The Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal, 1880 - 1897

Instituted on the 4th December 1900 by the Cape of Good Hope authorities after the approval of the medal by Queen Victoria. Interesting to note this was in the middle of the Boer War in South Africa.
     Description:  36mm diameter in silver with a swivelling suspender, Obverse depicts the veiled bust of Queen Victoria, with the legend VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX. Reverse depicts the coat of arms of the Cape Colony with a Protea flower under. The inscription CAPE OF GOOD HOPE is around the upper perimeter of the reverse.
     Naming is in engraved upright serif capitals. Occasionally turns up with impressed naming - these are considered to be late issues.
     Ribbon; dark blue with a wide central yellow stripe.
     Awarded for the suppression of minor native uprisings on the Cape, in geographical areas as defined by the three bars issued:

Transkei  (13th September 188 - 15th May 1881)
Basutoland (13th September 1880 - 27th April 1881)
Bechuanaland (24th December 1896 - 30th July 1897)


More information and the full alphabetical roll of recipients 




The Cape of Good Hope Government Gazette,
 Tuesday, December 4th 1900.


His, Excellency, the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, has been pleased to approve of the following Regulations regarding the issue of the Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal


(l). Her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to approve of a medal being granted to the officers, non-commissioned officers, and men of the Colonial Forces who were engaged on active service during the following campaigns, viz;

(a) Basutoland 1880-81
(b) Transkei 1880-81 (including Tembuland and Griqualand East.)
(c) Bechuanaland 1896 - 97

(2). The medal will be issued to all survivors who, during any of the campaigns specified in paragraph (l) performed under orders from competent authority;-

(a) Active service in the field
(b) Served as Guards at any point where an attack was expected or
(c) Were detailed for some specific or special military service or duty.

(3). Clasps inscribed:
Basutoland, Transkei and Bechuanaland, respectively, will be granted to those entitled to the medal.

(4). No medal or clasp will be granted to any member of the Colonial Forces who deserted or was dismissed for misconduct.

(5.) Officers Commanding existing Permanent or Volunteer Corps will prepare nominal rolls, in duplicate, on the prescribed forms, of all officers and men still serving in their respective corps who are entitled to the medal.
When complete, these rolls must be forwarded, in the case of the Permanent Forces, direct, and in the case of the Volunteer Force, through the Commandant of Volunteers or Officers Commanding Colonial Artillery, to the President of the Medal Board, Defence Department, Cape Town.
Claimants for the medal who are no longer members of any Permanent or Volunteer Corps of the Colony should submit their applications direct to the President of the Medal Board on the prescribed form.


Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal, 1880 - 1897

Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal





Above; the medal awarded to Corporal P. J. Wood of the
Duke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles.


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