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Officers and Men Killed in Action or Died of Wounds, H.M.S. Turbulent, Battle of Jutland,  31st May -1st June 1916.

 Extract from the Official History; " Naval Operations" by Sir Julian S. Corbett. 1923.

............Thus the eastern group was broken up without having found opportunity to attack. The 12th Flotilla was forced right round to the north-east by the Champion's movement, and it was not till 12.20 that it was able to turn south again. The bulk of the Champion's flotilla, being unable to find her, had come up astern of Commander M. L. Goldsmith, who was leading the Harwich divisions in the Lydiard. The Unity had also found him, so that he now had a force of twelve destroyers and was leading them south-west at high speed, hoping to get on the far side of the enemy's battle fleet. Though he did not know so many boats were following his lead, he was thus in a position to deal a serious blow, for he was actually steering to pass close ahead of the German van. After forcing their way past the last of the 4th Flotilla at midnight they had resumed the fixed course for home, so that they were steering nearly at right angles to the course of Commander Goldsmith's flotilla as it ran south-west. But, as luck would have it, by 12.25 he had passed across their course without seeing them. But so near a thing was it that the last four boats of the 13th Flotilla, as they followed him, had sight of them. The first two had passed, and were too late to attack, but the last two were right in the enemy's path. The Petard (Lieutenant-Commander Thomson), which was the rear boat but one, as she came on was suddenly aware of a dark mass six hundred yards away bearing close down upon her. That it was a German battleship was quickly clear, and the Petard was in admirable position for attack, but again the enemy's luck stood by them. Of all our destroyers the Petard was the only one that had fired all her torpedoes, and impotent for mischief she turned away to port, but only just in time to clear the enemy's stem. Then a blaze of searchlights revealed four battleships in line aheadó the same that had been attacked by the Ardent, which had just gone down a couple of miles to the northward. In a hail of shell from their secondary armament the Petard made off out of the beams, and was fortunate enough to get away with little injury, but not before she had seen the leading enemy ship crash into the Turbulent, the last boat in the line, and sink her with all hands. So for the night the flotilla attacks ended and the impossible had happened. In spite of the massed flotilla rear guard Admiral Scheer had succeeded in passing across his adversary's wake during the hours of darkness, and without injury to a single capital ship........


Lieutenant -Commander
 Dudley Stuart.

John A. Orr-Ewing.

Engineer Lieutenant - Commander
 Reginald G. Hines

John S. Kirkland.


Allen, Geo. Wm., Ord. Sea. Anthony, David. Sto. P.O.  Archibald, Henry, Sto. 2.
 Austin, Albert Edward, Of. Std. 2. Ayre, John, Ch. P.O.  Ayton, Wm. Charles, Sto. 1.
Bishop, Joseph John, Ch. E.R.A. 1 Blackburn. Frank, Ord. Sea. Boley, Wilfred, Sto. P.O.
Bostock, John, Sto. 2. Boughen, Walter, A.B.  Bridger, Ernest Reg., Ld. Sea.
 Bucklow, George John Chas. Albert. A.B. Burman, George, A.B. Byrne, Fredk., A.B.

 Cashe, Frank, A.B.

Clynes, James, Ord Sea.

Cole, Arthur, Ch. Sto.
Coleman, Wm. Thos., A.B. Collins, George Samuel, Ld. Sea. Corney, Sidney George, A.B.
Dennis, Frederick, A.B.  Dodd, Percy Richard Lewis, A.B.  Downie, Thos. Arthur, Sto. 2.
 Elder, Robt. Craig, Act. Sto. P.O. Faulkner, Chas. Norman, P.O. Findlay, Alexander, A.B.
Foulgar, Ernest William, A.B. Friend, John Edward, Sto. 1. Gedge, Edward, A.B.
Gregory, Thos. Henry, P.O. Grehan, Hugh, E.R.A. 3. Hadlow, Thomas George, A.B.
Hall, Frederick, Sto. 1  Harper, Samuel Mungford, A.B. Harvey, Chas. Edward, P.O.
 Hearne, Rupert James Burns,
Of. Cook 2.
Heming, Lewis George, P.O. Hunt, William, Sto. 1
Jackson, Francis Frederick, A.B. Jarvis, George, Sto. 1.  Johnson, Wm. Edward, P.O.
  Jones, Hugh Tompson, A.B. King, Ezra Carrol, Ld. Tel. Lamy, Horace Wm., A.B.
 Landy, Nicholas, Ord. Sea.  Linden, Albert Edward, A.B. Lockwood, John Wm., A.B.
 Loy, James Albert, A.B. McLaren, James. Ld. Sea. Marshall, Bernard Percy,   Sto. 1.
Melton, Armine Edward, A.B. Monier, Charles, A.B  Moore, Ken. Alfred John, Boy Tel.
 Morel, Louis Sidney Amedee, A.B.  Morley, Henry Arnold, Sto. P.O. Mulcock, Arthur. A.B.
Oakley, James, Ord. Sea.   Parfett, George James, A.B. Payne, Thos. William, Ord. Sea.
 Perkins, Chas. Henry, Ord. Sea Pett, Fredk. Wm. Rich., Ld. Sto.  Preece, Ernest James, Sto. 1.
  Pyefinch, Edward Charles, Ord. Sig  Reilly, Arthur Edward, A.B. Ross, Albert, Ord. Sea
 Scott, Fredk. Charles, Ord. Sea.. Seamer, Edward Thomas, Ld. Sto  Selsby, Henry, Sto. P.O.
 Shillcock, Joseph Reg., Ld. Sea.  Skinner, Robt. William, A.B. Smith, Albert, Sto. 1.
 Smith, James, Sto. P.O. Stedman, Jack, Ord. Sea. Stirling, Ernest Jas., Ld. Cook's M.
 Stroud, Frederick Chas., A.B. Studley, Herbert Augustus, Ord. Sea. Swannell, Arthur Frank, Ord. Sea.
 Thompson, John Wallace, A.B. Titley, Alex. Storey, Ld. Sea. Valenca, Emmanuel, Ord. Sea.
 Waite, Albert Ord. Sea. Wiles, Edward Alfred, Act. E.R.A. 4. Williams, Chas. Alfred John. A.B.
 Wood, George Obed, Ord. Sea. end