only about 25% of those present at the Durbar ended up with a medal.
 Description; a silver  medal1, 38.5mm diameter with a swivelling ring suspender. Obverse: the crowned and conjoined busts of King George V and Queen Mary, within a rose and laurel wreath. Reverse: ( in Persian script) centrally: "Dehli 1911" surrounded by " The Durbar of George V, Emperor of India, Master of the British Lands"

 Issued un-named, but occasionally encountered unofficially named. Naming in our illustrated example is in impressed2, somewhat spread out capitals, to; 5543 Cpl. L. S. Ring. X R. H. (10th Royal Hussars). Corporal Ring's entitlement is verified via the 1911 Delhi Durbar medal roll (9 officers and 121 other ranks listed for the 10th Hussars).

1. A small number were also struck in gold for award to Indian Princely rulers and the highest ranking Government officials.
2. This would generally be described as "regimentally" or "depot  impressed".



the delhi durbar medal 1911




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