The British South Africa Company's Medal
1890 - 1897

     Awarded for the four campaigns to suppress the Mashonas and Matabele tribes in South Africa. These medals were struck with  four corresponding campaign reverses.
     Instituted in 1896 ( Matabeleland 1893 Medal ) and 1897 ( Rhodesia 1896 and Mashonaland 1897 medals). In 1927 it was decided by the Southern Rhodesian Government to issue a medal to commemorate the earlier 1890 Mashonaland campaign. This medal was struck without the campaign details on the reverse.
   Description: in silver 36 mm diameter, with an ornate swivelling suspension decorated with shamrocks, thistles and roses. Obverse ; the crowned and veiled head of Queen Victoria with the legend Victoria Regina. Reverse: the dramatic scene of charging lion, wounded in the chest with an assegai. In the foreground are native weapons and a shield, and in the background a mimosa bush, the inscription BRITISH SOUTH AFRICA COMPANY is below this scene. Four versions of reverse exist with (or without) the campaign and date in the 12 o'clock position - this corresponding to the recipients first eligible campaign (reminiscent of the Sutlej medal)
1.) no campaign details on the reverse   [Mashonaland 1890 campaign ]
3.) RHODESIA 1896
Four bars were also issued; Mashonaland 1890, Matabeleland 1893, Rhodesia 1896 and Mashonaland 1897. 
Ribbon: Golden yellow with three blue stripes.
Naming: several styles exist; heavy engraved  tall capitals (illustrated), sloping capitals , impressed capitals. The 1890 medal is engraved, with two different styles noted..


Medal Reverse Instituted Bars possible notes
[no campaign details on the reverse]  †
also know as the Mashonaland 1890 Medal
1927 Mashonaland 1890
(always issued with the above)
Matabeleland 1893
Rhodesia 1896
Mashonaland 1897
Recipients of one of the three campaign/dated reverse type medals who had also served in this earlier 1890 campaign were instructed to surrender their medals which would then be replaced with this medal, to which would be added the appropriate bar(s) "Rhodesia 1896" / "Matabeleland 1893"/ "Mashonaland 1897"
Matabeleland 1893  1896 Rhodesia 1896
Mashonaland 1897
Issued without a bar to those who served only in the Matabeleland campaign of 1893
           Rhodesia 1896  [illustrated] 1897 Mashonaland 1897 Issued without a bar to those who served only in the Rhodesia campaign of 1896
Mashonaland 1897  1897 - none -  

†  this version is scarce, and considered rare with two or more bars. Ten men were eligible for four bars but only one is known to have been  issued.

(Also see: Medals of the Regiments for qualification by regiment for British Infantry and Cavalry units.)


British South Africa Copmpany's Medal

The medal issued to Trooper F. Dale of the British South Africa Police. "RHODESIA 1896" reverse, no bar.




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