British Medals of World War Two:

The Africa Star


The Africa Star.

A six pointed star, in the centre the royal cypher GRI VI , within a circlet bearing the title "THE AFRICA STAR".  A  crown is positioned on the circlet at 12 o'clock.
Bars issued (3); 8th Army, 1st Army, North Africa 1942-43.
Ribbon emblems issued: silver numeral "8"  to denote the 8th Army bar, silver numeral "1" for the 1st Army bar, and a silver rosette for the North Africa 1943-42 bar.
Awarded for service in North Africa, Abyssinia, Somaliland, Eritrea, Sudan, and Malta between 10th June 1940 and 12th May 1943 inclusive. Also any sea service in the Mediterranean counted for the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy. The qualifying period was one day.

Also see official 1945 Government statement and Medals of the Regiments for qualification by regiment.

Africa Star
Africa Star Bars / Clasps Africa Star Ribbon
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The Ribbon

Africa Star Ribbon: Pale buff to represent the desert sands, with a narrow dark blue stripe on the left, a wide central red stripe and a narrow pale blue stripe to the right. These are symbolic of the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force.



Above: Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) patrol having a brew, North Africa.  

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