Mount Everest 1953
The Summit of Everest was finally reached on the 29th May 1953 by New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. This was the second attempt at the summit by a climbing pair of the ninth British expedition. (The earlier attempt on the 28th by a different pair of climbers being abandoned due to exhaustion.) News of the success reach London on coronation day, and Hillary and the expedition leader John Hunt received a knighthood for their efforts.


Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation Medal 1953

    This is the official coronation commemorative medal and was announced on the 30th April 1953 for award (after the coronation) to selected individuals throughout Britain and the Commonwealth. Recipients included members of the armed forces, various government ministers, public servants and officials, police etc. a total of 129,051 medals were awarded.

    Description: 32mm diameter in silver, with ball and ring type suspension. Obverse; the right facing crowned bust of Queen Elizabeth II wearing a high collared robe of state, collar of the Order of the Garter and the badge of the Order of the Bath. The background is plain. Reverse bears the crowned Royal Cypher surrounded by the inscription QUEEN ELIZABETH . II . CROWNED 2ND JUNE 1953

   Naming:  issued unnamed apart from the medals issued to the British Mount Everest Expedition N which were engraved "MOUNT EVEREST EXPEDITION" on the rim in san serif capitals. Privately named medals are also occasionally encountered
   Ribbon:   Dark red with two dark blue stripes at the centre, and narrow white stripes at the edges. Female recipients could wear the medal on the left shoulder with the ribbon in a bow formation.    



Queen Elizabeth Coronation Medal 1953


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