The Iraq Medal  2003 - ( "Operation Telic" )

The full award criteria are defined on the Ministry of Defence website (opens in a new window)
The Ministry of Defence new tri- service medal office (at RAF Innsworth ) are engraving these with their new laser medal engraver. A high standard is achieved and the sans-serif capitals style of naming is very uniform. The letters have a darkened appearance which I assume is oxidation formed during the engraving process.

Description:  struck in cupro -nickel,  36mm diameter with a swivelling suspender. The obverse depicts the crowned head of Queen Elizabeth II  with the legend "ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA FID. DEF."  The reverse depicts the ancient Assyrian Lamussu with "IRAQ" under.

Ribbon: sand coloured, with a central band of three narrow stripes of black / white / red
One bar issued: 19 MAR TO 28 APR 2003*

* A ribbon emblem (silver rosette) has been  issued to denote the award of the bar. (for when the ribbon alone is worn)

(Also see: Medals of the Regiments for qualification by regiment for Infantry and Cavalry units.)


British Iraq Medal Op Telic

Iraq Medal Reverse


Above left: the rosette front and back .  The issue box also contains a warning slip "Please DO NOT clean with Brasso or any other Abrasive Cleaner "(see below significance regarding naming) 



We will not be including full naming examples on this medal for several good reasons,
but you can get the general idea (of the difference from previous naming ) from the above partial photographs.

To the naked eye the naming looks impressed in thin capitals. Under magnification the naming is found to be raised above the surface and has a black glassy look. The medal is issued with a cleaning warning (see above) - I would assume vigorous cleaning will degrade the naming.


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