The Canadian Forces Decoration.

Instituted  on the 15th December 1949 by King George VI and awarded to all ranks for 12 years good and loyal service in the Canadian Forces. The CD replaced the assortment of British long service awards being used by the Canadian authorities. The issue of the first medals began with the GVI version in 1951, replaced in 1954 with the Elizabeth II version. Recipients are entitled to use the post nominal letters "CD".
     Description:  decagonal, 37 mm wide, manufactured in silver-gilt.1 The first type obverse bears the head of GVI and the legend "GEORGIVS VI D: G: BRITT: OMN: REX: FID: DEF". The suspension on the first type is formed from two scrolls supporting a rectangular bar bearing "CANADA" . The second type obverse (illustrated) has the coinage head of Queen Elizabeth II and the legend "ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA. and "CANADA" is now at six o'clock and the suspension bar is omitted . Reverse; three central maple leaves2 with a navy type crown over. Positioned under the leaves is an air force style eagle. A scroll bearing SERVICE is at the bottom of the design.
Naming: impressed  in thin sans serif capitals - on the reverse of the bar on the first type and on the rim of the second type.

Ribbon bars: A bar bearing the crowned shield of  the Canadian arms is issued for subsequent 10 year periods of service.
Ribbon; 38mm wide, red with three thin white stripes.

1 Later issues in gilded tombac brass.
2 The GVI cypher is superimposed on the maple leaves on the first type medal.


Canadian Forces Decoration

Canada Decoration




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