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Sudan Despatches 1896  - 1908
Herbert Kitchener
Above: The author of the primary Sudan despatches for the period 1896-89;
 Major-General Sir H. Kitchener, K.C.B., K.C.M.G. Sirdar.

Listed below are some of the despatches related to the Reconquest of the Sudan 1896-98, the mopping up operations - including the death of Kalifa and Ahmed Fedil - and further operations to which a clasp for the Khedive's Sudan medal was awarded. This list is incomplete; we are missing despatches/reports corresponding to the clasps; Firket, Bahr-el Ghazal 1900-02, Jerok, Talodi, and Katfia. (the two remaining clasps; Sudan 1897 and Sudan 1899, are not specific to a particular action) Note; only part of a despatch may relate to the clasp's particular battle or action, or all of it.


Yellow clasps = service during this period also commemorated with the Queen's Sudan Medal 1896-1898

Date Published by WO Written Contents Relevant  Khedive's  Sudan Clasp
?unpublished? 9th June 1896 Action at Firket 7th June 1896


8th November 1896 30th September 1896  Operations in the Dongola Provence , March to September 1896.


25th January 1898 9th December 1897 Capture of Abu Hamed, and the subsequent occupation of Berber.

Abu Hamed

25th May 1898 10th April 1898 16th March to the 8th April, including the expedition to Shendy, the cavalry reconnaissance of March 30th and April 4th, and the battle of the Atbara.

The Atbara

30th September 1898 5th September 1898 Battle of Khartoum. (Omdurman) 2nd September 1898 (including full casualty list)


9th December 1898 6th December 1898 Lieutenant-Colonel Parsons march on, and occupation of, Gedarif.


5th May 1899 29th December 1899 Attack and defeat of Ahmed Fedil in the Rosaires Cataract. (Lewis)


30th January 1900 25th November 1899 Occupation of Gedid  and the death of the Khalifa and Ahmed Fedil (Wingate)


18th May 1906 25th August 1905 Operations in the Babr-el-Ghazal Province and Congo Free State Border (Wingate)

Nyam Nyam

27th September 1910 29th December 1908 Operations in the Nyima Hills 1908 (Wingate)



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