The British North Borneo Company's Medal
1899 - 1900

   Instituted in 1900 for award to participants of the expedition against Mat Salleh  in the Tambunan Valley, led by Captain C. H. Harrington.
    Description: Struck in silver and bronze, 36 mm diameter, always issued with the bar "TAMBUNAN". Obverse depicts the company shield, surrounded by the inscription "BRITISH NORTH BORNEO 1900". Reverse ; within a wreath, a pair of arms - one bare, one sleeved, holding the company flag -  this surrounded by the legend "PERGO ET PERAGO".  The manufacturers mark SPINK AND SON LONDON is in small text at the very bottom.


Number issued 1 Type Recipients / notes.
8 silver Officers, engraved naming.
125* bronze Other ranks, engraved or impressed *but see next entry.
36 silver In 1905/06 other ranks could return their bronze medals to be replaced with silver. 36 medals were issued under this scheme  - it is uncertain how many bronze were actually returned.
10 silver 1906 Spink fulfilled a request for 10 silver unnamed medals
12 silver 1909 Spink supplied a further 12 unnamed silver medals

From the table above it can be seen that this is a rare medal. Spink hence restruck this medal to satisfy demand from collectors.  The copies are marked as such on the rim (see picture below) or stamped Specimen. Also the "S" of Son in "Spink and Son" is obliterated on the copies. (see picture below.)

1.The table is a rough guide to scarcity only ; some authors produce slightly different figures.


British North Borneo Company's Medal 1899 - 1900



Above; the Spink and Son London mark , with the "S" of Son obliterated (arrowed)


above: rim stamped COPY

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