The Territorial Decoration (1908-1930)

    Instituted 1908 in the wake of the Territorial and Reserve Forces Act 1907, which saw the formation of the Territorial Force from the reorganisation of the old Volunteer and Militia structure of  the British Army. This decoration therefore replaced the Volunteer Officers' Decoration which had been  in use from 1892.
  The Territorial Decoration was awarded for 20 years commissioned service, although service in the ranks could be counted at half the rate and war service at double the rate.
   Description: a silver skeletal badge in the form of oval oak wreath "tied with gold" 45 mm high by 36 mm wide, containing the gilt finished crowned cypher of King Edward VII or George V as appropriate. The reverse is plain except in the case of the earlier issues which are hallmarked.  Suspension is by means of a free ring.
   Naming: issued unnamed although frequently encountered unofficially engraved in various styles.
   Ribbon; 38mm wide dark green with a central yellow stripe.


Official public announcement of the institution of the new decoration:

War Office, 29th September, 1908.



Whereas it is Our Royal Desire to reward the long and meritorious services of Officers of proved capacity in Our Territorial Force; Now for the purpose of attaining this end, We have instituted, constituted and created, and by these Presents for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, do institute, constitute and create a new Decoration which We are desirous should be highly prized by the Officers of Our Territorial Force; and We are graciously pleased to make, ordain and establish the following rules and ordinances for the government of the same, which shall from henceforth be observed and kept:—
Firstly.—It is ordained that the Decoration shall be styled and designated " The Territorial Decoration," and shall consist of an Oak Wreath in silver tied with gold, having in the centre the Royal Cipher and Crown in gold.
Secondly.—It is ordained that the Decoration shall be suspended on the left breast from a silver Oak bar-brooch by a green riband of one inch and a half in width with a yellow stripe down the centre.
Thirdly.—It is ordained that the Decoration may be worn by Us, Our Heirs and Successors, Kings and Queens Regnant of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; and it shall be competent for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, to confer the Decoration upon any of the Princes of the Royal Family of Great Britain and Ireland.
Fourthly.—It is ordained that no person-shall be eligible for this Decoration who is in possession of the Volunteer Officers' Decoration nor shall he be nominated thereto unless he is or was a Commissioned Officer and has served twenty years in Our Territorial Force, including previous commissioned service in Our Yeomanry Cavalry, Imperial Yeomanry, or Volunteer Force, previous service qualifying for the Colonial Auxiliary Forces, or Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Officers' Decoration, and all service as an acting or honorary officer of a Cadet Corps, or Cadet Battalion, after attaining the age of seventeen years—is recommended by the Commanding Officer of the Unit in which he has served—and is duly certified by the District Military Authorities in which the Unit is located, as having been an efficient and thoroughly capable Officer, in every way deserving of such a Decoration; Provided nevertheless and We do hereby declare that half of any time during which an Officer of Our Territorial Force may have served in the ranks of Our said Force, or in the ranks of Our Yeomanry Cavalry, Imperial Yeomanry, or Volunteer Force, or of a Cadet Corps, or Cadet Battalion, after attaining the age of seventeen years, shall reckon as qualifying service towards the twenty years required as aforesaid.
Fifthly.—It is ordained that the names of those upon whom We may be pleased to confer the Decoration shall be published in the London Gazette, and a Registry thereof kept in the office of Our Principal Secretary of State for War.
Sixthly.—In order to make such additional provision as shall effectually preserve pure this most honourable Distinction, it is ordained that, if any person on whom it shall be conferred be convicted of any act derogatory to his honour as an Officer and gentleman, his name shall forthwith be erased from the Registry of individuals upon whom the said Decoration shall have been conferred, by an order from Us under Our Royal Sign Manual; and a notification thereof shall be duly published in the London Gazette.
Lastly.—We reserve to Ourselves, Our Heirs, and Successors full power of annulling, altering, abrogating, augmenting, interpreting, or dispensing with these regulations, or any part thereof, by a notification under Our Royal Sign Manual.
Given at Our Court at Saint James's, this 17th day of August, 1908, in the 8th year of Our Reign.

By His Majesty's Command,




Territorial Decoration 1908

above EVIIR cypher
 (585 issued, hence somewhat uncommon.)

above GVR cypher
(4198 issued)

first type reverse with hallmark for S. Garrard and Co. London 1908.
 (note the ring is also struck with the standard mark)
above the correct silver oak leaf pattern "bar-brooch" as defined in the warrant.
Territorial Decorations.

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