General Service Medal 1918 - 1962

       Instituted 19th January 1923 for Military operations otherwise than in East, Central and West Africa, India or on the Indian Frontier. This medal defines the (often inglorious) British retreat from Empire as well as various interventions deemed necessary due to the geopolitical imbalances generated in the aftermath of the two world wars. This medal was intended for the Army and Air Force - the Naval General Service Medal 1915 - 1962 ran parallel with this for the Navy and Royal Marines, with similar (but not identical) bars.
    Description: 36mm in silver - ornate fixed suspender initially , changed to swivelling for the EIIR issues. The medal was not issued without a bar. Various obverses corresponding to the relevant issue period (see the first table below). Reverse: the standing, helmeted figure of Victory holding a trident in her left hand and placing a laurel wreath over the symbols of the Army and the Air Force with her right.
    Bars: seventeen issued, see second table. The latest authorized bar "Canal Zone" was instituted in 2003 after a vigorous and long campaign by certain groups and MPs to gain medallic recognition for service in the "Suez canal zone" , 16th Oct '51 - 19th Oct '54.
   Naming : no surprises, im1918_iraq_re.JPG" width="340" height="566">

Above George V type 1,  obverse and the common reverse.
G. S. Medal 1918 : Bomb and Mine Clearance 1945 - 49
GVI type 1 and 2 - the type 2 with the scarce Bomb & Mine Clearance 1945 - 49 bar
EIIR GSM bar Near East
EIIR type 1 and 2
medal naming style GSM 1918 bar Iraq
 GV type 1, bar IRAQ to: 98087 Pte. M. Hanley North'd Fus. ( Northumberland Fusiliers.)

 GVI type 1, bar PALESTINE to 4976114 Pte. T. H. Ball. Foresters.
(Sherwood Foresters, Notts and Derby Regiment.)
Private Ball was captured by the Germans when Tobruk fell on the
 20th June 1942  - he died in a POW camp 20th March 1944.
GVI type 1, bar SE ASIA 1945-46 to Lieutenant Colonel G. M. Kempe Gen. List.
 GVI type 2, Bar MALAYA with typical RAF style engraving to "612764 F. Sgt. A A. Lewis RAF
EIIR type 2, bar ARABIAN PENINSULA to 805 Pte Salim Said T.O.S. ( Trucial Oman Scouts)

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