King's South Africa Medal 1901 - 02

    This second campaign medal for the South African or 'Boer War' was instituted in 1902,  for award to all those who were in theatre on or after the 1st January 1902, and had completed 18 months service in the conflict prior to 1st June 1902. The medal was to recognise service in the difficult latter phases of the war, and reward those who by their long service in the field had brought the campaign to a successful conclusion. The medal was never awarded singly and was always paired with the Queen's South Africa Medal.

  Description:  Silver, 36mm diameter, with a swivelling suspension. Obverse; the bust of King Edward VII in field marshal's uniform, and the legend EDWARDVS VII REX IMPERATOR..  Reverse: the depiction of a coastal landscape with battleships standing offshore, an advancing army column heads toward the main figure of Britannia, who is holding a flag and offering a wreath. Above this scene are the words "SOUTH AFRICA"


Two clasps were awarded:

South Africa 1901All those who served in South Africa between 1st January 1901 and the 31st December 1901, both dates inclusive
South Africa 1902All those who served in South Africa between 1st January 1902 and the 31st May 1902, both dates inclusive

 Men who were invalided out of South Africa due to wounds prior to the 1st January 1902 but returned and served any time between 1st January 1902 and 31st May 1902, (and completed the 18 months aggregate qualifying service) were also granted the medal. Nurses received the medal without clasps.
As can be seen from the above with the exception of wounded men returning who could possibly receive the medal with only the 1902 clasp, and the nurses, the rest received the medal with both..

Naming: Impressed in san serif capitals - in a style also found on the Queen's South Africa Medal. Some officers medal are encountered engraved.

Ribbon: Equal widths of green, white and orange.





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