British Medals of World War Two:

The Burma Star


The Burma Star.

    A six pointed star, in the centre the royal cypher GRI VI , within a circlet bearing the title "THE BURMA STAR". A crown is positioned on the circlet at 12 o'clock.
Bars issued (one); Pacific.1
Ribbon emblem issued: (one) a silver rosette denoted the award of the bar. (for when the ribbon alone was worn)

    For the Royal and Merchant Navies2 qualification was entry into the Bay of Bengal between 11th December 1941 and 2nd September 1945.  
    For the Army service in any part of Burma between 11th December 1941 and 2nd September 1945. Also service in Bengal and Assam between 1st May 1942 and 31st December 1943 or the period 1st January  1944 to 2nd September 1945 counted, as did service in China and Malaya between 16th February 1942 and 2nd September 1945.
     Royal Air Force aircrew were eligible on their first operational sortie, ground crew eligible as per the Army.

The Burma Star and Pacific Star are mutually exclusive. A bar "Pacific" or "Burma" was awarded as appropriate instead of the second star.
2 For the Navies only;  the 1939-1945 star had to have been earned by six months service prior to becoming eligible for the Burma Star.

Also see official 1945 Government statement. and Medals of the Regiments for qualification by regiment for Infantry and Cavalry units.

Burma Star

The Ribbon

A red central stripe with dark blue/orange/dark blue edge stripes. the orange symbolises the sun and the red the British and Commonwealth forces.

Burma Star Ribbon

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