"British Gallantry Awards"
These figures from the survey carried out on the Gazette of India by P.E. Abbot & J.M.A Tamplin for their publication "British Gallantry Awards"

The Indian Police Medal

       Instituted 1932 to reward members of the Indian police forces and fire brigades for meritorious service and for acts of gallantry.  The medal was limited to 200 issues per year, although in the latter years of its existence this was increased to a maximum of 250 should exceptional circumstances dictate. A bar was possible for a second award, and bars were not counted in the 200/250 issue restriction. The medal became obsolete on the establishment of the Republic of India in 1950.
      The number of awards for gallantry during its existence  (1932-1950)  totalled 1,088 with 21 bars. Out of this 67 medals and 5 bars were awarded to Europeans N, making it quite rare to this group. Citations for the gallantry awards were published in the Gazette of India.
      The medal, issued with the GV and GVI obverses, initially had one type of reverse, that bearing "For Distinguished Conduct" (illustrated) whatever the nature of the award. In 1944 the reverse was redesigned into two types, "For Gallantry" and "For Meritorious Service"

     Description: 36mm diameter in bronze, suspension straight fixed type. Obverse; The crowned bust of King George V in coronation robes with the legend GEORGIVS. V. D. G. BRITT. OMN. REX. ET. INDIAE. IMP., or the crowned head of King George VI with the legend; GEORGIVS VI D: G: BR: OMN: REX ET INDIAE IMP.  Reverse; three types, with a central band bearing one of the inscriptions; "For Distinguished Conduct", (GV & GVI types), "For Gallantry" or "For Meritorious Service"" (GVI types only). Integral to these three reverse designs is a crowned wreath surrounding the inscription "Indian Police"
    Naming: Engraved in running script.



Inception to 1944, all awards
Central Crimson central stripe flanked by two dark blue stripes, with white edge stripes.

Post 1944 Gallantry awards
Similar, but with  narrow white stripes down the centre of the blue stripes. The original pattern ribbon continued to be used for Meritorious Service issues.



Indian Police Medal


Above: The medal awarded to Sergeant Frank Smith of the Bengal Police.


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