Tamgha-i-Diffa, 1947

Also known as The Pakistan Defence Medal and The Pakistan General Service Medal.

       The Pakistan General Service medal with bar 'KASHMIR 1948' is frequently encountered with WW2 Indian medal groupings to soldiers allocated to Pakistan post- partition. The bar was awarded for the war between Pakistan and India over the disputed Kashmir territory  ( also known as the Indo- Pakistan War 1947-48 )
        Description: 36mm diameter in cupro-nickel - suspension and the bars are very similar in design to the British India General Service Medals. Obverse; the Pakistan star and crescent within a Jasmine wreath.* The Urdu inscription 'Service to Pakistan' is at 12 o'clock. The reverse is plain apart from the central area being defined by a circle.
  Naming: the reverse is designed to carry the naming but the medal is generally found unnamed.
   Ribbon : 'Pakistan green' edges with a white bordered central tricolour (dark blue/red/light blue)  symbolic of the three forces.

Also see below other bars found on this medal, included here for completeness but unlikely to be found with British medals.
* Jasmine is the national flower of Pakistan.

Pakistan General Service Medal;  Kashmir 1948
Obverse, Bar 'Kashmir 1948' plain reverse.
Pakistan General Service Medal;  Dir Bajaur 1960 - 62 Pakistan General Service Medal;  Kashmir 1964 - 65
Bar; 'Dir-Bajaur 1960-62' Bar; 'Kashmir 1964 - 65' (in Bengali and Urdu )
Pakistan General Service Medal;  Kutch 1965
Bar; 'Kutch 1965' (in Bengali and Urdu )

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