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Officers and Men Killed in Action or Died of Wounds, H.M.S. Broke, Battle of Jutland,  31st May -1st June 1916.

 Extract from the Official History; " Naval Operations" by Sir Julian S. Corbett. 1923.

........meanwhile the Broke had taken the Tipperary's place. Commander Allen found that half a dozen boats had got into line astern of him, and in the order Sparrowhawk, Garland, Contest, Ardent, Fortune, Porpoise, he was leading them southward, where he judged he should find the enemy again. He was not far wrong. In a few minutes—it was about 11.40—he could see a large ship on his starboard bow heading to cross his course. He challenged. The answer was again a blaze of searchlights and a burst of rapid fire. Commander Allen swung to port to bring his tubes to bear. Lieutenant-Commander S. Hopkins in the Sparrowhawk did the same, and then to his horror he saw that the Broke, instead of steadying her helm, was continuing to swing and coming straight for him. As the Broke turned she had been hit by a salvo which put her out of control. There was no time to avoid a collision, and she crashed into the Sparrowhawk just before the bridge. Only by a hair's breadth the Garland avoided the Sparrowhawk and turned away, but the Contest, coming next, did not see the trouble in time and cut five feet of her stern clean off as she lay locked with the Broke.1 ...........

1 The Broke again came into action with two enemy destroyers early the next morning, but escaped to the northward, with the intention of making Scapa or Cromarty. Owing, however, to a strong breeze springing up from the north-west she had to keep away to the south and arrived in the Tyne at 5.0 p.m. on June 3. 

Surgeon Probationer
David Henry Ferris


Beadle, Harry, Sto.1. Beecham, Arthur, Sto.1. Bell, James, Sto. 1.
Benger, Nelson, Sto.1. Berry, Ernest John, Sto. P.O. Boulter, John Edward Frederick, A. B.
Boxall, William John, Ld. Sto. Boyce, John, Sto.1.  Burrows, Frank, Sto.1.
Cheetham, Albert, Ord. Sea. Clarke, Hugh, Sto. 1. Cole, Frank Lewis John, Sto. 1.
Dash, Henry David, Arm. (Pensioner) Gill, William, Sto. P.O. Gillespie, Joseph, A. B.
Gray, John, Sto. 1. Harding, Frederick George, Cook's Mate 2. Harrison, Thomas, A. B.
Hurst, Frank, Sto. 1. Hutchings, William John, A. B. McAulay, Henry, Sto. R.N.R.
McIver, Angus, Sea.  R.N.R. McVay, William James,  Sto. 1. Merritt, William John, Ship's Std. Asst.
Myers, William, A. B. Orpet, Frederick,  Ld. Sto. Padmore,  James, Sto. 1.
Palmer,  Alfred George, A. B. Phillips, Thomas William, A. B., Phillips, Leonard, Ord. Tel.
Platt, Charles Edward Marlow, Sto. P.O.  Pragnell, George Frederick, Sto. 1. Rathmell,  John Thomas, Ch.P. O.
Richardson, James Edward, A. B. Sanson,  Edward, Sto. 1. Sheldon, Thomas Frederick, Sto. 1.
Shipstone, George William, Sto. 1. Slater,  Dixon, Sto. P.O. Smith, Hudson, Sto. 1.
Thomas,  James Edward, Ld. Sto. Trueman, Henry James, Ld. Sea. Whitehouse, Percy, Sto. 1.
Wild, William Henry, Sto. 1. Wilson, John William, Sto. 1. Wright, Joseph Edward,  A. B.
York, George, Sto. 1. end