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  Battle Cruisers:
  Indefatigable (sunk)
  Invincible (sunk)
  Princess Royal
  Queen Mary (sunk)
  Cruisers :
  Black Prince (sunk)
  Defence (sunk)
  Warrior  (sunk) .
  Light Cruisers :
  Flotilla Leaders :
  Tipperary  (sunk)
  Destroyers :
  Ardent (sunk)
  Fortune (sunk)
  Nestor (sunk)
  Nomad (sunk)
  Shark (sunk)
  Sparrowhawk (sunk)
  Turbulent (sunk)
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Officers and Men Killed in Action or Died of Wounds, H.M.S. Defence, Battle of Jutland,  31st May -1st June 1916.

 Extract from the Official History; " Naval Operations" by Sir Julian S. Corbett. 1923

...........Both the Defence and Warrior had already hit the doomed Wiesbaden. Still Admiral Arbuthnot, in spite of straddling salvoes, held on till within 5,500 yards of his prey he turned to starboard. Both ships were now in a hurricane of fire, which the Germans were concentrating with terrible effect to save their burning ship, and there quickly followed another of the series of appalling catastrophes which so tragically distinguish this battle from all others. Four minutes after crossing the Lion's bows the Defence was hit by two heavy salvoes in quick succession, and the Admiral and his flagship disappeared in a roar of flame (6.20). The Warrior barely escaped a similar fate..............

Rear Admiral
Sir Robert K. Arbuthnot, Bart., C.B., M.V.O.

Richard H. Carter.

Ian C. Cowan.

 Assistant Paymaster
Edwin K. Odam.

Alan J. Hay.

Stanley V. Ellis.

Arthur E. Silvertop.
Alfred F. Coplestone-Boughey.
Arthur T. Johnstone.

The Hon. Hugh R. C. Fielding.

Cecil H. Abercrombie.
Roderick C. A. Gow.
John Eadie.
Stephen N. Slingsby.
William N. Gardiner.
Edward W. Milsom.
George R. Renshaw, R.N.R.
Francis M. Prattent, R.N.R.

Edward H. T. Meeson, D.S.O.

William H. F. Hudson.

Alexander D. P. Hamilton, R.M.L.I.
 The Rev. Wallace H. Le Patourel, M.A.
Naval Instructor
Thomas E. Jones, B.Sc.

Fleet Surgeon
Frederick A. Capps.

Fleet Paymaster
Wingfield W. Alton.

Frederick W. T. Clemens.
George M. Johnson, M.B., M.A.
Wilfred E. Price.
Henry C. A. Jauncey.
George H. Paterson, R.A.N.

Acting Sub-Lieut.
Joseph Mack, R.A.N.

Mate (E)
Henry E. Dacey.

Asst. Paymaster
Alexander K. Johnston, R.N.R.

Chief Gunner
George Needly.
Chief Carpenter
William C. Geaton.
William G. Taylor.
Alfred Cherry.

William G. K. Trewin.
Patrick Whelton.

Signal Boatswain
Michael Kearns.

Warrant Teleg.
Henry Arberry.
George K. Brown.
Harry Southon.

Thomas H. Roberts, R.N.R.

Adair M. G. Campbell.
Francis T. Phipps.
Griffith C. L. Owen.
The Hon. Bernard M. Bailey.
Malcolm A. M. Harris.
John D'U. Scott.
Meynell O. Hanwell.
Trevor G. L. Hales.

Cyril H. Adams.
Assistant Clerk
Jack A. C. Kneel.

Abbott, Sydney James, Ld. Sea. Abel, Wm. Alex., Act. Ch. Sto. Ackroyd, Stephen Edward, Act. Ld.
Adams, Bertie, Sto. 1. Adams, Geo Henry, Sto. 1. Ager, Wm. James, Sto. 2.
Allsopp, Wm. Geo., Act. Sto. P.O. Anderson, Alexander, Sto. P.O. Anderson, Edurn James, Sig. Boy.
Anderson, James, Sto. 1. Anderson, Walter, Boy 1. Andrews, Arthur Edward, Ld. Sea.
 Andrews, Robt. Henry, Boy 1. Anstiss, Percy Fredk. Stanhope,
Boy 1.
Argyle, Wm. Frederick, Boy Tel.
Ashe, Robert, Pte. R.M.L.I. Ashley, William, Sto. 1.  Atherton, Jos. Albert Frederick,
Ord. Sea.
Atkinson, Arthur, Sto. 1.  Attwill, Rich. Harold, Sto. 1. Austin, Wm. Geo. Herbert, A.B.
Ayres, Bertie W., Gnr. R.M.A. Badcock, Wm., Ch. E.A, 2. Bagnall, Leslie J., Gnr. R.M.A.
Bailey, Arthur, A.B. Bailey, Fredk., Act. Ld. Sto. R.N.R. Baker, David, Yeo. of Sig.
Baker, George Henry, A.B. Baker, Herbert, Sto. 1. Baldacchino, Alberto, Bandsman.
 Banks, Harry, Pte. R.M..L.I. Barclay, William, Arm .C. Barker, Reginald, Boy 1.
Barnes, Edward Maynard, Boy 1. Barrett, John Henry. P.O. Barrett, Montague Herbert, Act.
E.R.A. 4.
Barry, James John, Sto. 1. Barry, John. S.B.S. 2. Bartram, Thomas, Ord. Sea.
Basterfield, Wm. Chas., Of. Std. 1. Batey, Thomas, Sto. R.N.R. Bawden, Bertie, Blacksmith's Mate.
 Beagley, Frederick, Gnr. R.M.A. Bealey. Francis Harold, Cook's Mate Beaveridge, John Wm. Simon, A.B.
 Beer, Edward Andrew, Ld. Sto. Beet, Arthur, Gnr. R.M.A. Bennett, Courteney, W., Pte.
Bennion, William Henry, A.B. Bentley, Alfred, P.O. Bentley, Edward John, Sh. Std. Asst.
Berry. Martin, Ld. Sto. Best, William, Sto. R.N.R. Bethell, Ernest Montague, Sto. 2.
 Bevan, Francis George, Sto. R.N.R. Bickle, Herbert, Elec. Art. 3. Biles, Charles George, A.B.
Birch, Peter, Sto. 1 Bird, James Albert, Sto. R.N.R. Biscombe, Wm. Matthew, Sto. P.O.
Bishop, Arthur Edward, Act. Ld. Sto. Bishop, William Frank, Sto. 1. Blackman, Ernest A., Gnr. R.M.A.
Blatchford, Thos. H., Pte. R.M.L.I. Blunt, Horace, Boy 1 Blyth, John Wm., A.B.
Boal, John, A.B. Bogg, Thos. Edward, Boy 1. Boggia, Stanley John. Shipwright 1.
Bolderston, James J., Pte. R.M.L.I. Bolton, Henry, Boy Tel. Bolton, John, Arm. C.
Booty, Herbert, E.R.A. 3. Bosley, Fred., Sto. 1 Bourhill, Albert, Geo., Cook's Mate.
Bowden, Alfred A. T., Gnr. R.M.A. Bowen, Harry, Sto. R.N.R. Bowen, William, A.B.
Bowhay, Fredk. Samuel, Cook's Mate. Boyd, John. Sto. R.N.R. Boyling, Alfred, Pte.
Bradbury, Arthur John, A.B. Bradley, Arthur, Sig. Brann, William Edwin, A.B.
Brannick, Robt., A.B. Brewer, Fredk. Chas., Act. Ld. Sto. Brickley, David, Sea. R.N.R.
Brickley, James, Sea. R.N.R. Bridger. Cornelius Wm., Boy 1. Broderick, John, A.B.
Brooks, Edward Chas. Wm., Boy 1. Brooks, Francis G., Pte. R.M.L.I. Brooks, Philip Howard, A.B.
Brown, Cecil Claud, O.S. Brown, Charles Newman, A.B. Brown, Harold, Gnr. R.M.A.
Brown, Lawrence, Gnr. R.M.A. Brown, Wm. Alfred John, O.S. Browning, Harojd Robert, E.R.A. 5.
Bruce, John, Sto. P.O. Bryant, Sidney, Arthur, O.S.  Buckell, George H., Bomb. R.M.A.
Buckler. Alfred Charles, P.O. Bullen, Albert B., Pte. R.M.L.I.  Burdett, John E., Pte R.M.L.I.
 Burridge, Walter G., Pte. R.M.L.I.  Burt, Geo. Edwin John, Sto. 1. Burton, Hugh Stanley, E.R.A. 4.
 Burton, William Robert, Of. Std. 3. Bushell, Thos. Charles, Sto 1. Butcher, George, Sto. 1.
Butterworth, Alfred. O.S. Cackett, Horace James, Sto. P.O. Cann, Wesley Walter, Ld Sto.
Carlton, Thomas, O.S.  Carmando, Nunzio, Bandsman. Carr, John, Sto. 1.
Carroll, James, Sto. P.O. Carroll, William, A.B. Carson, John, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
 Casey. John Henry, Sto. 1. Cassidy, Harry, Sto. 1 Cassidy, Michael, Sto. R.N.R.
Cavallazzi, Agostino, Bandsman. Challenger, Joseph, Sto. P.O. Chant, Wm. Reginald John, A.B.
Chaplin, George, Of. Std. 2. Cheese, Henry, Boy 1. Chick, Thomas, Sto. 1.
Chiswell, Thomas Henry, Ld. Sig. Chivers, Albert, Sto. 1. Clarke, Michael, Joseph, A.B.
Clarke, Robert Berry, O.S. Clay, James Herbert, Act. Sto. P.O.  Cleary, Timothy, Sto. P.O.
Clench, Frank Sidney, E.R.A. 3. Clibbens, Sidney, C.C. Cloke, Walter, Shipwright 2.
Coleman, John, Sto. 1.  Coles, Albert, Pte. R.M.L.I. Collins, Thomas, Sto. 1.
Colton, James Leslie, L./Sergt. R.M.A. Colville, James, Sto. R.N.R. Conquest, Claude F., Gnr. R.M.A.
Consiglio, Giovanni, Bandsman. Cook, Garnet Wright, Sh. Cook. Cook, Fredk., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Coombs, Evan Alexander, Sto. 1. Cooper, Fredk. George, Boy 1. Cooper, Harry, Boy 1.
Cooper, Herbert J., Gnr. R.M.A. Corke, William May, O.S. Cornelius, Leonard James, O.S.
Cornish, Fredk. Leonard, Boy 1. Corrigan, Thomas, Sto. 1. Corser, Reginald, Act. E.R.A. 4.
Cotter, Daniel, C.C. Counsell, Harry Stanley Woodgrove,
Sto. P.O.
Courts, Edwin Cyril, Boy 1.
Cowen, John James, A.B.
Cox, Alfred Frederick, O.S. Craig, David, Sto. 2.
Crannage, Jack Miles, C.P.O. Craven, Thomas Birkley, Ld. Sto. Crawford, James, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Crawford, Malcolm. A.B. Creber, Gilbert Arthur, A.B. Crews, George Henry, Act. Ld. Sto.
Crook, Ernest William, A.B.  Cross, Fred, Act. Ld. Sto. Cross, Fredk. John, Tel.
Crossan, Thomas R., Pte. R.M.L.I. Crothers, John, Sea. R.N.R. Crowle, Alfred John. Blacksmith.
 Crowley, Jeremiah, Sh. Cpl. 1. Cuff, Reginald Walter, Mech. Culpin, George Barrett, Boy Tel.
Currie, Robert, O.S. Daly, Patrick Lawrence, P.O.  Daniel, Frank H., Bugler, R.M.L.I.
Danks, George, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)  Dart. Harry, Sto. 1. Davies, David, Gnr. R.M.A
Davies, John Henry, A.B.  Davis, Sidney Charles, Sto. R.N.R. Davis, Stanley, Sto. 2.
Dawes, Ernest George, Boy Tel. Dearden, Joseph, A.B.  Deasey, Timothy, P.O. 1.
Dempsey, Edward, Sto. 2. Dempsey, John, Sto. 1. Dennehy, William, A.B.
Dennett, Tom, A.B. Dennis, Percy Victor, Ld. Sea. Di Mauro Virgilio, Ch. Bandsman.
Distance, Francis, Boy 1. Dixon, Robert, Ld. Sig.  Dommett, Walter Henry, A.B.
 Donnelly, Peter, O.S.  Donovan, John, Ld. Sea. Dowding, Sidney, A.B.
Down, Walter John, A.B. Drake, Frederick, Boy 1. Driskell, Ernest, A.B.
 Drummond, Allan Ramsay, Sto. 1. Duncan, Thompson Allen, Sto.
Durham, George, Ch. E.R.A. 2.
Durrant, Herbert, O.S. Dutton, Thomas Henry, Sto. 1. Dyer, Adolphus Edwd. Bowater,
Ld. Sto.
Earl, James, Sto. 1. Earl, John, Sto. 1. Earnshaw, George, O.S.
Eccles, Robert, Boy 1 Ecclestone, Harry Henry, Act. Ld. Sto. Edgcombe, Richard, Sto.
Edmondson, Gerard Docker, A.B. Edwards, Henry, Wireman 2. Edwards, Henry Gwilym, A.B.
Edwards, Robert, Pte. R.M.L.I. Edwards, Stanley F., Cpl. R.M.L.I. Eggleton, Arthur William, P.O.
Ellis, Ernest Henry, Ship. Std. Asst. Elsmore, Reg. Thos. Cheshire, A.B. Elwis, Arthur, Tel.
England, Albert F., Pte. R.M.L.I.  England, Albert George, Boy 1. England, Francis George, Sto. P.O.
 England, John Edward, O. S. Ernshaw, Samuel, P.O. Evans, John Luther, E.R.A. 4.
Evans, William Robert, Boy 1. Everitt, Walter, A.B. Fairclough, George. Act. Ld. Sto.
Fallis, George Robert, Sto. R.N.R. Falvey, John, Sea. R.N.R. Farrell, John Henry, Sto. 1.
 Feltham, Henry George, Sto. 1.  Fennerty, William Frank, Sto. 1. Ferris, Ernest James, Ld. Sea.
Ferris, Percival Charles, A.B. Fitch, Charles Robert, A.B. Fitton, James Thos, Ld. Sto. R.N.R.
Flint, William E., Pte. R.M.L.I. Floyd, Herbert, Sto. 2. Fondacaro, Nicolo, Band Cpl.
Ford, Charles, Ch. E.R.A. 2. Forse, William John, Mech.  Forsyth, William, Sto. 1.
Foss. William Edmund, P.O. Foulds, William Ewart, Ld. Sea. Foulks, Arthur, Sto. 1.
Fountain, Edward George, Sto. 1.  Fox, Adam, A.B. Fox, Alfred George, Mech.
Fox, James, A.B.  Fox, Walter Ernest, A.B. Franklin, Norman, Sea. R.N.R.
Freeman, James Harold, A.B. French, Robert, A.B. Froude, Mortimer Hugh, Sto. 2.
Furlong, William, Gnr. R.M.A Furneaux, William. Henry, Thos., A.B. Gallagher, Bernard, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
Gallagher, Francis John, Ord. Tel. Gardner, Tom, A.B. Garget, Wilfred Norman. A.B.
Garnett, Harry James, Of. Clerk 1. Carton, Herbert William, Sig. Boy. Gater, Frederick, Sto. 1.
Gates, George Albert, Ld. Sig. Gee, Henry Lewis, Boy 1. Genders, Philip Goodrick, Boy Tel.
 Genovese, James Costly, A.B. Gerrish, William, A.B. Giblin, George, Sto. 1.
 Gibney, James, P.O. Gibson, John, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Gibson, Wilfred, Sto. 1.
Giglio, Abele, Of. Std. 1. Gilbert, Ernest, Ld. Sto. Gilbert, Harry Edward, Ch. Yeo. Sig.
 Gilbert, Percy George. A.B.  Gillard, W., Pte. R.M.L.I. Glover, Joseph, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Goldstein, Isaac, A.B. Goodchild, Percy, Ld. Sea. Gordon, John Malcolm, P.O. 1.
Gore, Richard, Sto. R.N.R. Goslin, Cecil S., Gnr. R.M.A. Gosling, Albert Frederick, Sto. 2.
 Gosling, James T., Sergt. R.M.L.I. Goss, Herbert Geo., Act. Elec. Art. 4. Graham, Robert Edward, A.B..
Grant, George D., Gnr. R.M.A. Grant, Stanley W., Gnr. R.M.A.  Greaden, Charles. Edwin Ethelbert,
Yeo. of Sig.
Greenhill, William James. Sto. 1. Greenleaf, John, E.R.A. 4. Greenslade, Chas. Henry, Boy 1.
Greenwood, Fred., A.B. Greenwood, Len. M., Gnr. R.M.A. Griffin, Alfred Henry, Ord. Sea.
Griffin, Edward, Ld. Sto. Griffin. Michael, Shipwright 1.  Griffiths, Philip Thomas, A.B.
Grimaldi, Edgar William, Ord. Sea. Grosse, Edward Ewart, Boy 1. Grover, William, Boy Tel.
Gunn, William Foster, Sto. R.N.R. Gunnery, William Walter, A.B. Gurney, William A., Gnr. R.M.A.
Gwilliam, Sidney John, Sig. Boy.  Hailstone, Frank, Sto. 1. Hall, Frederick Charles, A.B.
Hall, James, Sto. P.O. Ham, Edward John, A.B.  Hamilton, Edward William, Wireman 2.
 Hamilton, William, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Hammett, Norman Francis, C.C. Hammett, William Francis Martin,
Of. Std. 3.
Hammond, Ernest, Sig. Harrigan, James, A.B. Harris, Dunstan, P.O.
 Harris, John Herbert, A.B. Hart, Richard John, A.B.  Hartley, Robert, Sto. 2.
Hastie, Ernest, Ord. Sea. Hatch, Norman Alfred Bitten, E.R.A.4. Hattin, George Linknorth. Boy 1.
 Haverson, Percy Robert Page, A.B.  Hawke, Frank William Edwin, Tel. Hayden, Frank Edward, Master-at-
 Haydon, Robert, A.B. Hayes, James John, Ld. Sea. Hemmings, William. James, Ch. E.R.A. 2.
Henderson, Robert Stanley, A.B.
Henry, James Richmond, Sto. 1. Henson, James Arthur, A.B.
Henson, Thomas, Ld. Sea. Hewitt, William, Sto. 1. Heydon, Albert Ernest, Cook's Mate.
 Hickery, John, Sto. 2. Hill, Albert Edward Victor, Sto. 1. Hill, Dewhirst, Sto. 1.
Hill, Ernest, Sailmaker.  Hill, Herbert Venables, Ord. Sea. Hill, William Henry, Ld. Sea.
Hinchliffe, William Terence, Sto. 1. Hoare, William, Pte. R.M.L.I. Hodder, William George, Sto. 2.
Hodge, Benjamin, Sto. 1. Hogan, Daniel, P.O.  Tel.  Hogan, Joseph, Sto. 2.
Holdsworth, William Edward, A.B. Hollins, Thomas, Tel. Holmes, Arthur Edward, Sto. 2.
Hooper, Henry, Ch. P.O.  Hopkins, William Charles, E.A. 3. Home, Francis Palmer, Sto. P.O.
Horton, John, Sto. R.N.R. Hosking, Herbert, Sto. 1. Howe, Alfred Edward, Sto. 1.
 Howe, Henry, Sto. P.O. Howell, Frank Selby, Ld. Sea. Howell, Frederick, A.B.
 Howes, John, P.O. Hubbard, Wm., Col.-Sergt. R.M.A. Hughes, James Francis, Ord. Sea.
Hughes, Thos. Patrick, Sto. R.N.R Hull, Eric Edwin, P.O. Tel. Humphreys, Thomas, Sto. R.N.R.
Hurren, Richard Fredk., Boy 1. Ives, Wilfred, A.B. Jackson, Harry, Pajnter 1.
Jamieson, David, P.O. Jamieson. Walter Weir, Sto. 1. Jane, Albert, Sto. P.O.
Jarvis, Cecil Friend, A.B. Jasper, James Stuart, Act. Ld. Sto.  Jeffery, Frank, Yeo. of Sigs.
Jeffery, Percy Fred, Sto. 1. Jenkins, Christopher John, Sto. 1. Jenkin, Stanley Herbert, A.B.
John, Sydney, Ld. Sto. Johns, John William. A.B. Johnson, Victor, A.B.
Johnston, Robert Scott Russell, Sto. 1. Johnston, Samuel C., Pte. R.M.L.I. Jolliffe, Victor, Gnr. R.M.A.
Jones, Arthur, A.B. Jones, David John, Sto. 1. Jones, Ernest, Sto. R.N.R.
Jones, George. Sto. 1. Jones, Harold Thomas, Boy Tel. Jones, James, A.B.
Jones, John William, Sto. 1. Jordon, James R., Gnr. R.M.A. Jose, Richard Henry, P.O.
 Joughin, William Ernest, Ord. Sea.  Jowle, Walter, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Joy, Herbert, Ord. Sea.
Joyce, Frederick James, A.B. Kehoe, James, Ld. Sto. Kellow, William, Sto. P.O.
 Kelly, Patrick, Pte. R.M.L.I. Kemp, Fred. George, Ship's Cook.  Kerr, Robert, E.R.A. 3.
 Kershaw, Henry, Ord. Sea. Kett, Samuel, Sto. R.N.R. Keys, Alfred R., Gnr. R.M.A.
Kiely, Maurice, Sto. 2. Killingbeck, William, Ord. Sea. Kilminster, William, Ord. Sea.
King, Ernest William, A.B. King, George Arthur, A.B. King, Richard Barford, Ord. Sea.
King, Walter William, Boy 1. Kirby, Charles Edward, Ord. Sig. Kirby, George William, P.O.
Kitchener, Joseph Reynolds, S.B.A. Knapman, William, Act. Sto. P.O. Knight, Arthur, Of. Cook 3.
Knight, Frederick William, Ch. Sto. Knowles, Albert Ernest, Boy 1. Lakeman, Sidney Herbert, A.B.
Lakey, Sidney, Sto. 1. Lamb, Wilfred Edwin, Of. Std. 2. Lambert, George, Sto. R.N.R.
Lamprell, Stanley Everette Millias, Ord. Tel. Landricombe, David John, Sto. 1. Landricombe, William, Sto. 1.
Langley, Thomas, Sto. P.O. Langmead, Ernest J., Pte. R.M.L.I. Larn, James William, A.B.
Lawler, Albert Victor, P.O. Laxs, Carl John, Ld. Sea. Lear, Cecil Charles, A.B.
Lee. Alfred Joseph, Sto. 1. Lee, Edward, Sto. R.N.R. Lee, Samuel Hilton, E.R.A. 3.
Lemon, Henry Hole, E.R.A. 3. Lester, William Edward, Sto. 1. Leverton, Ernest William, Sto. 1.
Lewis, Edwin Alfred Victor, Mech. Light, George, Of. Cook 3. Ligrestischiros, Emanuele, Bandsman.
Lindley, Arthur Platt, Ord. Sea. Little, John Percival, Sto. 1. Littlewood, Joseph, Sto. 1.
Litton, Tom, Pte. R.M.L.I. Livesay, Henry, Ld. Sea. Long, John, Sto. P.O.
Long, William A., Gnr. R.M.A. Longden, William Graham, Sig. Boy. Lonn, John William, Ord. Sea.
Loughney. John, Act. Sto. P.O. Lovegrove, Benjamin, Gnr. R.M.A. Lower, Augustus John, Sto. 1.
Luck, John, Sto. 1. Lund, John Henry, Act. E.R.A. 4. Luxton, Frederick. Wm. Henry, Sto. 1.
Lyal, Robert Hume, Act. Ld. Sto. Lynch, William, Pte. R.M.L.I. Lythgoe, Watkin. A.B.
McArthur, Alexander, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) McAuley, Patrick Hugh, Ld. Sea. McBride, John, Ord. Sea.
McCann, Thomas, A.B. McCarthy, Jeremiah Patrick, Ld. C.C. McCaskie, James, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
McConnell, Daniel, Sto. R.N.R. McDonald, Andrew, A.B. McDonald, Murdo, Sea., R.N.R.
McEwan, Robert, Sto. R.N.R. McGeady, Francis, P.O. McQuire, Alfred F., Gnr. R.M.A.
McKay, George Angus, A.B. McKeirnan, Michael John, Sto. R.N.R. McLagan, William James, Sto. 1.
McLean, Walter George, Sh. Std.  McLeary, George, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) McLeod, Peter, Sto. 1.
McMahon, Michael, Sto. R.N.R. McManus, James, A.B.  McNamara, William, Gnr. R.M.A.
 McPherson, David. A.B. (R.N.V.R.) McRitchie, Murdo, Sea. R.N.R. Machin, Ivor, Ld. Sea.
Maclean, Parry, Gnr. R.M.A. Maddock, James John, P.O. Madge, Wm. John Smith, Ord. Sea
Magri, Angelo, Of. Cook 1.  Mahoney, Timothy, Ord. Sea. Mann, Robert, Ld. Sea.
Manning, William, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Marden, Harry, Ch. Shipwright. Markham, Thos. George, Ord. Sea.
Marsh, John, P.O. 1. Marsh, Samuel James. Ch. P.O.  Marshall, Edward Albert, Sto.
Marshall, Joseph Symons, Shipwright 2. Marshall, Mervyn Cecil, Sto. 1. Marshall, Sydney, Of. Std. 2.
Marshall, Wm. Henry, Sto. P.O. Martin, Charles Fredk., Ch. P.O. Martin, Frederick, A.B.
Maslem, Alfred Edward, P.O. Mead, Albert George, Cook's Mate 2. Meade, James John, A.B.
Melady, Joseph, Mech. Mellor, Andrew Benjamin, Act. E.R.A. 4. Merchant, Robert, A.B.
Merrifield, Bertie, Ord. Sea. Merrifield, Cecil Edmond York,
Ld. Sea.
Metcalfe, James Ewart, Ord. Sea.
Miller, Alex. Richard, Ld. Sea. Minaldi, William, Bandsman. Bingo, William John, Ld. Sto.
Mitchell. Frank William, Sto. 1. Mitchell, Peter, Sig. (R.N.V.R.) Monson, Charles, P.O.
Montesin, Carmelo, Bandsman. Montgomery, John, Pte. R.M.L.I. Moore, Edward. Act. Ld. Sto.
Moore, Frank, Sto. R.N.R. Moore, Henry, Sto. 1. Morgan, Albert Arthur, Sto. 1.
Morgan, Cecil, Sto. R.N.R. Morgan, Charles Henry, A.B.
Morgan, John, Act. E.R.A. 4.
Morgan, William, A.B. Morley, Frank, Boy 1. Morley, Walter, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Morrell, Frederick James. E.R.A. 4. Morris. Ernest J., Sergt. R.M.A. Morrish, Frank, C. Arm.
Morrison, Henry Hazel, Sig.
Morrison, Michael, P.O. Morrow, James, A.B.
Moss, Edwin, Elec. Art. 3. Mulley, Charles P.. Sea. R.N.R. Murphy, John, A.B.
Murray, Thos. Ernest, Act. Ld. Sto. Muscara, Corrado, Bandsman. Mutch, Thos. Wm. Henry, Sig.
Mutter, William John, Sto. 1. Myers, Thomas Herbert, Ld. Sea. Nagle. Maurice, Boy 1.
Nason, Alfred George, Boy 1. Naylor, Percy Anderson, Ld. Sea. Newman, Fredk. John, Sto. 1.
Newman, Percy, Boy 1. Newton, William Henry, Sto. 1.  Nicholson, Edward John, Sto. 2.
Nicholson, James Henry, Ord. Sea. Nolan, Wm. Patrick, Sto. 1. Norgrove, Leslie, Act. Ch, E.R.A. 2.
Norrish, Philip John, Ld. Sea. North, George Henry, Ch. S.B.S. Northcott, George Richard, P.O.
Northcott, Reginald, Sto. 1.  Nunn, Charles Arthur, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) O'Brien, David, A.B.
 O'Connor, Patrick, Ld. Sto. O'Donnell, Patrick. P.O. Ockwell, Albert Henry, Boy Tel.
Oliver, Harold Ernest, Shipwright 2. O'Mahoney, Daniel Joseph, Sto. 1.  O'Neill, Patrick Joseph, A.B.
Orley, William Robert, A.B. Ormond, Charles, E.R.A. 3. Orris, Charles John, AB.
Orton, George. Boy 1. Osborne, Charles Arthur, A.B. Osborne, Samuel F., Gnr. R.M.A.
Osmond, Arthur Henry, Ord. Sea. O'Sullivan, Wm. Henry, Sh. Cpl. 1. Ough, Richard George, Ld. Sto.
Oughton, Ernest, Ld. Sto. Owens, Albert, Act. Ld. Sto. Packer, Henry. Gnr. R.M.A
Page, Ernest Bertram, Ld. Sea. Palmer, George James, Sto. 1. Palmer, James Alfred, Sto. 1.
Palmer, William Henry, Boy 1. Parker, William Cecil, Ld. Sig. Parkes. Thomas Henry, Ord. Sea.
Parkinson, George, Sto. 1. Parr, William, Sto. 1. Parrott, George, Boy 1.
Parry, Robert William, Act. Ld. Sto. Parry, Thomas, Act. Sto. P.O. Parsons, Joseph, A.B
Paul, Harry Russell, A.B. Peake, George William, Sto. 2. Pearce, Thomas, Cook's Mate 2.
Pearcey, David. Wireman 2 Pearson, John, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)  Peasey, William, 3rd Writer
Pegler. Frederick Charles, A.B. Pell, Harry, Prob. Mate's Cook  2 Penellum, John Thomas, Ld. Sto.
Pengelly, Reginald, Ld. Sto. Perkins, Charles Henry, Act. Ld. Sto. Perring, Alfred. Ld. Sea.
Peters, Henry Bullock, Ld. Sto. Phare, William, Ld. Sto. Phelan, John, Sto. R.N.R.
Phelps, Nathaniel Percy, A.B  Phillips, John Cuthbert, A.B. Phillips, William John, P.O.
Philp, Charles. A.B. Pickering, John W., A.B.
Pickett, Edward George, Sto. 2.
Pile, William Richard, A.B. Pipes, Wilfred George, Sig. Boy. Pittey, Charles J.. Pte. R.M.L.I.
Platt, George Frederick, A.B.  Polato, Antorio, Bandsman  Pollock, Joseph. Ord. Sea.
Portelli, Enrico, Bandsman. Porter, George, Pte. R.M.L.I. Potts. Andrew, A.B.
Powell, Victor, A.B. Power, Stephen, Boy 1. Prendagast, John Joseph, Sto. 1.
Preston, Alfred H., Sergt. R.M.L.I. Price, James, Pte. R.M.L.I. Pride, James, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Pring, Edward, Boy 1 Pritchard, Henry James, Ord. Sea. Prowse, Thomas Edgar, Ld. Sea.
Pryor, Willis, A.B. Pullen, John Henry, A.B. Pullan, Joseph Naylor, A.B.
Queenborough, Charles Hammond
Smeathers, Ord. Sea.
Rankin, Robt. Alex. Douglas, Sig. Reed, Sidney George, P.O.
 Rendell, Arthur George, Ld. Sto Rensch, Ernest, Sig. Reynolds. Thomas Henry, Ch.Writer.
Richardson, Albert William, A.B. Riches, Lewis, Gnr. R.M.A. Ridd, Albert J., Gnr. R.M.A.
Ridholls, Albert George, Sto. 2. Rimmington, Walter, Sto. 2.  Riordan, Maurice. Sto. 1.
Robbins, Frederick, Sto. R.N.R. Roberts, Frederick Aubrey, A.B. Robertshaw, Alexander, Sto. 1.
Robertson, James, Sto. 1. Rodgers, Charles, Of. Std. 2. Rodgers, Rupert George Albert, Boy 1.
 Rollinson, James William. A.B. Ronan, William John, A.B. Ronsisvalle, Alfredo, Bandsman.
Roper, Arthur, Sto. 1 Roper, Charles William. Ord. Sea. Ross, Hugh, Ord. Sea.
 Rothwell, Joseph, Boy 1. Roughton, Arthur James, E.A 3. Rousell, William Charles, Ord. Sea.
Router. Edward Bellman Rodney,
Act. Ld. Sto.
 Routledge, William Carl, Wireman 2. Rumsey, Sam. Edgar, Ch. Sh. Cook.
Rundle, Edgar Martin, Master at Arms. Rush, Alfred W., Bugler R.M.A. Russell, Geo. Frederick, A.B.
Ryan, Alexander Copeland, Mech. Ryan, William, Pte. R.M.L.I. Ryan, William. Sto. P.O.
Saint, Frank P., Gnr. R.M.A.  Salisbury, Percy Arch., Shipwright 2. Salter, Charles B., Sh. Cpl. 1.
Sanders, William. H. D., Pte. R.M.L.I. Sandham, Fredk. G., Pte. R.M.L.I. Sandiland, John, E.R.A. 3.
Sansom, William. Edward., Act. Ld. Sto. Sapey, William. Thomas, A.B. Sarsfield, Richard, Ord. Sig.
Saxby, Herbert, Yeo. of Sig. Scoble, Fredk. John, Plumber. Screech, Cecil Victor, Sto. 1.
Seaton, James, A.B. Selwood, Walter Edgar, Sto. 1. Shallis, Chas. Leopold, Act. Ld. Sto.
Shapter, Chas. Walter, A.B. Shapter, Henry George, Sh. Std. 2. Sharp, Robert, Sto. R.N.R.
 Shaughnessy, Ern. Edwd., Ld. Sea. Shearcroft, Richard Victor, A.B. Shepheard, Richard Albert, Ld. Sto.
 Shepherd, Arthur Thomas. Boy 1. Shepherd, Henry John, Of. Ch. Std. Sheppard, Victor Charles, A.B.
 Sherman, Albert William. Sto. 1.  Sherwood, Arthur Alfred, Ch. Sto. Shorrocks, Bernard, Pte. R.M.L.I.
Short, John Anthony, Sto. 1. Short, William Henry, Ld. Sto. Sim, Peter, Ld. Sto. R.N.R.
Simcock, Friend Thomas, Sto. 1. Simmons, William Victor, Boy 1. Sims, Wm. John Henry, Sto. 1.
Singleton. Tom, Pte. R.M.L.I. Sippitt, William, Boy 1. Sittlington, Hugh, Sto. P.O.
Skelley, Sylvester, Ord. Sea.  Slee, Christopher George, Sto. 1. Sleigh, Leonard, A.B.
Smale, Albert Henry, Sto. 1. Smith, Archie Percival, Arm.C. Smith, Arthur, Sto. 1.
Smith, Clement, Of. Std. 2. Smith, David, A.B. Smith, Francis, Ld. Sto.
Smith, Henry, Sig. Smith, Isaac Clifford, Ord. Sea.  Smith, William Edwin Hawes, A.B.
Smithies, Richard, Sto. 1. Soper, Fredk. Charles, A.B. South, Fredk. Samuel, A.B.
Sowden, Ernest James, Ord. Sea. Sparkes, John, Sto. 1.  Staddon, John Mumford, Sto. P.O.
Stannard, Frank, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Station, Alfred, Ord. Sea. Steed, Albert Edward, Sto. P.O.
Stephens, John, Sto. R.N.R.  Stephenson, Albert V., Pte. R.M.L.I. Stevenson, John W., Gnr. R.M.A.
Stewart, William, Ord. Sea.  Stockden, Thos. Geo., Bomb. R.M.A.  Stone, Albert, Of. Std. 1.
Straker, James Arthur, Sto. 1. Street, Harry, Ld. Sea. Sturdy, Herbert George, A.B.
Sullivan, James, A.B. Sullivan, John, Ord. Sea. Sunderland, John, Sto. R.N.R.
Sweetland, Walter J., P.O. Symons, William Henry. Ld. Sto. Tack, Henry Arnold, P.O.
 Taylor, Arthur Havelock, A.B. Taylor, Charles, Sto. R.N.R.  Taylor, Charles, Ch. E.R.A. 2.
Taylor, John, Sto. P.O. Taylor, John, Pte. R.M.L.I.  Taylor, John Cotton, Sh. Cpl. 1.
Taylor, William, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Taylor, William, Cooper. Taylor, William, Sto. 2.
Teagle, Albert Percy, Act. Ld. Sto.  Tempest, John W., Sto. P.O. Thomas, Thomas John,
Naval Schoolmaster.
Tigue, Thomas, A.B. (R.N.V.R.) Tinto, William Bruno, A.B. Todd, Chas. Arthur, A.B. (R.N.V.R.)
 Todd, John, Sto. 1. Tolly, William Harold, Boy 1 Toms, John Henry, Ld. Sea.
Toogood, John Henry, Sto. 1.  Townsend, Wm. Alfred Henry, A.B.  Tozer, Duncan Edward, Sto. R.N.R.
Tozer, Sidney Charles, A.B. Tozer, William Henry, O. S. Trevithick, William Chas., Armourer
Triccas. John, Of. Std. 1. Trimnell, John, Act. Ch. Sto.  Truran, Arthur Claude Charles. Taylor,
E.R.A. 2.
Tucker, Claude, Ld. Tel.  Tucker, George, Sto. 1. Tucker, Wm. Adolphus, Sto. 1.
Turner, Bertie, Gnr. R.M.A. Turner, Chas. Frederick, Ld. Sea. Twohig, Ernest Albert, A.B.
Vallance, James, Boy 1. Vaughan, Joseph Bowen, A.B. Veitch, Gordon Stewart Davidson,
Cook's Mate.
Venturi, Roberto, Bandsman. Vincent, John William, Boy 1. Vincent, Lewis, Sto. 1.
Walden, George W., Pte. R.M.L.I. Walker, Thomas, O. S.  Walker, Thos. Wm., Sto. R.N.R.
Walker, William, Gnr. R.M.A. Wallace, Edward, Sto. 1. Wallen, John, Ld. Sto.
Walsh, Patrick, Sto. 1. Walters, Allan James, Ld. Sea. Walters, Chesney, Ld. Sig.
 Ward, Daniel Patrick, Sto. 1. Ward, Leonard Stanley, Boy 1. Ware, Ernest, Sto. 1.
Watson, Herbert, A.B. Wearne, Edwin, Sto. 1. Webb, John Henry, E.R.A. 2.
Webber, Fredk. George, Sto. 1. Webber, Henry, Sto. 2. Weeks, William George, Painter 2.
Wells, George Thomas, Ld. Sea. Went, Charles John, Ord. Sig.  Went, John, A.B.
West, Andrew Henry. A.B. West, James Henry, Boy 1. West, Maurice George, Boy 1.
 Westcott, John Horace, Ord. Sea. Westlake, William George Henry, Sto. P.O. Wharmby, William, E.A. 2.
Wheddon, Albert, Cpl. R.M.L.I. Whelan, Martin Joseph, A.B. White, William, P.O.
Whiteaker, Benjamin, Act. Ld. Sto. Whitehouse, Isaac, Sto.  R.N.R. Whitell, Ethelbert, Shipwright.
Wilkin, John Henry, Sto. 1. Wilkins, Albert James, Prob. Cook's
Mate 2.
Willey, Frederick, Ord. Sea.
Williams, Anthony Alfred, Sig. Boy. Williams, Sidney G., Pte. R.M.L.I. Williams, Walter Stephen Stockwell,
Williams, William, Boy 1. Williams, William John, A.B. Wills, William Henry, Ld. Sea.
Wilson, Fred., Sto. R.N.R. Wilson, Robert, Plumber's Mate. Wilson, Robert Henry, Ld. Sto.
Winters, Albert Edward, A.B. Wise, James William, A.B.
Wood, Arthur W., Pte. R.M.L.I.
Wood, Edward, Sto. 1. Wood, Ernest, A.B. Woodhouse, Norman Rich., Ord. Sea.
Woodrow, Wm. Thomas, P.O. Woodward, James, Ld. Sto. Wookey, John, A.B.
Wooldridge, Abel Harry, Sto. 1. Woollacott, Ernest James, Ch. P.O. Woolley, Cyril Chas. Thos., Sig.
Yates, Alex. James, A.B. Yeo, John Lewis. Sto. 1. York, Ernest Septimus, Boy 1.
Young, Harry Bailey, Of. Cook 1. Young, William, Boy 1. end