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  Indefatigable (sunk)
  Invincible (sunk)
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  Queen Mary (sunk)
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  Black Prince (sunk)
  Defence (sunk)
  Warrior  (sunk) .
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  Tipperary  (sunk)
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  Ardent (sunk)
  Fortune (sunk)
  Nestor (sunk)
  Nomad (sunk)
  Shark (sunk)
  Sparrowhawk (sunk)
  Turbulent (sunk)
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Officers and Men Killed in Action H.M.S. Queen Mary
Jutland Bank, 31st May 1916.


 Extract from the Official History; " Naval Operations" by Sir Julian S. Corbett. 1923

  .....For Admiral Hipper was in action again. At 4.10, being then eleven miles away abaft the beam of the Lion, he inclined inwards a couple of points, and as Admiral Beatty simultaneously altered still more to port to press his van, he was able at 4.17 to re-open fire at extreme range. The Lion had not yet been able entirely to master the fire that was smothering her. To the Germans she must have been invisible, for the Derfflinger, mistaking the Princess Royal for the flagship, began firing on the next astern, which the Seydlitz was also engaging. Thus the Queen Mary, at from 15,800 to 14,500 yards, became the target of both these ships. For about five minutes she stood it gallantly. She was fighting splendidly. The Germans say full salvoes were coming from her with fabulous rapidity. Twice already she had been straddled by the Derfflinger, when at 4.26 a plunging salvo crashed upon her deck forward. In a moment there was a dazzling flash of red flame where the salvo fell, and then a much heavier explosion rent her amidships. Her bows plunged down, and as the Tiger and New Zealand raced by her to port and starboard, her propellers were still slowly revolving high in the air. In another moment, as her two consorts were smothered in a shower of black debris, there was nothing of her left but a dark pillar of smoke rising stemlike till it spread hundreds of feet high in the likeness of a vast palm tree. Two such successes were beyond anything the Germans had reason to expect. Admiral Scheer's plan had broken down, and yet they were gaining even more than he could have hoped for......

Foot Note: "The casualties were 57 officers and 1,209 men killed; 2 officers and 5 men wounded. One officer and one man were subsequently rescued by German destroyers." 

Cecil Irby Prowse.

 Sir Charles Rodney Blane.  Bart.
Harry Lewin Lee Pennell.
                               Robert Harman Llewellyn. (spelling possibly Llewelyn)

Lieutenant Commander
 Ralph Lyall Clayton.
George Campbell Street.

John Malby Bergin Hanly.
Victor Alexander Ewart.
Eric Swire Ray.
John Harman Samler.
John M. Scholtz, R.N.R. (also recorded as Johannes Marias Sholtz)

 Engineer Commander
Thomas Shattock.

Engineer Lieutenant Commander
 John Matthew Murray.

Gerald Christopher Rooney. R.M.L.I.

Chaplain and Naval Instructor
The Reverend George Stanley Kewney, B.A.

Fleet Surgeon
 Francis Frederick Lobb.

Charles William Lewis.
Maurice Henry de Jersey Harper, M.B.

 Thomas Arthur Way Robertson.
Geoffrey Gordon Kitchin.
Clifford Heath Rider.

Acting Sub-Lieutenant
Neville Seymour.

The Hon. Algernon William Percy, R.N.R.

 Engineer Sub-Lieutenant
 Eric Treeve Champness.

 Acting Mate
 Ernest Frederick Sheath.

Mate (E)
William Frederick Brebner.

 Assistant Paymaster
 John Churchward Hart.
William Graham Macgilp, R.N.R.

Chief Gunner
Albert Edward Sturt.

Chief Carpenter
 Frederick Norman Barber.

John Joshua Young.
George Robertson Kinnear.
Charles John Jones.
William Robert Jackett.

Signal Boatswain
William Baker.
Royal Marine Gunner
Charles Catley.

Artificer Engineer
William Fuller.
Frederick John Clark.
Benjamin George Evans.

Warrant Engineer
Frederick Ernest White, R.N.R.

Warrant Mechanician
 Arthur Edward Stone.
Warrant Electrician
 Lawrence Gatt.

Head Schoolmaster
George McNamee.

Ernest Cecil Peirson-Smith.
Mark Austen.
Kildare Henry Borrowes.
George Hopcraft.
Thomas Mostyn Field.
Archibald William Dickson.
Percy Arthur Wells Wait.
Walter Saxon Burt.
Henry Noel Aldersey Taylor.
Philip Reginald Malet de Carteret.
Denis Gerald Ambrose Goddard.

Geoffrey Francois Mieville.

Assistant Constructor (Worker)
Arthur Kingdon Stephens.


Abrames, Harry, Sto. 1. Adshead, Stanley, Sto. 1. Ahern, Michael Harold Victor, Sto. 1.
Aitken, Thomas, Sto. R.N.R. Aldred, Henry George, A.B. Alexander, Joseph, Sto. 1.
Allan, Raymond Stuart, Sto. 1. Allen, Edward, Sto. 1. Allen, Thomas, Sto. 1.
Allen, William, A.B. Allen, William, Gnr. R.M.A. Allsop, John, Sto. 1.
Allsop, Thomas Hallam, Sto. 1. Anderson. Allan Parkinson, Sig. (R.N.V.R.) Anderson, Andrew Thos., E.R.A. 3.
Anderson, Samuel, Sto. 1 Andrews, Claude Arthur Chas., Sto. 1.  Andrews, Horace Thomas, Sig.
 Andrews. John Meirs, Shipwright 2 Angell, William Fean, Sto. 1. Anson. Percy George, A.B.
Appleton, Thomas, Ld. Tel. Argent, Charles W., Pte. R.M.L.I. Ash. George Stanley, Of. Cook 3.
Ashbridge, Thomas, A.B. Askins, Francis Thos., Wireman 2.  Asquith, Philip, C.C.
Atherton, Thomas, Shipwright 3.  Atkinson Albert Wilfred, A.B.   Atkinson. William, Sto. 1.
Attrill, Harry George,  Ld. Sig Attwater, Kerry, Ld. Cook's Mate. Austin, Alfred, Sto. 1.
 Austridge, Basil, Yeo. Sig.  Badger, Herbert, Ord. Sea.  Bailey, Henry Edward, Ld. Sto.
 Bailey, John T., Pte. R.M.L.I.  Bain. William Budge, Sto. R.N.R Baker, Fredk. Badcock, A.B.
Baker, Joseph, Act. Ch. Sto. Baker, Victor Owen, A.B. Baker, William, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Baker, William Ernest, Sto. R.N.R Bakewell, George Ernest. Sto. 1. Balderson, John Edwin, A.B.
 Baldwin. George Benjamin, Ld. Sea. Baldwin, John, A.C. Bamsey, William, Sto. 1
Banks, Roland, E.R.A. 4.  Barber, Alphonso, Gnr. R.M.A Barber, Douglas Arthur Sto. 1.
 Barfoot, Edward Leonard, A.B Barfoot, Edwin A., Pte. R.M.L.I Barker, Henry Thomas, Boy 1.
Barker, Percy, Sig. Boy. Barlow, George Edmund, Boy 1.  Barnes, Albert Henry,  Sto. 1
Barnes, Arthur Alison Stuart, Sig. 3. Barnes, Richard Joseph, Ld. Sea. Barnes, Thomas, Sto. 1.
Banett, Joseph, Sto. R.N.R  Barnish, George James, Sto. 1. Barrett, James, Sto. 1.
Barrington, Norman, Sto. 1. Barry, Wm. Edwin, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Bartlett, Frank. Sto. 1
Bartlett, Frederick Dudley, Act Ld. Sto. Bartlett, George James, S.B.A. Barton, Richard P., Gnr. R.M.A

Batchelor, Gilbert Henry, Pte. R.M.L.I.

Batt, James, Sto. R.N.R.

Baxter, James Enos, E.R.A. 3.

Baylis, Albert Douglas, Gnr. R.M.A.

Beadle, John Herbert, A.B Beale, Benjamin, Ld. Sto.

Beale, Wm. Thos. Richard. Ld. Sea.

Bean, Chas. Henry, E.R.A. 3.

Beardshaw, George, Sto. 2.

Beavan, Frank, A.B.

Beck, George, Sto. 1.

Beechey. Albert George, Sto. 1.

Beesley, William, A.B.

Behm, Ernest J. A.. A.B. (R.N.V.R.)

Belfield, Charles, A.B.

Bell, Ernest James, Sto. 1.

Bell, John Herbert. Sto. P.O

Bell, Joseph. Sto. R.N.R.

Bell, Joshua, A.B.

Bell, Robert Edward, A.B.

Bellinger. William. Act. Ld. Sto.

Belsom, George William, Sto. 1.

Bennett, George Frederick, Ld. Sea.

Bennett, John James, Sto. R.N.R.
 Bennett, William George, E.R.A. 3.  Bentley, Charles Horace, Sto. 1.  Berry, Joseph Edward, A.B.
Bessant, Frederick Henry, Sto. P.O. Bessant, Reginald Victor, Ord.  Settles, John Walter, A.B.
Bigg, John Valentine, Cook's Mate.  Billard, William Henry, A.B. Billing, James E., Pte. R.M.L.I.
 Birks, Charles Albert, Sto. 1. Bishop, Maurice, Painter 2.  Blatchford, Arthur, E.R.A. 3.
Blackburn, Henry' Gordon, Ld. Sea. Blackham, Arthur William Sig. Boy. Blackler, Thomas, Sto. 1.
 Blackman, George Henry, Act. E.R.A. 4. Blackmore, Arthur, Ld. Sto.

 Bland, Charles Henry, Ld. Sto.

Bloomer, Clifford, Sto. 1.

Bloxam, Reginald, Sto. 1 Blundell, Francis James, Sto. 1.
Board, Alfred George, A.B.  Bodman, Herbert, Sto. 1.  Boggust, Alfred George, Ch.Sh. Cook
Bolton, William, Sto. R.N.R. Bond, Andrew, Pte. R.M.L.I. Bond, George Alfred, A.B.
Booth, Charles Henry, Sto 1.  Boreland, Chas., Sto. P.O Bostock, Arthur. Act. Ld. Sto
 Bowden, Robert, Writer 1. .Bower. Albert, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Bowles, Rolph, E.R.A. 4.
Boxall, Wm. Henry, Ch. Elec. A. 2. Boynton, Thomas Richard. A.B. Bradbrook, Fredk. Henry, Sto. 1.
Braisby, Sam. Jos. Geo., Act. Ld. Sto.  Brannan, James. Sto. 1.

 Breeden. Geo. Herbert, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)

 Brett, Henry, A.B. Brickett, Bertram Pargeter, A.B.  Bridge, Leonard Leo., Sh. Std. Asst.
    Briggs, Harry, Ld. Sto. Bright, Charles Henry, Ord. Tel. Bright, Thos. Fredk Miles, Sto. 1
Brooks, Reginald, Ld. Sto. Broom, John Thomas, Sto. R.N.R. Brown. Andrew Stephenson, E.R.A. R.N.R.
Brown, Angus William, Sto. 1. Brown, Arthur D., Cpl. R.M.L.I. Brown, Frederick, Sto. R.N.R.
Brown, John, A.B. Brown, Stephen Bernard, A.B.  Brown, Thomas, Gnr. R.M.A
Brown, Wm. Geo. Hanaford. Sto. 1. Brownhill, James, Sto. 1. Brownridge, Arthur, A.B.
Bruce, Carmelo, Or. Std. 1. Bruin, John William, Sto. 1. Brunning, John Henry, Elec. Art. 4.
Bryan, Alfred, Sto. 1. Bryant, George Richard, Ld. Sto. Bryant, Sidney, P.O.
Bryson, John Thomas, Act. Ch. Sto. Buchanan, Percival G., Musician. Buckell, Ernest, Tel.
 Buckham, George, Sto. 1.  Buglass, James, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Bull, William Henry, Sto. 1.
Burbidge, Joseph William. Sto. 1. Burch, Wm. Fredk., Ld. Sto. Burden, Albert John. A.B.
 Burden, Walter James, A.B. Burke, Montague Edmund Langton,
Elec. Art. 3.
Burn, Henry William, P.O.
  Burnett, Albert Edward, Sto. 1. Burns, John (alias, O'Brien, John),
Burns, Joseph, Sto. R.N.R.
Burry, Albert C. F., Gnr. R.M.A. Burt, John William, Blacksmith  Burton, Albert Thomas, Sto. 1.
Butcher, Chas. G., Pte. R.M.L.I. Butcher, Geo. Lovegrove Leonard.
Boy 1.
Butler, Charles, A.B.
Buttrum, Cyril Francis, A.B.  Bwye, W. G., Gnr. R.M.A. Byatt, Alfred W., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Bysouth, Henry, Gnr. R.M.A. Cairns, Geo. Lumgear, Ld. Sea Campion, James, O.S.
Caplin, Albert Edward, Sto. 1. Carey, William James, A.B. Carr. James, Sto. 1.
Carruthers, Thomas, Ld. Sea. Carter, Frank Victor, Boy 1. Carter, Fred, Sto. 1.
Carter, George, Sto. 1. Carter, George Henry, Act. Ld. Sto. Carter, Wm. Arch. Edwd., Sig Boy.
 Carter, William Frederick, A.B.  Cartwright, Joseph, Gnr. R.M.A. Castle, Arthur. Ch. E.R.A. 1.
Catt, Ernest, C.P.O. Cayley, Walter, Sto. 1 Chambers, Wilfred, Sto. 1.
Chandler, Christopher, Sto. 1.  Chapman, Bertram, A.B. Charlesworth. John Thomas; Sto. 1.
Charnock, Singleton, Shipwright 2.  Chater, Walter Joseph, Sto. 1.  Childs, Fred, Sto. 1.
Christmas, Arthur, Sto. P.O. Clark, Albert Jeremiah, P.O. Clark, George Henry, Cooper.
 Clark, Richard Ambrose, Of. Std.3 Clark, William Charles, A.B. Clarke, Alfred Henry, P.O.
Clarke, Arthur John, A.B. Cleverley, Wm. John Henry, Ld. Sto. Clough, Harold, E.R.A. 4.
Cluett, Robert, Sto. 1. Coates, John Richard, Sto. 1. Colbourne, Albert Bert, Sto. 1.
Colbourne, Charles, Sto. 1. Cole, John Reginald, Act. E.R.A. 4. Collins, George, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Collins, William Alfred, O.S. Collyer, Fred, Sto. 1. Colson, Victor H., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Connaught, George Ernest Boyland,
Connelly, John, P.O. Connelly, Michael, Sto. R.N.R.
Conspo. William, Sto. 1. Conti, Cannelo, Of. Cook 1. Cook, Edward, A.B.
Cook, Henry, Sto. 1. Cooke, George Frederick, P.O.  Coombes, Edward, Ld. Sto.
Cooper, Henry, Pte. R.M.L.I. Cope, Samuel, Pte, R.M.L.I. Cory, Allen James, Tel.
 Coster, Albert, Of. Std. 1. Couvell, Albert John, Sto. 1. Cowper, Percy Gill, O.S.
Cox, Fredk. George, Ld. Sto. Cox, Reginald James, A.B. Crawford, Robert Walton, E.R.A. 2.
Cresdee, Walter James, Mech. Cripps, Ernest Arthur, Sto. 1.  Crouch, Ernest John, Sto. 1.
Cummings, Robert, Boy 1.   Cunningham. Daniel, Sto. R.N.R. Currey, Charles, A.B.
Currie, Richard, A.B. Curtis, Leonard, Sto. 1.  Curtis, Percy James, Ld. Sto.
Dale, Joseph, Sto. 1. Dansie, Arthur Herbert, S.B.A.  Darling, John, Sto. 1.
 Davidson, Allan, Sto. 1.  Davidson, James. Sto. R.N.R. Davies, Albert, Ch. Sto.
Davies, Herbert Thomas, Ord. Sea. Davies, Thomas, Sto. P.O. Davies, Thomas William, Sto. 1.
Davis, Albert George, Sto. 1. Davis, Albert Victor, Sto. P.O. Davis, Frederick. Pte. R.M.L.I.
Davis, Harry Arthur, P.O. Dawson, Alfred, Sto. 'R.N.R. Dawson, Harold, Sto. 1.
Deighton, Edward, A.B. Deller, Henry Bernard, Act. Ld. Sto. Dennett, Frank. A.B.
Dewdney, Alfred John. Sto. P.O. Dewey, George, Ld. .Sto. Dobson, Wilfred Sidney, Boy 1.
Dodd, George, Ld. Sto. Doherty, Michael. Sto. R.N.R. Doling, George, A.B.
Donohoe, Thomas Francis, Sto. 1. Dorling, Charles Ernest, Sto. 1. Doull. James, Ld. Sto. R.N.R.
Dowling, Henry, Ld. Sto. Dowling. Joseph Davis, Cook's M. Doyle, Henry Thomas, A.B.
Doylend, William Robert. C.P.O. Dry, Frederick James, Ord Sea. Dryburgh, Robert, Shipwright 2.
Dudleston, Samuel. Sto. 1. Duffey, Thomas Aubert, Blacksmith Duffield, John Frederick, A.B.
Duncan, William, Pte. R.M.L.I. Dunford, Henry Charles, Sto. 1. Dunlop, James Andrew, E.R.A. 2 (R.N.V.R.)
Dunlop, John Campbell, Sto. R.N.R.  Dunn, James, Sto. R.N.R.  Dunn, James, Sto. 1.
Dunne, Charles, Sto. 1.  Dunning, Ernest, Sto. R,N.R . Dunsmore, Robert, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Durham, John, P.O. Durrant, Douglas, A.B. Dwyer, Michael, Sto. 1
Dykes, William, Musician Eade, Henry, Sto. 1. Eagle, Walter, Ch. Sto
Easey, Burnett Richard, Sto. 1 Eastwick, Herbert Stanley, Sto. 1. Edgar James, Blacksmith's Mate.
Edmonds, Chas. Henry, A.B. Edmunds, George William. Ld. Sto.  Edmunds, Wm., A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Edser, Douglas Aubrey, Sto. 1.  Edwards, James, A.B. Edwards, Leonard, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Edwards, Walter John, P.O. Eldridge, Herbert, Boy 1. Elias, Richard, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Elliott, Gideon, Pte. R.M.L.I.  Elliott, James John, Wireman 2. Ellis, Albert, Sto. 1.
Ellis, Charles Henry, Ld. Sea. Emmerson, John Cain, A.B. Engelhart, Gustav Martin, A.B.
Escott, Albert, Pte. R.M.L.I. Easterbrook, Thomas Henry, Sto. 1.  Etherington, Arthur W., Pte.
Evans, Augustus Alex., E.R.A. 3. Evans, George, Ld. Sto. Evans, Joseph Harold. Boy 1.
Evans, William John, Ld. Cook's M  Everatt, Henry, Sto. 1. Eves, Alfred A.. Bugr., R.M.L.I.
Exford, George O., Pte. R.M.L.I. Eyden, Percy, Sto. 1. Fage, Walter, E.R.A. 3.
 Fageance, James, Ch. Sto. (Pen.) Fairbrass, Wm. Edwin, Elec. Art. 4. Fairlie, John Alwyne, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Fairlie, Francis William, Sto. 1. Farmer. Walter, Sto. 1.  Farr, Enos George. Ld. Sto.
 Farrell, George Bernard, Ord. Sea. Farrington, Charles, P.O. Farrow, Fredk. John, Act. Ld. Sto.
Farrow, Harry, Sto. 1 (Pensioner). Faulkner, Richard Thomas, Ld. Sto Fearn, Frank, Sto. 1.
Fearnley, Frank. E.R.A. 2. Felton, Isaac. L.-Sergt. R.M.L.I. Ferguson, John, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Fergusson, Allan, Gnr. R.M.A. Fewing, Wm. Richard John, P.O. 2. Ficken, Fredk. Lionel, Act. Ld. Sto.
Fidler, George Edward, Ord. Sea. Fieldhouse, John William, Sto. 1.  Filsell, Arthur, Sto. 1.
Finch, Charles Samuel, S.B.S Finch, Tom, A.B. Fitzpatrick, Peter. Sto. R.N.R.
Fitzwilliam, Joseph. Gnr. R.M.A. Fletcher, Ernest, Sto. 1. Fletcher, Ernest Thos. Nelson. Sto. 1.
Fletcher, John William, Sto. 1. Fletcher, Robert, Sto. R.N.R. Flynn, Albert Denis, Ld Sig.
Flynn, Michael, Sto. R.N.R.  Flynn, Thomas, Sto. P.O. Follett, Leslie, Sto. 1.
Foord, Thomas William, Sto. 1. Forbes, Wm., Sea. R.N.R Ford, Charles Henry, Sto.  P.O
Ford, Isaac Edward. Sto. 1. Ford, Robert, Sto. 1. Foreman, John James, Sto. 1.
Foster, James, Sto. R.N.R. Fowler, John Robert, Ld. Sto. Fowler, William Leonard, Sto. 1.
Fox, Charles Henry, A.B.  Fox, Henry John,, A.B. Fox, Robert Stanley, A.B.
 Foxley, Ralph Percival Thomas,
Boy 1.
Francis, Harry, Sto. 1.  Francis, Oscar Emile, A.B.
Franks, Walter H., Pte. R.M.L.l.  Freeland, Charles Joseph, Sto. 1. French, Wm. James, Cook's Mate.
Frendo, Antonio, Of. Std. 3. Frost, Robert Henry, Painter 1. Fry, John, A.B.
Fuller, Charles Edward, Ld. Sto. Funnell, Jack, Sto. 1. Gage, Jaivaki Inkerman, A.B.
Gager, William Henry, Sto. 1. Gale, Albert George, Sto. 1. Gale, Arthur Thomas, Sto. 1.
Gale, Benjamin Henry, Sto. 1. Gammon, John, A.B. Gannaway, William George, Act. E.R.A. 4.
Gardiner, John George, Sto. R.N.R. Gardner, Horace Herbert, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Gardner, Robert L., Bomb. R.M.A.
Garratt, William Alfred, Boy 1. Gascoigne, Frederick, Sto. 1. Gates, Harry, Ld. Sea.
 Gear, Cecil Dudley, Ld. Sto. Geary, Archibald I.. Pte.  Gibbs, George Wells, Ch. Arm
Gibson, Robert S., Musician R.M.B. Giles, Mornington George, Boy 1. Gill, Fredk. Wilhelm Bernard.
Ld. Sea. (R.N.V.R.)
 Glass, John Stoker, Act. E.R.A. 4. Glenton, George Pearson Graham,
Sto. 1.
Glover, Fredk. Thos., A.B.
Goddard, Harry, Wireman 2 Goddon, James, Sto. 1. Gould, Harold Herbert Thomas,
Ord. Sea.
Gower, Archie Herbert, Sto. 1. Gower, William Robert, Sto. 1. Graham, James Francis, A.B.
Graham. William, Ld. Sto. R.N.R Grant, George Raymond, Ld. Sto. Grant, Peter, Sto.1.
Gratton. William, Sto. 1. Graves, Robert, Sto. R.N.R. Green, Jeremiah. Sto. 1.
Greene, Alfred, Sto. 1. Greenhill, Sidney Joseph, Wire. 1. Greenwell, Herbert Henry, Sto.
 Gregory, Charles, Ld. Sto. Grenham, Fredk. Charles, Ld. Sig.  Gribben, Robert, Sto. R.N.R.
Grice, Edward Clarence, Sto. Grove, George Wm.. Sto. 1. Groves, Francis Edmund, A.B.
Groves, Philip, Pte. R.M.L.l. Gunn, Walter Craig, Act. E.R.A. 4 Hack, Arthur Edwin, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Hackett, John, Sto, P.O. Hagan, Joseph, Sto. P.O. Hague, William Thomas, A.B.
Haigh, Joseph Robert, Sto. P.O Hall. Herbert, A.B. Hall, Sidney Thomas, A.B.
Halsey, Benjamin, Ld. Sea. Hand, Joseph, A.C. Hanson, Joseph, Sto. 1.
Harding, Robert James, Ch. Ship Harland, Sydney George, Ord Sea. Harris, Frank Peter, Sto. 1.
Harris, Frederick, Sto. 1. Harris, Joseph, Sto. 1. Harris, William, Sto. P.O.
Harrison, Edward Ernest, C.P.O. Harrison, John, Sto. 1. Hart, Edwin Charles. Sto. 1.
art, Frederick, Sto 1. Hartshorn, Robert, E.R.A. 2. Harvell, John Thomas, Yeo. Sig.
Harvey, John, Sto. 1. Harvey, Wm. John Thos.,  Ord. Sea Harwood, Chas. Albert Henderson.
Boy 1.
Hassall, John Henry, A.B Hatch, John Reginald, Wireman 2. Hatton, Edward George, A.C.
Havercroft, Alexander, Ord. Sig. Havercroft, John, A.B Hawes, Isaac Walter, Sto. 1.
Hawkins, Charles, P.O. Haworth, Fielden, Pte. R.M.L.l Haycroft, John Willie, Sto. P.O.
Hayden, Edward J., Pte. R.M.L.I Hayes, George William, Boy 1. Haynes, Robert James, Ld. Sto.
Hazelwood, Fred, Ld. Sea Head, Henry G.,  L -Cpl. R.M.L.I. Head, Herbert, P.O.
Healey, Leonard, Sto. 1. Heaton, John Edward, Sto. 1. Herbert, Charles J., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Herbert, Henry, Act. Bomb. R.M.A. Hetherington, Johnston, Ord. Sea.  Hewitt, James Moss, E.R.A. 3.
Hewitt, W. E., Gnr. R.M.A. Heywood, John Leslie Douglas,
Sto. 1.
Hibberd, Arthur Albert, Sto. 1.
Hickin, Robert, Ld. Sea. Hide, George Alfred, Act. Ld. Sto.  Higginbottom, Ernest Frank, A.B.
Higgins. Thomas, Sto. 1 Higgs, Albert Edward, Sto P.O. Hill, Albert George, Sto. 1
 Hill, Reginald Francis, Sto. 1. Hill, William Fredk., Sto. 1. Hill, William George, Sh. Std. 2.
Hillerby, Herbert, Ld. Sto. Hinds, Fredk. William, Sto. 1. Hipperson, Harry, Act. E.R.A. 4.
Hiscock. Fredk. Charles. Sto. 1 Hoare, Alfred Reginald, Boy Tel. Hoare, Frederick Henry, Sto. 1.
Hobbs, Arthur Frederick, A.B. Hobden, Edward, Ld. Sto. Hodgkinson, Arthur Thomas, A.B.
Holland, Frank, Act. Ld. Sto. Hollingdale, Jesse, Sto. P.O. Holland, Alvah John, C.P.O.
Holloway. Joseph Elijah, A.B. Holmes, Thomas Edward, Sto. 1. Hope, Harry, A.B.
Hopkinson, James Leslie, E.R.A. 2.
Hopson, James Thomas, Ld. Sea. Houghton, Walter, Sto. P.O.
House, Harold, Ord. Sea. House, Percival, Sto. 1. Houston, Samuel Robertson, Sto.
How, Richard Harry, Act. Ld. Sto. Howard, Albert, A.B.  Howard, Arthur Ernest, A.B.
Howard, Cecil Arthur, Cook's Mate. Howard, Henry, Sto. 1. Howard, William F., Col.-Sergt.
Howe, John Hermann, Sto. 1. Howie, Thomas, Pte. R.M.L.I. Hewlett, Ivan, Act. Ld. Sto.
Hull, Jno., A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Hulson, Samuel, Ld. Sto. Humphrey, Alfred John, Sto. 1.
Humphreys, Arthur, Gnr. R.M.A. Hunt, Cecil Francis, Boy 1.  Hunt, Henry Thomas, Plumber's M
Hunt, Walter, Pte. R.M.L.I. Hunt, William Reid. A.B. Hunter, William Albert, Arm.
Hussey, Robert, Ld. Sea.  Hutchings, Herbert George, A.B. Hutchings, John Philip, Sig.
Ide, Sidney Thomas, Sto. P.O. Ireland, Jacob, Sto. 1. Irvin, Sawuel Hay, Ld. Sto
Izatt, William Hamilton, P.O. 2. Jackson, Harry, Pte. R.M.L.I Jago, William E., Pte. R.M.L.I.
James, Charles Joseph, Ld. Sea.  Jefferis, William Redman, A.B.
Jeffries, William, Sto. R.N.R.
Jekyll, John, S.B.A. Jelly, John. Ld. Sea.  Jenkin, Harold, Sto. 1.
 Jennings, Thomas, Sto. 1.  Jennings, William Henry, P.O.  Jerram, William Henry, Ld. Sea.
 Jesty, Harry John, Writer 3. Jinks, William, Act. Ld. Sto.   Johnson, James Henley, Sh. Std.
 Johnson, Matthew Phillip, Sto. 1.  Johnson, Victor Alex. Augustine,
Johnstone, Thomas, Sea. R.N.R.
Jones, Albert F., Gnr. R.M.A.  Jones, Albert John, P.O. 1. Jones, Arthur, Sto. R.N.R.
 Jones, Charles F., Pte. R.M.L.I. Jones, Edgar, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Jones, Ernest Thomas, E.R.A. 2.
 Jones, George, Gnr. R.M.A. Jones, Hugh Richard, Ord. Sea.  Jones, Joseph, Sto.R.N.R
Jones, Thos.. A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Jordan, Raymond John, P.O.
Judd, Thomas Alfred, Sto. 1.
Jupp, Charles Edgar, Elec. Art. 3. Keane, William, Sto. R.N.R. Kearns. James, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Keeley, Lawrence, Boy 1. Keen, William Edgar, A.B. Keilly, Donald Frazer, S.B.S. 2.
Kelly, Felix Ruddy, A.B.  Kelly, James, A.B. Kelly, James Patrick, A.B.
 Kelly, John Patrick, Ld. Sto. R.N.R. Kelly, Thomas, Gnr., R.M.A. Kemp, Arthur Rowland, Of. Std. 2.
Kempson, John David, A.B. Kempster, Ernest Thomas, A.B. Kenealy, John Morris, Gnr. R.M.A.
 Kennedy, Peter, Sto. R.N.R. Kennett, Wm. George, Act. Ld. Sto. Kennett, Walter James, Sto. 1.
 Kent, Henry Charles, A.B.  Kerman, Louis Espin, P.O. Kerr, Alfred Malcolm, A.B.
Kewell, Herbert John, Sh. Cook. Kidney, Arthur, Ord. Sig.  Kilburn, Albert Leonard, Boy 1.
 Killick, Maurice John, P.O. 1. Kimber, Arthur Wm., Sto. P.O. Kimber, Edward, A.B.
King, Walter Newton, E.R.A. 3.  Knapp, Harry Stanley, Sto. 1. Knight, Francis George, Act. Ld. Sto.
Knight, John Alfred, Sto. P.O. Knott, Joseph, Sto. 1.  Knox, Thomas, Sto. R.N.R.
Kreick, William, Sto. 1. Lambert, Edward Valentine, Ship. 1.  Lambert, Michael, Sto. 1.
  Lamming, Chris. John Laverack,
Ld. Sig.
   Lamont, Francis Joseph, A.B.
  Landray, Wm. H. H., Pte. R.M.L.I.
 Lane, George Leonard, A.B. Langford, Bertram Wm., Ld. Sea. Lapish, Wm. Robson, C.P.O.
 Larkin, Peter, Sto. R.N.R. Latham, George, Act. Ld. Sto. Latham, Thomas. Sto. 1.
Lawley, James Percival, Of. Std. 3. Lawrence, Gilbert, P.O. Laws, Albert, Act. Ld. Sto.
Laws, Herbert Victor, Sto. 1. Lawson, Samuel, Sto. 1. Learmouth, Henry George, A.B.
Leary, William, E.R.A. 3.  Leat, Fredk. Charles, Sto. P.O.  Le Manquais Ernest G., Pte.
Lee, Charles, A.B. Lee, Isaac Thomas. P.O. Lee, William John, Ld. Sto.
Leffler, Frederick, Sto. 1. Leggate, William, Ld. Sto.  Lelliott, Walter George, A.B.
 Lemon, Frederick Joseph, Sto. P.O.  Leonard. John Wellington, A.B.  Lewis, Edwin Thomas, A.B.
 Liddle, Peter, Ch. Sto. Light, William, Sto. 1. Lightfoot, Ernest Jos., Act. Ld. Sto.
 Lineer, Lawrence, Sto. 1.  Linehan, John, Sto. 1.  Linge, Herbert, A.B.
Lintern, Fredk. Wm., Sto. 1. Lisle, Alexander, Sto. 1. Lister, Alexander, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
 Lloyd Reuben, Plumber's Mate. Lock, Frank, Sto. P.O.  Lock, Thomas Gordon, Sto. 1.
Lockerby, Walter Augustus. Act.
Ld. Sto.
Lockyer Frank Hall, Ch. Sto. London, Edward John, Ld. Sto.
Long, Bert, A.B.   Longhurst, Edward Frank, A.B. Longland, Riley Christopher, P.O.
 Lonnergan, Alfred, Sto. 1.  Lothian, William J., Sergt.  Louch, James Henry, Sto. 1.
Louch, William, Act. Ld. Sto.  Loveday, William, A.B. Lovell, Alfred, A.B.
Lowery, David, Sto. R.N.R. Lucia, William, C.E.R.A. 2. Lufkin, Frederick George. Ld Sto.
Lupton, Benjamin, A.B. Lupton, Thomas Henry, Sto. 1.  Lynch, John, Sto.   R.N.R.
Lynch, Stephen, Sto. 1. Lynn, Robert, Gnr. R.M A. McBain, Thomas Henry, A B.
McBride, Victor, Sto. R.N.R McClure, John Anthony, Sto. 1.  McCormick, Felix, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
 McCormack, James Dennis, Boy Tel. McCue, Peter, Sto. P.O.  McDonald, Albert Anthony Sto. 1.
 McGrath, Wm. Patrick, Ship. 1. McGuinness, James, A.B. McKay, Donald, Gnr. R.M.A.
 McLaughlin, Fredk., Gnr. R.M.A.  McLaughlin, John, Sto. R.N.R.  McLean, Chas. Edward, Sto. R.N.R.
McMahon, Martin, Act'. Ld. Sto. McMaw, Richard, Sto. R.N.R.  McMillan, Charles, Sto. 1
McNichol, John, Sto. R.N.R. McDonald, Roderick, Sto. R.N.R.  McDonald, Wm. John, Sto. R.N.R.
MacFarlane, Benj., Sto. R.N.R. Macgarrigan, Wm., Sto. 1. Maddox, Thos. Joseph, C.P.O.
 Maher, Richard, Sto. 1. Major, Leonard Charles, E.A. 3. Makins, Sidney, Sto. P.O.
Malcolm, Charles, Sto. R.N.R. Malcolm, John Robt., Sto. R.N.R. Malcolm, Joseph, Sto. R.N.R.
 Maling, Fredk. Arthur, E.R.A. 3.  Malpress, George William, A.B. Malton, Francis John, Sto. 1.
 Mangan, John, Sto. R.N.R. Mann, Frank Victor, Ord. Sea. Manning, Gerald Henry, Sto. 1.
Marmont, Joseph, Sto. 1. Marr, A. H., Gnr. R.M.A. Marriner, George, Sto. 1.
Marriott, Wm. George, Ord. Sea. Marsh, Leonard, Sto. 1.  Marsh, Victor Leon, Sto. 1.
Marsh, Wm. Fredk., Ld.,Sig. Marsh, Willie, Sto. 1. Marsham, Horace William, A.B.
Martin, George Henry, Act. Ld. Sto. Martin, Henry Thos., Act. Ld. Sto.  Martin, Horatio, Gnr. R.M.A.
Martin, John Benjamin, A.B. Martin, Luther John, C.C. Marwood, Frank George Lewis, A.B.
Mason, Alexander, Pte. R.M.L.I Mason, John Charles, .A.B. Mason, John William, Ld. Sto.
 Mason, Thomas W., Pte. R.M.L.I. Mather, William, Sto. 1. Matthews, William, A.B.
Mayes, Arthur Joseph, A.B. Mayhew, Leon, A.B. Meldram, Peter, Sto. P.O.
Mercer, Albert W., Pte. R.M.L.I. Merry, Thomas, Sto. 1. Meyer, Hermann Watling, E.R.A. 5.
Midlane, Vernon George, A.B. Milford, John, P.O. 1. Miller, Bertie, Sto. 1.
 Miller, Frank, Of. Std. 3. Miller, Wm. Robert, Ld. Sea. Mills. Ernest Edward, Sto. 1.
Mills, Frank Herbert, A.B. Mills, George, Sto. 1. Mills, Harry, Pte. R.M.L.I.
 Milne, Thomas Peddie, A.B. Milner, Thomas, Act. E.R.A. 4. Mitchell, Austin Horace, Sh. Cook.
Mitchell, Jas. Thomas, Ch. Sto.  Mitchells, Sidney Bertrand, Ord. Sig. Moonan, Richard, Sto. R.N.R.
 Moore, Chas. Henry, Sto. 1.  Moore, Frederick, Gnr. R.M.A. Moore, John J., Bomb. R.M.A.
 Moore, Richard Philip, Boy 1. Moore, William, Sto. R.N.R. Moran, Albert E., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Moran, Hugh, Sto. 1. Morris, Arthur Harold, Ld. Sea. Morrison, Albert Lowry, Sto. 1.
  Morrison, Thomas, A.B. Morton, Thomas Lovell, A.B. Moxey, John, Sto. 1.
 Mulford, Barnard, Ch. Sto.  Mulliner, Sydney, Sto. 1. Mullins, Sidney Herbert, Boy Tel.
Munro, Colin, Sto. R.N.R. Munro, Wm. Patenson, Boy Tel. Murphy, John Thomas, Sto. R.N.R.
Murphy, Leonard, Sto. 1. Murrell, Sidney Wm., Act. Ld. Sto.  Mutters, Wm. H., Pte. R.M.L.I.
 Nash, Alan Robt., A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Nays, Carmelo, Of. Std. 1. Neil, William M., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Neville, Frederick, Ld. Sto. Newby, Wm. Ernest Herbert, Sto. 1. Newman, George, P.O.
 Newnham, Herbert Wm., Sto. 1.   Newton, John, Ld. Sto. Nicholas, John Harold, Elec. Art. 3.
  Nicholls, James Albert, A.B. Nicholson, George, A.B. Nicholson, Robert, Act. E.R.A. 4.
Noakes, Fredk. Herbert, Ord. Sea. Norrish, Wm. Alfred, Boy 1. Northcott, William, Sto. 1.
Northover, Reginald George, Sto. 1.  Nottingham, Leslie, Gnr. R.M.A. Notts, August, Sto. 1.
Nowland, Louis, A.B. Nunn, Albert C., Gnr. R.M.A.  Nunn. Frederick, Sto 1.
Nuttill, Levi, Pte. R.M L.I Odell, George Henry, Sto. 1. Oesterlein, Edwin George. E.R.A. 3.
Oliver, Ernest, Sto. 1 Olney, Arthur, Sig. Boy. O'Neill, James Edward, Sto. 1.
O'Neill, John Henry, Sto. 1. O'Neill, Robert, Sto. R.N.R. Orchard. John Stanley. Wireman 2
Orme, George, Musician. Orr, George Thomas, Sto. 1. Orr, William, Sto. R.N.R.
Osborn, Joseph James, P.O. 1.  Osborne, Frederick J., Cpl.. R.M.A. Other, Wm. Bertram, Sto 1.
Ottley, Albert Charles, Sto. 1 Overton, Frank, Musician. Overton, Reuben. Sto. R.N.R.
 Owen, John, Ld. Sto Owen, Lewis Oswald, A.B.
(R.N.V R.)
Owen, Richard, Of. Std. 2.
Owens, Fredk., A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Owens, John P., Musician.   Packham, Cecil Raymond Albert,
Page, Wm. Freeman, Ch. Sto. Pain, Fred, A.B. Pain, Walter Welcome, Boy 1.
Pallett. Herbert, Pte. R.M.L.I. Palmer, Edwin. Of. Cook 2 (Pen.)  Pankhurst, Herbert George, Ship. 2.
Pape, James, Wm., Of. Std. 2. Parker, Arthur, Gnr. R.M.A. Parker, Edwin, Sto. 1.
Parker, Fredk. Wm., Ld. Sea.  Parker, Harry, Sto. 1  Parker. John Wm., Sto. 1.
Parker, Thornton, Sto. 1. Parmenter, Astor Gilbert. Cook's M.  Parslow, Frederick, Ld. Sea.
Parslow, Joseph, Sto. 1. Parsons, Robert John, Sto. P.O. Parsons, Wm. Henry, A.B.
Passey, Wm. Henry, A.B. Paterson, Robert Alex., Sto. 1. Paton, William John, A.B.
Patrick, Leslie Walter, A.B.  Patterson, Chas. King, Sto. R.N.R.  Paul, Harry, Sto. 1.
 Paxton, George, Sto. 2. Paxton, Harry Record, Sig. Payne, Alfred, Sto. 1.
 Payne, George, A.B. Payne, Lewis, Boy 1. Pegrum,. Thomas Charles, A.B.
Pennicott, William James, Sto. 1   Percival, Richard Henry, A.B.
Perkins, Albert, Boy 1.
Perry. Thomas, Sto. 1. Pottitt. Ewart Thomas, Boy 1. Phelps. Richard Albert, alias
Phillips, Richard Albert, Ld. Sto.
Phillips, Esmond Clough, A.B. Phinn, Walter Ernest, Sto. R.N.R.  Pickford, George, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Pilcher, George, P.O. 1. Pilgrim, William Arthur. A.B.  Pizzey, John Henry, P.O. 1.
 Platt, Henry, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Poingdester. Philip, Sto. 1. Ponsford, William Henry, Sto. 1.
 Poole, Charles, Sto. P.O.  Pooley, John A., Gnr. R.M.A.  Potts, Ralph, Act. Ld. Sto.
Powell, Charles William, Sto. 1. Powell, Herbert, Sto. 1.  Pragnell, James Henry, Ld. Sea.
 Pratt, George Olliver, Ord. Sea. Pratt, William Henry, A.B Preece, Harry Pannell, A.B.
Price, George William, A.B.   Price, Sidney, Act. Ld. Sto. Privett, Albert William, Sto. 1.
 Prizeman, William Frank, Sto. 1.  Prouting. Edward George, Ch. Sto. Provins, Arthur Edward, A.B.
Pryke, Joseph N., Gnr. R.M.A.  Purdy, Samuel, Ch. Sto. Quarmby, Thomas, Boy 1.
 Quigley, John, Sto. R.N.R.  Rafferty, Alex. Bremner, Sto. R.N.R. Randall, Reg. Arthur, Shipwright 2.
Randall, Wm. Henry, Ch. Sto.  Rands, George. A.B.  Rawlings, Esley, John, Sto. 1.
Raymond, Lewin, Act. Ld. Sto.  Reace, Henry, Sto. 1.  Read, Albert Victor, A.B
Read, Dick George, A.B Reay, James Hilliard, Sto. P.O. Rees, Charles Wesley, E.R.A. 4.
 Rees, David John. A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Reeve, Bertie, Sto. 1.  Reeves, Richard, Sto. 1.
 Reeves, Richard, Ch. Sto. Revell, John Henry, A.B. Reynolds, Charles David, A.B.
 Rhind, Wilfred Albert, A.B. Rice, John, Arthur Geo., Boy 1.  Rice. William, Sto. R.N.R.
Richards, John, Sto. 1. Richardson, Henry, Musician R.M.B. Richardson, Moses James, Ld. Sto.
Richmond, Richard, Sto. 1. Rickaby, Stephen, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)  Ridge, Ralph Henry, E.R.A. 3.
 Ridler, Henry Nathaniel Stratton,
Boy Tel.
Ridout. Frederick, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Riggs, Cecil Herbert, Sto. 1
Ringland, James, Sto. 1. Robbins, James Walter, S.B.S.  Roberts, Charles Clifford. Ord. Sea.
 Roberts, John, Act. Ld. Sto. Roberts, Walter Edward, Sto. 1. Roberts, William John, Boy Tel.
Robertson, John, Sto. 1. Robertson, Thos., A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Robinson, George Charles, Sto. 1.
 Robinson, Harry, Sto. 1. Robinson, Henry Albert, Sto. 1.  Rodgers, James Grant, Sto. 1.
Roe, Richard Henry, Sto. 1. Rogers, Ernest, A.B.  Rogers. Frederick John, A.B.
 Rogers, James, Ord. Sea. Rogers, Thomas, Sto P.O.   Rose, Arthur, Sto.l.
 Rossi, Alfred, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)  Rotherforth, John Francis, Act.
Ld. Sto.
Round, Wm. Henry, Ch. Sh. Cook.
Rousell, Robt. Chris., Ld. Sto. Rubick. Arthur, Gnr. R.M.A.  Ruddick, James, Sto. 1.
Rule, Frederick H., Pte. R.M.L.I.  Russell, Archie, Sto. 1. Russell, Charles Henry, Sto. R.N.R.
Russell, Colin Moncrieff. Sto. 1.  Rutland, William, Sto. 1. Ryan, William Bernard, A.B.
St. John, Edwin Walter, E.R.A. 4. Sadler, Albert Robert, A.B Salt. John Frank, Ord. Sea.
Sanford, John, Sto. 1. Saundars, Albert Edward, Sto. 1. Scadden, Edgar John, P.
 Scandrett, Albert James, A.B  Scott, David Wilson, Sto. R.N.R.  Scott, Walter Edward. A.B.
Scringeour, Alexander, E.R.A. 3. Scrivener, Harold Wm., E.R.A. 4. Seaman, Geo'. Arthur Gordon, A.B.
Searle, Albert Victor, Shipwright 2.  Self, Sidney, A.B.  Sell, Frederick Richard, A.B.
Selsby, Wm. Henry, Ld. Cook's M. Selway, Sydney S., Gnr. R.M.A. Sharp, John Redmond, Sto. R.N.R.
Sharples, John Wm., A.B Sharples. Walter, Ld. Sto. Shaw, Richard John, Sto 1
Shaw, William, Sto. 1. Shawcross, William, A.B. Shayler, James, Sto. P.O.
Shearing, Edward Harry, A.C Sheath, Robert John, Sto. 1 Shehan, Philip Ernest, Boy 1.
Sheldon, Henry, P.O.  Sherwood, Samson, Act. Ld. Sto. Shields, John, Sto. R.N.R.
 Shirley, Wm. Elliott, Sh. Std. Asst. Short, Wm. Hubert Charles, A.B. Shreive, William. Sto. 1.
Silvester, John Henry, Ch. Sto.  Silvester, Wm. Griffiths, Sto. 1 Simmonds. Arthur J., Gnr. R.M.A
Simmonds, Evan Walt. Jas., Ord.Sig.  Simpson, Robert, Sto. 1.   Simpson, Septimus, Sto. 1.
Simpson, William, Sto. 1 Sims, Alfred Stanley, E.R.A. 3.   Singleton, Fredk., Sto. 1.
 Sinton, Harry Bowden Crawford,
Boy Tel.
Skerry James, Sto. 1. Skerry William, E.R.A. 2.
Skinner, John Thomas A.B. Slater, James Thompson, Sto. 1.  Slim, Handel, Ld. Sto.
Slough, Albert Joseph, S.B.A. Slowther, Alex., A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Smallman, Lewis G., L-Sergt.
Smallman, Sidney Joseph, Mech. Smith, Alex. Gardiner, Sto. R.N.R. Smith, Alfred, A.B.
Smith, Charles William,  Ch.Writer. Smith, Christopher, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)  Smith, Fredk. Janes, Sto. 1.
 Smith, John, Pte. R.M.L.I.   Smith, Louis Leonard. A.B. Smith, Percy, Sto. 1.
  Smith, Sydney, E.R.A. 3.  Smith, Thomas H., Band Cor. Smith, Thomas William. Sig.Boy.
 Smith, Walter, Sto. 1. Smith, William George, Sto. 1. Smith, William Henry, Sto. 1.
Smyth, Robert Robinson, Boy 1. Snook, John Alfred, Ld. C.C. Snow, Walter, Act. Ld. Sto.
Southcott, John Francis Augustus,
 Southey, George, Sto 1 Spanier, Henry Magnus, Of. Std. 3.
Sparrow, John, Ch. Sto Spencer, Bertram Sydney, Sto.
Squire, Fredk. Robt., Ld Sto.
 Standley, Vernon Victor, Sto. 1. Staples, Fredk. Allen, Ord. Sea. Staples, William, Sto. 1
Stares, Thomas Henry, P.O.   Stark, Edward, Ld. Sto.  Stark, Herbert, A.B.
Starkey, William, Ld. Sto. Steadman, J. W. G.,    Musician. Stedman, Albert, P.O.
Stenson, Harry, A.B. Siephenson, Thos. Edward, A.B.
Stevens, Henry George, Ord. Sea.
Stevens, Walter J., Pte R.M.L.I. Stevenson, George, Sto. 1  Stevenson, James, A.B., (R.N.V.R.)
Steward, Marquis Bernard, Sto. 1. Stickley, Frederick Bertie, Sto. 1 Stone, Alfred Joseph Boy 1.
Stoneage, Richard, A.B.  Strange, Samuel, Sto. R.N.R. Strangeway, Ernest, Sto. 1.
Stratford, Sylvester, Wm., Ld. Sto. Strudwick, Robt. Chas., Of. Std. 1. Styles, C. R. G., Bugler R.M.A.
Suffill, George Edward, A.B. Suter, Douglas Charles, A.B. Sutherland, Wm., Ld. Sto R.N.R.
Sutton, Robert, A.B. Swain, Edward E., Gnr. R.M.A.  Sweatman, Walter Wm., Sto. 1.
 Sweet, William, Sto. 1.  Swift, Michael, Sto. 1.  Swindell, Thos. Bertram, Sto. 1.
Swinney, James Robson, Sto. R.N.R. Tait, Edward, A.B. Tate, C. W., Gnr. R.M.A.
Tate, Henry Charles, Sto. 1.  Tattershall, Albert, Sto 1 Taylor, Clarence, Sto. 1.
Taylor, James A., Bandmaster 1.  Tempest, Edward Albert, Ord. Sea.  Templeman, Albert, Act. Ld. Sto.
 Terry, Edward, Sto. P.O. Thacker, Charles Alfred, P.O. Thomas, Harold, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Thomas, John Ernest, Sto. 1. Thomas, Richard, Sto. R.N.R.  Thomas, William, Sto. P.O.
 Thompson, Ernest James, A.B.  Thompson, Fred., Stoker, R.N.R.  Thompson, John, Sto. 1.
Thompson, Robert B., Musician.  Thompson, Thomas, Sto. 1. Thompson, Walter, Sto. 1.
 Thorogood, Edmund J., Gnr., R.M.A.  Thorrowgood, Samuel Charles,
Blacksmith's Mate
Tilley, Alfred Wm. Chas., Ord. Sea.
 Tilley, Harry, Sto. 1.  Titheridge, George Cook's Mate.  Titmus, Joseph, Sto. P.O.
 Tizzard, William, Pte. R.M.L.I.  Tollman, Charles Victor, Ord. Sig. Toms, Albert Edward, A.B.
Tongue, James, A.B Towers, Thos. Daniel, Act. Ld. Sto.  Towner, Herbert Archer, A.B.
Townsend, Henry Vickerman,  Boy Tel.  Townsend, Thomas Henry, Sto. 1.  Tregenna, Chas. Hambly, Plumber.
Trickett. Wm. George, Arm. Mate.  Triffitt, Wm. Cecil, Ld. Sto. Triggs, James Little, Boy 1.
 Tripp, Alfred, Ld. Sto. Trott, Thos. James, Ch. P.O. Tuck, Joseph Coulson, A.B.
Tucker, Percy Andrew, A.B. Tuffin, Albert John, Yeo. Sigs. Tulett, Hy. W., Pte. R.M.L.I.
 Tumulty, Bernard. Sto. R.N.R. Turner, Arthur Charles, A.B. Turner, William, Sto. 1.
Tweedley, John, Sto. 1. Ulyatt, Fredk. George, Ld. Sto.  Underwood, Thomas, A.B.
Vail, Edward George, A.B.  Vanstone, James, Sto R.N.R.  Vardon. George Touzel, Ld. Sea.
 Vaux, Albert Wm., Sto. 1. Venters, Chas. William, Ld. Sto. Vickers, Harry, Act. Ld. Sto.
Vigott, Alfred John, Sto. P.O.  Vinall, Wm. Jesse, Act. Ld. Sto.  Vince, Fredk. George Chas., A.B.
 Vince, Walter, Sto. P.O. Viney, William Herbert, A.B.  Virgo. Wm. George, Sto. 1.
Waddington, Albert, Boy 1. Wadey, William Alfred, Act. Ld. Sto. Walker, James Wylie, E.R.A.,
Walker, Lyell Frank, Boy 1. Walker, Vic. Geo, Dudley, Sto. 1. Wallace, George Herbert, Ld. Sea.
 Wallington, J. H., Gnr. R.M.A. Walsh, Thos., Sto. 1. Ward, Herbert, A.B.
Warren, Harold, Ld. Sto Warren, Reginald George, Boy 1. Warwick, Thomas Cyril, A.B.
Waterfield, Samuel Riley, C.E.R.A.2.  Waterman, Alfred James. Sto. 1. Watt, James Charles, A.B.
Waugh. Charles, Sto 1 Waymark, Emmanuel John, Sto. 1. Weakley, Lawrence Percival, Sto. 1.
 Weatherby, William, Sto. R.N.R Webb, Ernest, Sergt. R.M.A. Webster, Tames, A.B
Wells, Arthur Teversham, Old. Sea. Wells, Bertram, Sto. 1 Wells, Fredk. Ashley, Sh. Std. Asst.
Wells, James, Ld. Sto. Wells, Reginald Geo., Sto. 1. Welsh, Bartholomew, A.B.
Wends, Edwin Thos. Jonas, Ord.Sea. West, Harty Daniel, A.B. West, Sidney Francis, Ord. Sea.
Weston, Robert Benjamin, Sto. 1. Wheats, Robt. Henry, Sto. 1. Whetren, Henry Ernest, Act. Ld. Sto.
  Whetstone, Jno. Wm., Boy 1.   White, Chas. Fredk. Wm. Hilliard,
E.R.A. 3.
White, Ernest Edwin Percy. Sto. 1.
White, John, Sto. 1.  White, William, Ord Sea.  White, Wm. Henry Lewis, Sto. 1.
White, Wm. John. Sto. 1. Whiteaway, Albert, Sto. 1. Whitlock, Ernest, Pte. R.M.L.I.
 Whittle, Louis Cecil, E.R.A. 4.   Widby, William Walter, Boy Tel.  Wicken, Maurice Oscar, C.E.R.A. 4
Wickenden, Wm. Francis, Boy 1.  Wicks, Fredk. James, Sto. 1. Wigley, Edward, A.B.
Wilcockson. Albert, Sto. 1. Wileman, George, Sto. 1. Wilkie, Peter, Act. Ld. Sto.
 Wilkins, William, A.B. Wilkinson, George, Sto. 1. Williams, Albert George, A.B.
Williams, Alfred George, Ld. Sto. Williams, Alfred Thomas. Ord. Sea. Williams, Charles, Ld. Sea.
Williams, Daniel George, Sto. 1. Williams, John William, A.B. Williams, Joseph Fredk., A.B.
 Williams, Thon as, P.O. Tel. Williams, William, Sto. 1 Williamson, George Pake, E.R.A. 3.
Willis, Robert Henry, A.B.  Wills, Edward Robert, Sto. 1. Wills, Frederick. Sto. 1.
Wilmot, Walter P., Musician.  Wilson, Arthur Albert. Sto. 1. Wilson, Harry, E.R.A. 3.
Wilson, John Albert, Sto. 1. Wilson, John Arthur, Sto. 1. Wilson, Oswald Cyril. Ord. Sea.
 Wilson, Thomas Harold, Sto. R.N.R Wiltshire, Frank, Sto. 1. Wing, Arthur, A.B.
Wing, John Henry, Act. Ld. Sto. Winter, Charles John, Sto. 1. Winyard, Charles, Sto. 1.
Witehard, Edward John, Act. Ld. Sto. Witt, Walter Russell, Sto. 1. Wollaston, Thomas Edward, Sto. 1.
Wood, Arthur O., Band Cpl. Wood, Fredk. W., Musician. Wood, George, Sto. P.O.
[born Frederick Ward ]
 Wood, Harold, Act. E,.R.A. 4. Wood, Daniel, Sto. R.N.R. Wood, Montague, Musician.
Wood, Tom, Sto. 1. Wood, Walter William, Sto. 1. Woodford, Sydney Leonard, Sto. 1.
Woodman. Henry, E!ec. Art. 3. Woodyatt, Wm. Henry, Sto. 1.  Woollacott, Victor Arthur, A.B.
Wooster, Victor Arthur, A.B. Workman, Alfred, Act. Ld. Sto. Wort, Henry Charles, Ch. E.R.A. 2.
Wren, Thomas Frederick, Boy 1. Wright, Aubrey Gainsford. Sto. P.O. Wright, Henry, Ch. Sto. (Pen.)
Wright, William, Of. Cook 1 Wright, Wm. Edward, Ord. Sea. Wylde, Chad., A.B.
Wyper, William, Sto. 1. Yates, Robert, E.R.A- 4. Young, Ernest Edward, A.B.
Young, Joseph, Sto. 1. Yoxall, Joseph, Sto. 1. end.

also 5 civilians