The New Zealand Memorial Cross

 Instituted 16th August 1960* for award to the next of kin** of New Zealand service people who had died on active service or subsequently from wounds or illness attributed to war service. The cross was initially to remember sacrifice during WW2 but later extended to the later campaigns and wars where New Zealanders have fought and died.  
Description:  two versions have now been produced, First type -to be worn round the neck - a 32mm wide silver  bath type cross, overlain by a plain cleft arm cross, with the GVI royal cypher at the centre. A king's crown is on the upper arm and a fern leaf at the ends of the other three. A wreath is integrated between the arms. Suspension is by a ring and the neck ribbon is purple, 12mm wide.  Second type: similar, with a Queen's crown on the upper arm. the overlying cross is extend down the lower arm to form a more crucifix shape, and the fern leaf on this arm is omitted. The EIIR royal cypher is at the centre. The EIIR types are pin back and worn as a brooch.
Naming; impressed on the plain reverse in small san-serif capitals.

* The cross was initially agreed and approved by the King in September 1947.
** More than one relative of the deceased service person could be awarded a cross.
(As usual the Kiwis punched well above their weight and in WW2 the famous "2NZEF" was critical to the success of the North African and Italian Campaigns - they sadly suffered 11,625 deaths in this conflict.)




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