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Officers and Men Killed in Action H.M.S. Invincible
Jutland Bank, 31st May 1916.


 Extract from the Official History; " Naval Operations" by Sir Julian S. Corbett. 1923

.................At 6.32 Admiral Beatty reached his station ahead of the battle fleet. Ahead of him again was Admiral Hood with his three battle cruisers, leading the fleet, and leading it in a manner worthy of the honoured name he bore. Upon him was concentrated the fire of three or four of Admiral Hipper's five ships. Under pressure of the oncoming British Dreadnoughts they had turned again to the southward. For the past ten minutes the action between them and the " Invincibles " had been growing hot upon similar courses, and Admiral Hood with Captain A. L. Cay, his flag-captain, at his side was directing it from the bridge. Having the advantage of the light he was giving more than he received. The range was down below 9,000 yards, but it was the greatest that visibility would permit, and he was doing too well to alter. " Several shells," says Commander von Hase of the Derfflinger, " pierced our ship with a terrific force and exploded with a tremendous roar which shook every seam and rivet. The captain had again frequently to steer the ship out of the line to get clear of the hail of fire." So heavy was the punishment he was inflicting that Admiral Hood hailed Commander Dannreuther, his gunnery officer, in the control top, and called to him, " Your firing is very good. Keep at it as quickly as you can. Every shot is telling." They were the last words he is known to have spoken. Just then the mist was riven and from the Derfflinger her tormentor was suddenly silhouetted against a light patch of sky. Then as another salvo from the Invincible straddled her she began rapid salvoes in reply, in which probably the Konig joined with as many. One after another they went home on the Invincible. Flames shot up from the gallant flagship, and there came again the awful spectacle of a fiery burst, followed by a huge column of dark smoke which, mottled with blackened debris, swelled up hundreds of feet in the air, and the mother of all battle cruisers had gone to join the other two that were no more. As her two consorts swerved round her seething death-bed they could see she was rent in two; her stem and stern rose apart high out of the troubled waters as though she had touched the bottom, and near by a group of half a dozen men were clinging to a life raft, cheering the ships as they raced by to continue the fight.1 So in the highest exultation of battle—doing all a man could do for victory—the intrepid Admiral met his end, gilding in his death with new lustre the immortal name of Hood............

1 The survivors were Commander H. E. Dannreuther, Lieutenant C. S. Sandford, C.P.O. Thompson and three other ratings, most of whom had been in the control top. They were picked up by the Badger, of the 1st Flotilla.

Rear Admiral
The Hon. Sir Horace Lambert A. Hood, C.B., M.V.O., D.S.O,

Arthur Lindesay Cay.

Harold R. Gore Browne.

Richard Herbert Denny Townsend.
Lionel Henry Shore.

John Cyril Fitzrobert Borrett.
Edward Smyth Osbourne.

Frank Power O'Reilly.
 Alexander P. McMullen.
Thomas F. S. Flemming.
Alexander G. Murray.
George R. Hall, R.N.R.
Charles D. Fisher, R.N.V.R.

Assistant Paymaster
Lewis R. Tippen.
 Reuben Main.
 Francis L. Mogg.

John McL. Hine.

Robert C. Colquhoun, R.M.L.I.
John T. Le Seelleur, R.M.L.I.

 The Rev. Geo. W. F. Morgan, B.A.

Naval Instructor
John W. A. Steggall.
Fleet Paymaster
Ernest W. L. Mainprice.
Fleet Surgeon
Walter J. Bearblock.
Cyril O. H. Jones.
George Shorland.

Alan G. Campbell-Cooke.
Acting Sub-Lieut.
Alexander Scrimgeour.
 Thomas H. Cobb.
Leopold E. Johnstone.
Alexander J. S. Richardson.
William S. Hutchinson.
Raymond S. Portal.
Richard Henderson.
Desmond F. C. L. Tottenham.

Eng. Sub-Lieut.
W. Hubert Unsworth.

William T. Cory.

 Mate (E)
Samuel Robert Victor Self.

Assistant Paymaster
 Raymond A. Liversidge, R.N.R.
Chief Gunner
William C. Hunt.

Ch. Bosn.
Frederick Luker.
Mark W. Cameron.
Ernest J. Read.
William R. Roberts.
Arthur Cox.

Act. Gunner
Alfred J. Colton.

Act. Bosn.
William T. Donovan
Sig. Bosn.
William F. Raper.

 R.M. Gunner
Albert E. Nixon
Warrant Teleg.
Ernest Kemp.
Thomas A. Walls, D.S.O.

Frederick C. Fry.

James Finlay.

Arthur C. Worthington.

John M. Powell.
Edward T. Hodgson.
Douglas A. C. Birch.
John M. Shorland.
John H. G. Esmonde.
Robin G. B. Giffard Brine.
Charles A. J. Acland-Hood.
Cuthbert A. Hill.


Abbott, Walter Tom, A.B. Abrey, Ambrose, Ord. Sea. Acton, John Watkin, Sea. R.N.R.
Agar, Thomas, Act. Ld. Sto. Aldous, Ernest George, Ld. Sig. Allchin, George W., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Alexander, William Sto. R.N.R  Allen, Harry, P.O. 1. Allsup, Francis William, Wireman 2.
 Anderson, David, Sto. R.N.R. Andrews, Edwin Frank, A.B. Andrews, Leonard Charles, Wire. 2.
Armstrong, Henry Wilkinson, Ord.
Arnell, Bertie Charles. Sto. 1. Arnold, Henry, Sto. 1.
Arnold, John Samuel, Act. Arm. Astle, Reginald H., Pte. R.M.L.I. Attwood, William Henry, P.O.
Aughton, Edmund, Sto. 1. Ayling, Wilfred George, Sto. 1. Badcock, John C., Gnr. R.M.A.
Badger, Wm. Josiah, Mech.  Bailey, Edward James, Sto. P.O.  Bailey, Frederick Wm., Painter 2.
 Bailey, John, Sto. 1. Bailey, Joseph, Sto. 1. Bailey, Leonard, P.O.
Balcombe, Thomas, A.B. Bald, James, Sig. Boy. Baldwin, Wm. Watkin. Of. Std. 2.
Ball, Augustus, Sto. R.N.R. Ball, George, Sto. 1.  Ball, William Henry, Sto. P.O.
Balson, Aaron James, Ord. Sea. Banks, Thomas, Sto. R.N.R. Barker, Albert W.. Gnr. R.M.A.
Barnes, Albert Jubilee, Ld. Sto.  Barnes, Edward, Act. E.R.A. 2.  Barnes, Ernest, Act. Ld. Sto.
Barnes, Ernest James, A.B. Bartholomew, Percy, A.B.
Bartlett, Albert James, Ld. Tel.
Barton, William, Ch. Sto. Bate, Arnold, Plumber's Mate. Bates, Albert, Sto. R.N.R.
Beach, Chas. Fredk. Wm., Act.
Ld. Sto.
Beasley, John, Sto. 1. Beatwell, Ernest, Gnr. R.M.A.
Beavis, Albert, Sto. R.N.R. Beavis, Thos. Wm., Sto. P.O. Beck, Herbert Thomas, Ld. Sig.
Beck, Percy, Sto. P.O. Beckett, William, Musician Beddall, Francis, Sto. 1.
Bell, Charles, Shipwright 1. Bell, David McKenzie, Sto. R.N.R. Bell, Gavin, A.B., (R.N.V.R.)
Belton, Harold, Sto. 1. Bennett, Arthur Frank, Sto. 1. Bennett, Herbert James, Sto. 1.
Bennett, John, Sto. R.N.R. Bennett, John, Of. Ch. Cook. Bennett, John Wm., Sto. 1.
Berriman, Fred., Ld. Sto. Best, Wm. John, Ch. P.O. Biddle, John Wm. Dowling, A.B.
Billing, Arthur, A.B. Bird, John Henry, Arm .C. Bird, Leslie William, Boy 1.
Birdseye, Thomas, A.B. Bissett, David Findleton, Ord. Sea. Blackwell, Fredk. George, Sto. 1.
Blake, Ernest, Sto. 1. Blake, Wm. Geo. Walt., Blacksmith Blanchard, Henry Hunter, A.B.
Bliss, Marmaduke Victor, A.B. Bloor, George, Sto. 1. Boncey, Joseph J., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Booker, Frank V., Gnr. R.M.A. Borman, Herbert John Wm., Sto. 1 Bovington, Albert. Act. Ld. Sto.
Bowditch, Wm., Ship's Cpl. 1 Bradbury, Gerald Norman, E.R.A. 3. Bradbury Francis Xavier, P.O. Tel.
Brady, James, Sto. R.N.R. Brame, Victor C., Bomb. R.M.A. Bramwell, Thomas Henry, A.B.
Brannan, William, Sto. R.N.R. Brassington, Job, Sto, 1. Breach, Jesse Edmunds, Boy 1.
Brebner, William, Sto. R.N.R. Bremner, George, Sea. R.N.R. Brentnall, John George, Sto. 1.
Brennan, Patrick, Sto. R.N.R. Bridge, James Edward, Boy 1. Bridger, Wilfred, Sto. 1.
Briggs, John, Sto. 1. Bright, Arthur, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Brine, Walter, P.O. 2.
Bristow, Sidney, Blacksmith's Mate. Bromhead, Richard, Ch. Elec. Act. 2. Brooker, Arthur, Ord. Sea.
Broom, Herbert William, Sto. 1. Broughton, Robert Thomas, Ch.
E.R.A. 1.
Brown, Alfred Robert, Act. E.R.A. 4.
Brown, Fredk, James, Of. Std. 2. Brown, James, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Brown, George Robert, Boy 1.
Brown, William L., Pte. R.M.L.I. Bryan, George, Sto. 1. Bryden, John, Boy 1
Budge. Arthur Sutherland, Sea.
Bull, Alfred, Ch. Shipwright. Bullimore, Wilfred Severin, Ld. Sea.
Bullock, George Albert, O.S. Bunch, Joseph, A.B. Burford, William, Pte. R.M.L.I.
 Burges, Fredk. Edward, Of. Std. 2 Burningham, Wm. Frank, Sto. 1. Burt, Alfred, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Butler, Herbert, Act. Ld. Sto. Butterworth, Joseph Thos., Boy 1. Calder, Alex., Sig. Boy.
Callaway, Gordon Spencer, Of. Std. 3.  Callender, Peter, Act. E.R.A. 4. Callis, Sidney, Musician R.M.B.
Cannings, Willie G., Pte. R.M.L.I. Garden, Wm. F., Pte. R.M.L.I. Carlisle, John Cleland, Boy 1.
Carpenter, Thos. Henry, Ld. Sto. Carrington, Albert, Sto. 1. Carter, Thomas, A.B.
Castle, William Joseph, Sto. 1. Catchpole, John Garfitt, A.B. Cave, William Henry. Sto. 1.
Chambers, Bernard, Sto. R.N.R. Champion, Henry, Gnr. R.M.A. Champion, Wm. J., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Chance, Thomas J., Band Cpl. Chant, Robert, Boy 1. Charlton, Albert H., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Chase, Stephen Edward, Sto. 1. Check, Albert Thomas, Act. Ld. Sto. Cheeseman, Henry, Sto. 1.
Cheeseman, Wm. S., Pte. R.M.L.I. Child, Edmund, S.P.O. Chraghton, John, Sto. 1.
Christtmass, Chas. Samuel, Act. E.R.A. 4 Clack, Wm., Act. Ch. Yeo. of Sig. Clapson, Joseph, Ship's Cpl. 1.
Clark, Albert E., Musician R.M.B. Clark, George Walter, P.O. Clark, John, Gnr. R.M.A.
Clark, Owen, Sto. 1 Clark, Ronald Stuart, Ld. Sea. Clarke, Chas. John Edwyn, A.B.
Clayton, John Thomas, Sto. 1. Clitheroe, Fredk. Arthur, Sto. 1. Cluitt, George, Sto. 1.
Clyne, Francis Wm., Sea. R.N.R. Cochrane, James, Sto. 1. Coggins, William, alias, Collins,
William, Sto. 1.
Cole, Daniel, Sto. 1. Cole, George Henry Studd, O. S. Coleman, Walter Ernest, Boy 1.
Coles, Arthur Henry, Act. E.R.A. 4. Coles, Frank, Sto. 1. Collins, Henry W., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Colman, John, Sto. R.N.R. Colyer, Arthur, Of. Std. 3. Commerford, Thomas, O. S.
Compton, Oliver William, P.O. 1. Cook, James, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Cook. Reginald, Gnr. R.M.A.
Cooling, Ernest George Cyril, Sto. 1. Coop, Frank, Sto. P.O.  Cooper, Arthur Wm., Act. Ld. Sto.
 Cooper, Chas. Henry, Sto. 1. Cooper, George Holly, Mech. Cooper, Reginald, Sto. 1.
 Cooper, Valentine Ed. Harold, A.B. Coote, Graham Rupert, A.B.  Corbett, James, Mech.
Corbon, Geo. Walter Mundy, Ship's
Cpl. 1.
Corney, Arthur, Ch. Sto Courtis, Ernest Edward, E.R.A. 3.
Couzens, Walter Jas., Ch. Ship's Cook. Cox, Henry John, Pte. R.M.L.I. Craig, Hugh Joseph, Ch. E.R.A. 1.
Craker, Alfred Ernest, Wireman 2. Crane, Walter. Sto. 1. Creasey, Fredk. Augustine, Act.
E.R.A. 4.
Cribb, James, Act. Ld. Sto. Crisp, Albert, Boy 1. Croft, Henry Charles, Act. Ld. Sto.
 Cronk, Albert John, Sto. 1. Cross, George, Sto. 1. Cross, Tom Disraeli. Sto. 1.
Crothers, Robert, Sto. 1. Crossley, Francis Cecil, Ld. Sto. Cruickshanks, Robert, Serg., R.M.A.
 Cudd, Charles Hazzard, A.B. Cunningham, Thos., Act. E.R.A. 4. Curd, Stephen. Boy 1.
Curran, Patrick, Sea. R.N.R. Currie, Gairn Fleming, Sto. 1. Currie, Thos. James, A.B.
Dadd, George Wm., A.B. Dainton, Arthur, Boy 1. Dale, Wm. Chas., A.B.
Dalton. Harold Frank, Boy 1. Daniels, Ernest P., Pte. R.M.L.I. Davey, James Henry, Ld. Sea.
Davey, Wm., A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Davidson, Andrew, Sto. R.N.R. Davidson, Wm. Sto. 1. 
Davies, Albert, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Davies, John Henry, A.B. Davies, Robert Wills, A.B.
Davies, William, Act. Ld. Sto. Davies, William, Sto. 1. Davis, Arthur V., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Davis, Reginald Percy, Ord. Sig. Deacon, George, Bandmaster 1. Dean, Alfred, Sto. 1.
Dean, Walter, Ch. E.R.A. 2 Death, John Thomas, Sto. 1. Delaney, Hugh, A.B.
Demaid, Frank Fredk., Act. Ld. Sto. Dent, Harry, Pte. R.M.L.I. Denyer, Frank C., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Dexter, Edmond C., Gnr. R.M.A. Dibden, Arthur Wm., Sto. P.O.  Dick, James, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Dicks, Samuel Dresser, Sto. 1. Dinham, Thomas William, A.B. Divall, George, A.B.
Dobbie, Thomas, Sto R.N.R. Dobson, Thomas Hussey, Ord. Sea. Dodds, James, Sto. R.N.R
 Dolling, Francis J., Musician. Dolton, Wm. F., Pte. R.M.L.I. Donnelly, Michael. A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Donovan, George Harry, Sto. 1. Doolan, Thos. J., Bomb. R.M.A. Dormer, Charles B., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Dossett, Charles Aubrey, Boy 1. Downer, Arthur Kenneth, Sto. 1.  Downer, Ernest Charles, Ld. Sea.
Downer, William Goorge, Sto. 1. Doyle, Robert William, Sto. 1.  Drake, George Paget, Sig.
 Driscoll, Daniel, Sto. 1 Duce, Sam. Coulson, Sto. P.O. Dudley, Lewis Edward, A.B.
Dunaway, Wm. James, Sto. P.O. Dundas, Norman. Pte. R.M.L.I. Dunn, Charles A., Musician.
Dunn, Jacob Corin, A.B.
Dunnaway, Archibald Montrose,
E.R.A. 3.
Durham, Alfred, Sto. P.O
Durham, Arthur, Pte. R.M.L.I. Dyer, Charles, Sto. 1. Dyer, Wm. Richard. Sto. P.O.
Dyson, John, Sto., P.O. Eamey, Wm. David, Ord. Sea.  Eden, Wm. Henry, Ld. Sea.
Edney, Wm. Beale, Yeo. of Sig. Edward, Thos. Yoxall, Yeo. of Sig. Elkin, Thos., A.B (R.N V.R.)
Ellis, Wm Herbert, Act. E.R.A. 4. Elphick, Wm. Henry, Ld. Sto. Elson, Fredk. Henrv, Sto. 1.
Embling, Alf. Geo., Elect. Art. 4. Enfield, Wm. Henry, Sto. 1. Evans, Albert Percy, Ch. P.O.
Evans, John, Boy 1. Eveleigh, William John, Sto. 1. Everett, George T., Gnr. R.M.A.
Everitt, Bertie Edward, P.O. Everton, Samuel, Pte. R.M.L.I. Eyres, Wm. Edward, A.B.
Fairley, Albert, Sto. 1. Farnham, Arthur Chas., Cook's M. Farr, Fredk. Thos., Sto. 1
Fearn, Alfred Henry, Boy 1. Featherstone, Charles James, Sto. 1. Featherstone, Wm. Chas. Thos., A.B.
Fegan, Bernard, Sto. R.N.R. Fenton, George Frederick, A.B. Fenton, Herbert, A.B.
Fernie, Harold, Sto. 1. Field, Henry James, Sto. 1. Fieldhouse, Wm. Edwin, Of. Std. 3.
Fielding, Tom, Boy 1. Figg, Ernest Frank, Ld. Sto. Fisher, Ernest. A.B.
Fisher, Herbert G., Pte. R.M.L.I. Fisk, Arthur John, Sto. R.N.R. Fitzgerald, Arthur D., Fte. R.M.L.I.
Fitzjohn, Henry Leonard, Boy 1. Fleming, Andrew, A.B. Fletcher, George Robert, A.B.
Fletcher, James, Pte. R.M.L.I. Flynn. James Charles, Act. Ld. Sto. Flynn, Michael, Sto. R.N.R.
Ford, Alfred Henry, C.C. Forder, Reginald Nevill, Ld. Sto. Foster, Harry, Boy 1.
Foster, Percy Eustace, P.O. Fox, Thomas, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Fox, Walter, Sto. 1
France, James. Boy 1. Francis, Fredk. Thos., Yeo. of Sig. Francis, Wm. Thos., Wireman 2.
Freeman, Edgar, Gnr. R.M.A. Freemantle, Stan. Ed., 3rd Writer. Freshwater, Alfred, A.B.
Frew, Hugh, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Froggatt, Arthur, Elcc. Art. 1. Frost, Thos. Vigar, Elec. Art. 4.
Fudge, Wm. George, A.B.  Fulker, Charles F., Pte. R.M.L.I.  Fulton, John, Sto. R.N.R.
Fynn, Herbert, Sto. P.O. Gainsbury. Wm. Arthur. S.B.A.  Gale, Chas. Albert, Act. Sto. P.O.
 Gallagher, Edward, Sto. P.O.
Gasston, John Edward, Sto. 1. George, Fredk. John, Sto. 1.
Gillard, William, Sto. 1. Gillman, Sidney, Pte. R.M.L.I. Gillon, Fras., Sto. 1.
Gitsham, Walter, P.O. Glen, Edward Wm., Sto. 1. Goble, Chas., A.B.
 Goddard, Arthur Sidney, Sto.
Goodchild, Henry Sam., Act. Ld. Sto. Gore, Francis Cephas, A.B.
Goss, George, A.B. Goss, Herbert Francis, Of. Cook 3.  Gould, Chas. Wm.. Boy 1.
Graham, Angus, Sea. R.N.R. Graham, Henry Walter, Boy Servant. Graham, Robert, Elec. Art. 3.
Graham, Thos., Sto. R.N.R. Grant, Thos. Walter, Elec. Art. 4. Grantham, Vincent. Wm., Ord. Sea
Greaves, Albert Victor, A.B. Greaves, John William, Act. Ld. Sto. Greedus, George, Sig.
Green, Ernest, A.B. Green, William, 3rd Writer. Greenham, Albert, A.B.
 Greig, Alex., Sto. R.N.R. Griffin, William Henry, Sto. 1. Grimes, Jas. Wm., Blacksmith's Mte.
Groom, Fredk. Albert, Ord. Sea. Grubb, James, A.B. Guyton, Albert James, Ord. Sea.
Hadley, Robt. Chas. Wm., S.B.S. Halcrow, John, Sto. 1. Haldane, Robt., Sto. R.N.R.
Hall, Arthur John, A.B. Hall, Leonard, Sto. 1. Hall, William, A.B.
 Hamer, David, Sto. R.N.R. Hamer, Henry, Act. E.R.A. 4. Hamilton, Thomas, A.B.,
Hammond, Fredk., Plumber. Hancock, Thos., Act. E.R.A. 4. Hand, Richard, P.O.
Hands, Charles Clark, A.B.
 Harding, Wm S. L., Sergt.
Harris, Arthur Edward, Mech.
Harris, Arthur John, A.B. Harris, Ernest. Sto. 1. Harris, Frank Alfred, A.B.
Harris, Henry, Sto. 1.  Harris, Walter, Boy 1. Harrison, Henry, Ld. Sea.
Harrison, John, Sto. 1. Harvey, Harry, Shipwright 2. Harvey. Wm. Edwin, Cooper.
Haskell, Frances, Geo., Act. Ch. Sto.  Hassell, Ernest Railton, C.C Haverley, Fredk. Robinson, A.B.
Hawkins, Fredk., Sto. 1. Hawkins, John, Sto. 1. Hay, Alexander. Sto. R.N.R.
Hayes, Wm. John, A.B. Hayter, Alfred Edward, Act Ld. Sto. Heard, Richard Henry, Sto. 1.
Hearn, Albert V., Musician. Heath, John, Sto. 1. Heather, Walter Henry, Ord. Sea.
Heaton, Alfred, Sto. 1. Hemsley, Robert. Sto. 1. Herridge, George, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Herring, William D., Pte. R.M.L.I.  Hersey, George Clement, Of. Std. 2. Hewitt, Frank Edward, Ld. Sea.
Hewitt, William, Sto. 1. Hewlett, Samuel Edwin, A.B. Hibberd, Frederick, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Hickish, Edgar John Phillips. A.B. Hicks, Ernest Luke, P.O. Hirks, Gregory Thornton, Act. Ld.
Higgs, Sidney J., Cpl.. R.M.L.I. Hill, Herbert George, S.B.S. 2. Hill, William Chas., Sto. P.O.
Hindmarsh, James, Of. Std. 1. Hirst, Clifford, Tel. Hiscock, John. Sea. R.N.R.
 Hiscocks, Fredk. James, E.R.A. 3. Hoare, Charles Henry, Ch. Sto.  Hobbs, Harry J., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Hodoer, Albert Edward, Sig. Boy. Hodder, Ernest Arthur, Sto. 1. Hoggarty, Thomas, Sto. R.N.R.
Hold, Albert, Boy 1. Holden, Albert Edward, Sto. 1.  Holland, Ernest, Joiner.
Holloway, Joseph. Sto. 1.  Holmes, Henry Allison, A.B. Hogarth, Charles Simnett Weedon,
Sto. 1.
Holden, Geo. Henry, Sto. 1. Holland, Harry, Sto. 1. Holt, Charles Henry, Ord.  Sea.
Hood, Reginald, Of. Cook 1. Hopkins, Henry Alfred, A.B. Hopkins, John, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Horn, George Wm., Ld. Sig. Horsley, Henry James, Sto. 1. Horsman, Horace, Act. Ld. Sto.
Hosier, Ernest, A.B. Hoskins, Harold Percival, A.B. Hotston, Charles Albert, Of. Cook 1
Houghton, Fred, Plumber's Mate. Howard, Frank, Gnr. R.M.A. Howard. John, M. S., Musician.
Howse, Henry John, Cook's Mate Hughes, Leonard, Sto. 1. Hughes, Wm. Carey, Of. Std. 1.
 Hughes, Wm. John, Sto. P.O. Hullye, George, Sto 1. Humphrey, Charles, Gnr. R.M.A.
Humphries, Alfred Christie, A.B. Hunt, Frank James George, A.B. Hunt, John George, Sto. 1.
Hunter, William, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Hutchings, George W., Musician.  Hutchinson, Edward, Act. Ch.
E.R.A. 2.
Hyslop, Norman, Gnr. R.M.A. Ironside, Chas. Walter, A.B.  Isaacson, George, Ld. Sig.
 Ivey, David Harry, Sh. Std. Jackson, Ernest, Sto. 1. Jackson, James, Sto. 1.
Jackson, John Thomas, Wireman 2. James, Charles Edward, Ld. Sto.  James, Fredk. Charles, A.B.
James, John, Ch. Sto. Jamieson, Robert, Band Cpl. Jarvis. Frank, Sh. Std. Assist.
Jennings, Edward Francis, Sto. P.O. Jennings, Joseph Omer, Act. Ld. Sto  Jerram, John Edward, Sto. R.N.R.
Jew, Albert Edw., Act. Ch. E.R.A. 2.   Johnson, Ernest, Ld. C.C.  Johnson, Peter, A.B.
Johnson, Thomas Arthur James,
Elec. Art. 2.
Jones, Alexander, Boy Servant. Jones. Arthur Thomas, Wireman.
Jones, David John, A.B.
Jones, Ebenezer, Ld. Sea. R.N.R. Jones, Frank, A.B.
Jones, John Henry, Wireman, 2. Jones, Owen, P.O. R.N.R.  Jones, Thomas, Sto. 1.
Kay, Edward Henry, Cook's Mate. Kearn, John, Pte. R.M.L.I. Kear, William G., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Keen, Henry Alfred, Boy 1. Kellaway, John Percy, A.B. Kelly, Richard Owen. Ch. Sto.
 Kendall, Harry, Sto. 1. Kennard, Alfred John, Tel. Kent, Herbert Edward, A.B.
Kent, William Frederick, A.B. Kerr, Hugh Sloan, E.R.A., R.N.R. Kilham, Ernest, Gnr. R.M.A.
King, David, Sto. R.N.R. King, Edward Henry, Ord. Sea. King, William, Sto. 1.
Kneller, Albert Benjamin, Ld. Sea. Knight, Albert H., Pte. R.M.L.I. Knight, George Morris, Sto. 1.
Knight, Henry Cecil, A.B. Knight, Chas. Henry, Act. Ch. Elec. Art. 2. Knowles, Walter Chas. Donald, Act. Ld. Sto.
Lamb, Robert Thoburn, Sto. 1. Lamprey, Chas. Edgar, Ord. Sea. Lane, Ernest, 1st Writer.
Lane, Herbert George, Sto. 1. Langridge, Cecil, Boy 1. Last, William George, Ld. Cook's M.
Law, John, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Lawrence, Fredk. Charles, Shipwright 2. Lawrence, George Didlen, Sto. 1.
Lazenby, Richard Ernest, A.B. Lazzell, Cecil John, Act. Ld. Sto. Leach, Fredk. James. Shipwright 1.
Lee, Thomas, Act. Ld. Sto. Leech, John Birch, Sto. 1. Leeson, Charles, Gnr. R.M.A.
Legg, John, Sto. 1. Legg, Reginald, Pte. R.M.L.I. Lewington, Henry George, A.B.
Lewis, James Herbert Barfield, A.B. Lewis, William, Sto. 1. Lewis. William, Act. Ld. Sto.
Liddle, Joseph Albert, Boy 1. Lindley, Joseph, Sto. 1. Lindley, William, Sto. 1.
Linstead, Edward, Sto. 1. Littlefield, Benjamin Charles, Act. Ch. P.O. Lloyd, Lionel Samuel, Boy 1
Lock, John, Ord. Sea. Logan, Fredk. Septimus, Sto. 1. Lomas, Harold. Elec. Art. 4.
London, John Henry, A.B. Lovett, William, Sto. 1. Lowe, Herbert Henry, Sto. 1.
Luck, Geo. Ernest Fredk., Act. Cook's .Mte. Luckie, John, Sto. P.O. Lunt. Albert, Sig. Boy
Luxon, William Henry, Sto. 1 Lynch. John, Pte. R.M.L.I. MacArthur, John, Sea, R.N.R.
MacDonald, Alex. John, A.B. MacDonald, Edwin, Of. Ch. Std. MacDonald, Murdoch McLean, Sea. R.N.R.
Mackay, James, Sea., R.N.R. MacKenzre, Wm. Norman, Sto. 1. MacRitchie, Finlay, Sea., R.N.R.
McArdle, Frederick, A.B. McCarten, Geo. Henry Francis, Ch. E.R.A. 2. McCormack, William. Sto. R.N.R.
McCrae, Alexander, Sto. R.N.R. McCulloch, John, Sto. 1. McCullough, John. Boy 1.
McDonald. William, Ld. Sto. McEachern, Charles, Sto. 1. McGrath, George, Sto., R.N.R.
McGregor, James, Sea. R.N.R. McGurk, John, Sto. R.N.R. McIlwrath, Samuel, Sto. R.N.R.
McIntosh, David, Sto. R.N.R. McIntosh, Alexander Stuart, Ld. Sea. McKenna, Robert, Boy 1.
 McKenzie, George, Ord. Sig. McLean, John, Wireman 2. McLean, Angus, Sea. R.N.R.
McLeod, John, Sea. R.N.R. McLeod, Norman, Sea. R.N.R. McSween, Allen, A.B.
Macey, Charles Henry, Ch. Sh. Ck. Machan, Edgar, A.B. Maclagan, Douglas Alexander, A.B.
Maguire, Herbert, Sto. P.O. (Pen.)  Maher, Maurice, Musician. Mahoney, John Edwin, A.B.
Maidment, John Alfred. Sto. R.N.R. Maidwell, Sidney William, Sto. 1. Main, Alex. Morrice, Sto. R.N.R.
Malcolm, Alfred Ashby, E.R.A. 3. Malone, Jas. Joseph, Sto. 1. Mann, Ernest, Gnr. R.M.A.
Mann, Robert James, Ld. Sea. Manning, Alfred Richard Geo., A.B. Mansell, Arthur, Ship's Cook.
Mant, Jas. Charles, Act. Ld. Sto. Mark, Leonard Henry, A.B. Marlow, John Jos. Harold, Ord. Sea.
Marsden, George Wm., P.O. Marsden, Joseph, Sto. 1. Marsh, Albert, Sto. 1.
Marsh, Wilfred Thomas, Ld. Sea. Marsh. William Alfred, Sto. 1. Marshall, Henry Fieldhouse, A.B.
Marshall, William Edward, A.B.  Martin, Cameron, Sto. 1. Maslen, Charles, Sto. 1.
Mason, Herbert Edward, A.B Mather, Harold, Of. Std. 2. Matthews, Cecil Arthur, Sto. 1.
Maxted, Charles Ethelbert, Act.
E.R.A. 4.
Maxwell. Bertram Jesse, alias
Robetts Flbeits, Ch. Sto.
Mayhew, William George, Sto. 1.
Meecham, Fiederick, Sto. 1. Melvin, William, Mech. Mernagh, James, Sto. 2.
Merritt, Wilfred Howard. Ld. Sto. Mew, Herbert James, Sto. P.O. Middleton, Thomas Gordon, Sto.
Miles, George William, Boy Tel. Millar, Thomas George, Sto. R.N.R. Millard, George, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Miller, George Henry James, Sto. 1. Mills, Edward George Henry, A.B. Mitchell, George William, A.B.
 Mitchell. Herbert Lewis, Act.
E.R.A. 4.
Mitchell, John, A.B. Mitchell, Stanley Ravellous, Sh.
Std. Asst.
Mitchell, Walter, Pte. R.M.L.I. Mitchell, Wm. James, Of. Std. 1 Mollison, Alex. Richard Pullen,
Sto. P.O.
Molyneux, George, Boy 1. Moncrieff, James Anstruther, Sto.
Monk, Walter Leslie, Ord. Tel.
Moore, Edward W.. Sergt. R.M.A. Moore, George, Sto. 1. Moore, John, Boy 1.
Moorwood, Vincent, Sto. 1. Moran, Patrick, Sto. R.N.R. Moreland, John, Sto. 1.
Morey, William, Mech. Morris, Herbert W., Gnr. R.M.A. Morrison, Donald, Sea. R.N.R.
Mortimer, Frederick, Ld. Sto. Moses, John, Sto. 1. Moss, Walter, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
 Moss, Wm. Alfred, Boy Servant. Moth, William Henry, Sto. R.N.R. Mouat, Magnus, Act. Ld. Sto.
 Mountford, Harry Geo. Henry, Ord.
Munday, Thomas Lloyd, A.B. Mundy, Fredk. Charles, Sto. 1.
Murray, Malcolm, Ld. Sea. R.N.R. Murray, Murdo., Sea. R.N.R. Murray, Patrick, Sto. R.N.R.
Neal, Thomas Ernest, P.O. Nicholls, William, Sto. 1. Nicholson, Cyril Watson, Ord. Sig.
Nicholson, Frederick Joseph, Sto. 1.  Nicol, Herbert James, Ld. Sea.  Nicol, John, Sea. R.N.R.
Nightingale, Geo. Wm., Act. Ld. Sto. Norman, George. Musician, R.M.B.  Norman, Robert Charles, Sto. 1.
Norris, Charles George, Sto. 1. North, George James, Elec. Art. 3. Northcott, Charles Stafford, Ld. Sto.
 Nosworthy, Charles, Sto. 1.  Oag, William, Sea. R.N.R. Ogg, John Grant. Act. E.R.A. 4.
Ogley, George William, Sto. 1. O'Hara, Thomas, Sto. R.N.R. Orme, Albert, A.B.
Orr, Ernest F., Pte. R.M.L.I. Ottrey, Charles Finis. Shipwright 1. Overy, Charles, A.B .
Owen, Thomas James, Ld. Sto. Paice, Fredk. Wm.. Ld. Sea. Paice, Reginald, Sto. 1.
Palmer, Edgar Harold, Sto. 1.  Palmer, William, A.B. Pankhurst, Alfred Thomas Charles,
Ord. Seaman.
Parker, Fred. W. H., Cpl. R.M.L.I. Parkin, Herbert, Sto. 1. Parkin, Septimus, Sto. 1.
Parkinson, Wilfred. Ord. Sea. Partington, John Edward, Sto. 1. Patching, Hy. Marshall Arthur. C.C.
 Patten, Frederick Mark, Act, Ld. Sto. Pay, Joseph Fredk. Wm., Ld. Sea. Pearce, Alfred Henry, Act. Ld. Sto.
Pearce, Harry H. T., Gnr. R.M.A. Pearl, Fredk. Albert, Sto. 1. Pearson, John William, Ld. Sto.
Pearson, Reuben, Pte. R.M.L.I. Peck, Charles Edward, Sto. 1. Peckham, John Dean, P.O.
 Peddar, Charley, Ld. Sea. Penny, David Stephen, Ord. Sea. Pentland, Wm. George, A.B.
Penycate. Walter John, Sto. P.O. Perkins, Edwin John, Ld. Sig. Perkins, Francis Joseph, A.B.
Peters, Thomas George, Master at Arms. Phelan, John D., Bugler R.M.L.I. Phillips, Thomas James, E.R.A. 3.
Pilley, John Joseph, P.O.  Pinches, Thomas, Ld. Sea. Pine, Archie Percival, Boy 1
Pinkard. Victor Henton, Act,
E.R.A. 4.
Pitcher, Albert Edward, Sto. 1. Plant, Alfred Thomas, Sto 1.
Platt, Thomas, Sto. 1. Plaxton, Clarence Eric, Sto 1. Pledger, Jesse, Act. Ld. Sto.
Pledger, Thomas, Sto. 1. Plews, Thomas, Act. Ld. Sto.  Poole, Charles Alfred, Boy 1.
Poole, William Mortland, A.B. Potter, Henry Alexander, P.O. Tel. Prangnell, Wm. Ambrose, Ld. Sea.
 Pratt, Claude Charles, Cook's Mate. Pullen, Ted, Sto. P.O. Purvis, Fredk. Chas. John, Sto. 1.
 Pye, Robert, Sto. 1. Pym, George, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Pyne, William James, Ord. Sea.
 Pynigar, Albert Herbert. Ch. Sto. Quinn, John Patrick, Boy 1. Rae, John, Sto. 1.
Ramsay, Robt. Darney, Ch. E.R.A. 2. Ranee, William Huggett, P.O. Ravey, Felix. Sto. 1.
Ray, Alfred Jesse, A.B. Rayner, James Geo., A.B., R.F.R Rea, William, Sto. 1.
Read, Frederick John, Sto. 1. Read, Frederick Walter, Sto. 1. Readey, Samuel, Sto. 1.
 Reed, Albert Winter, P.O Reed, Edward Ruston, A.B. Reeves, Robin M.. Gnr. R.M.A.
Reid, George, Sto. 1. Reilly, Patrick, Sea. R.N.R. Rendall, Frank H., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Reynolds, William, A.B. Richards, David, Ord. Sea. Richards, Edward, Sto. 1.
Richards, Ernest Herbert, Sto. P.O. Richards, Frederick, Act. Ld. Sto.  Richardson, Arthur, Sto. 1.
Riddell, Wm. Edgar, Act. Ld. Sto. Riddle, Albert Harrison. A.B. Ridge, Francis, Musician.
Robbins, Samuel H., Pte. R.M.L.I Roberts, Harold George, Sto. 1. Robertson, Donald. Sea. R.N.R.
Rogers, John Hubert, Shipwright 1. Robertson, John, Sea. R.N.R Rolls, John, Musician.
Rosendale, William Wilfred, Boy 1. Ross, Arthur, Sto. 1. Rostance, Allan, A.B.
Round, Noah, Boy Tel. Rowe, Henry, P.O. 1. Rudge, George Albert, Sto. 1
Rudkin, Albert Thomas, A.B. Russell, Cecil Ralph. Sto. 1. Ruthven, John, Of. Cook 1.
 Ruthven, John Stanley, Elec. Art. 4. Ryan, Joseph Paul, A.B. Ryman, Charles Henry, Sto. 1.
Salthouse, Geoige, Sto. R.N.R.  Samways, Albert Henry, Sto. 1. Sandham. Frederick, Sto. 1.
Sansom, James, P.O. 1. Sargisson, Norman Henry, Sig. Sarsfield. Thomas, Boy 1.
Saunders, Frederick. Sto. R.N.R.  Scammell, Fredk. Wm., Slo. 1 Schofield, Ernest, E.R.A. 4.
Scott, William, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Scown, William Albert, A.B Scurrah, Francis William, Sto. 1.
Senior, Percy John, Sailmaker.  Service, Waring Connor, Sig. Shackleton, Percy, Musician, R.M.B.
 Shailes, Reuben Charles, Boy 1. Shanks, Thomas F., Pte. R.M.L.I. Sharpe, Fredk. Walter John, A.B.
Shaw, Chas, Walter Francis, Act.
Ld. Sto.
Shaw, George, Sto. 1 Shaw, Henry, Sto. R.N.R.
Shaw, John Albert, Ord. Sea. Shearing, Henry W., Gnr. R.M.A.  Shellard, William, Sto. P. O.
 Shenstone, George, Sig. Shephard, Fredk. Wm. Henry, Cook's
Sheppard, Frederick, Painter 1.
Sheridan, Thomas. Sto. 1. Sherman, Arthur, Cpl. R.M L.I. Shelvin, John, Sto. 1.
Simms, Albert, Pte. R.M.L I. Simpson, Alexander, A.B. Simpson, Charles Edward, Act. Ld.
Simpson, James, A.B. Simpson, Joseph, Boy 1. Sinton, Andrew Turnbull, Boy 1.
Skinner, Albert Edward. A.B. Sliney, Charles Michael, A.B. Slingsby, Harold, A.B. (R.N V.R.)
Smith, Arthur, Act. Ld. Sto. Smith, Arthur Ives, A.B. Smith, Donald, Sea. R.N.R.
Smith, Frank Staple, Wireman 1. Smith, Henry. Wm. Jewell, Sto. 1. Smith, John, Boy 1
Smith, John. Boy 1.
[  "Jack "   J/30090  ]
Smith, William Edwaid, Boy 1. Smith, Wm. Harry, Boy Tel.
 Smithen, John, Ch. P.O Snead, James, Boy 1.  Snow, Ernest Reggie Leonard,
Wireman 2.
Solly, Fredk. Wm., A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Southall, Archibald Henderson,
 Arm. C.
Southcott, Percy George, Sto. 1.
Southwell, George Chas., Ord. Sea.  Spence, Alexander, Sto. R.N.R. Spencer, Ernest, Sto. 1.
Spooner, Albert E., Gnr. R.M.A. Stables, Alex., Sto. 1. Stephens, David Albert, A.B.
Stockley, Fredk. James, Sto. P.O. Stonard, Harry, Sto. 1. Stone, Harry Alfred, Ch. Arm.
Stovey, Cecil Frank, Sto. 1. Street, Chas. Henry George, Sto. 1. Streets, Albert Edward, Sto. 1.
Styles, Albert H., Pte. R.M.L.I. Sudhurst, Samuel, Boy 1 Sumby, George William, Sto. 1.
Summers, William, A.B. Sutherland, Arthur. Pte. R.M.L.I. Swapp, James, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Sykes, John Wm., Sto. 1. Sylvester, William, A.B. Tacon, Frederick Charles, Sto. 1.
Targett, Edgar Elliot, Boy 1. Taylor, Ernest Fredk., Ld. Sea. Taylor, George E., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Taylor, James, Sto. P.O. Taylor, John Edward. Ord. Sea. Taylor, William George, Sto. 1.
 Tebb, Ernest William, A.B. Tebbitt, William T., Bugler, R.M.A. Tee, Charles James, Sto. 1.
Temple, George Herbert, P.O. 1. Terry, Ernest E. J., Pte. R.M.L.I. Thomas, Benjamin, Sto. 1.
Thomas, Ernest. Sto. 1. Thomas Peter James, Sig. Boy.  Thomas, William, Sto. 1.
Thomas, William Rees, Sig. (R.N.V.R.) Thompson, Arthur, Ord. Sig. Thompson, Fredk. J., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Thompson, George Harold, Sig. Boy.  Thompson, Herbert, A.B.
Thompson, William, Sto. 1.
Thompson, Wm. James Edward,
Ord. Sea.
Thomson, William, Sto. R.N.R.  Thorneby, Reginald, Boy Tel.
Thripp, Herbert, Boy 1. Thurley, Charles Albert, Boy 1. Tibbles, Joseph Martin, P.O.
Tilbury, Celestine James, Act.
Ld. Sto.
Tillin, Harry, A.B. Timmons, William Herbert, Sto. 1.
Townsend, Jack Vernon, Sto. 1. Tribbick, Edwin Arthur, Sto. 1.  Tricks, Robert, Gnr. R.M.A.
 Troth, George W., Act. Ld. Sto. Turff, Alfred William, Wireman. Turner, Richard Cecil, Sig.
Turton, Thomas J., Pte. R.M.L.I. Unwin, Albert, Sto. 1. Upshall, Chas. Harry Sylvester, A.B.
Urie, Samuel, Sto. 1. Vallance, Frederick, Sto. R.N.R. Van Cooten, Henry Rodolphe, Ch. E.R.A. 1.
Vandries, Charles Wm., Sto. 1. Veldon, Harry, A.B. Vials, George James. Boy 1.
Vincent, Thomas James, A.B. Vine, Clive, S.B.S. 2. Vine, George Henry, Sh. Std. Asst.
Viner, Edward Cecil, Boy 1. Viney, John, Pte. R.M. L.I. Wait, William. Thomas., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Waite, Wm. Edward, E.R.A. 2. Wake. Charlie, Sto. 1. Walter, Leon Alfred George,
 Act. Ch. S.B.S.
Walton, Sidney Albert, Act. Ld. Sto. Want, Robert., A.B. Ward, Henry E., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Ward, William Ernest, Ch. P.O. Warlow, Charles Edward, Ld. C.C. Warner, Donald, Arm.C.
Warriner, John Leach, Boy 1. Watson, Alfred J., Musician, R.M.B. Watson, Joseph, Sh. Mate 2.
Walters, Martin, Sto. R.N.R. Weathers, John,. Of. Cook 2. Webb, William Robert, Ord. Sea.
Webster, Isaiah, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Webster, Walter John, Ld. Sto. Webster, William, Sea. R.N.R.
Weeks, William, Sto. P.O. Whapshott, Edward Alfred, Boy Tel. Whatley, Wm. F. A., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Wheelerbreed, Wm. Fredk., A.B. Whipp, Albert Edward, A.B. White, Charles Edward, Sto. 1.
White, Ernest Robert, Ld. Sto. White, Frederick, P.O. White, John, Mech.
White, Laurence Wilfred, Ld. Sto. White. Richard Alex., Of. Std. 3. Whitehead, Richard. A.B.
Whitley, Nelson, Sto. 1. Whitmarsh, Reginald John, A.B. Whitworth, Alfred, Act. E.R.A. 4.
Widgery, Henry Percy, Shipwright 1. Wilcox, George, Act. Ld. Sto. Wiles, Theodore, Sh. Cpl. 1.
Willacy, Harry Uren, Boy 1. Willard. Albert, A.B. Williams, Alf. Chas. Walter, A.B.
Williams, Elias, Sto. 1. Williams, Henry, Sto. R.N.R. Williams, Sydney Ernest, A.B.
Willis, Edward, A.B. Willis, Wm. Charles, Cook's Mate. Wilson, Edward. Elec. Art. 3.
 Wilson, George, Pte. R.M.L.I. Wilson, Robert Young, Sto. R.N.R. Wilson, Thomas, Pte. R M.L.I.
Windsor, Henry Edward., Act. Ld. Sto Winter, Albert James, Ord. Sea. Wise, Frank Vincent, Sig.
Wiseman. Wm. Rich., Act. Ld. Sto. Wolland, William, Boy 1. Wood, Arthur, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Wood, Charles Edward, Sto. 1. Wood, Chas. Wm. Freestone, Sto. 1. Wood, Frederick Alfred., Cpl. R.M.A.
Wood, Fredk. Thomas, Sto. 1. Woodberry, Alfred. Henry,  Ord. Sea. Woods, Hugh Michael, Sto. R.N.R
Worters, Leonard George, A.B.
Wright, John, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Wright, Louis, Sto. 1.
Wyatt, Alfred Henry, A.B. Yeatman, Sidney Albert,
Act. Sto. P.O.
Young, Arthur, Sto. 1.
Young. Alexander, Sto. 1. Younger, Wm. E., Pte. R.M.L.I. end