The Memorial Plaque

     In 1916 It was decided that some form of memorial would be established for presentation to the next of kin of  those that died during the war. A government committee was established to decide the nature of this memorial, and in August 1917 it was determined that it would take the form of a bronze plaque, the design of which would be decided by a public competition with a winning prize of 250. The winner was Edward Carter Preston, whose now familiar 4 inches diameter (121 mm) "Memorial Plaque" is illustrated below.
      Production of the Plaque began in December 1918 at Acton in west London, later transferring to the Woolwich Arsenal and other munitions factories . Over a million  were produced, commemorating the sacrifice of men and women who died between the 4th August 1914 and 30th April 1920.


ww1 memorial plaque

The Memorial Plaque gifted to the next of kin of
Eustace Robert Ambrose Shearman

Lieutenant Colonel Eustace Robert Ambrose Shearman, Officer in Command, 10th (Prince of Wales's Own Royal) Hussars. Killed in Action,13th May 1915, Battle of Frezenberg Ridge. Sherman was Mentioned in Dispatches during the Boer war as a Captain in the same unit  "for single handed capture of Boers in Cape Colony on 10th February 1902" . Shearman was obviously an officer that did not mind being at the front, as he was allegedly killed fighting alongside his men in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy.



Narrow "H" variety: predominantly Navy Plaques


Wide "H" variety: predominantly Army Plaques


Plaques manufactured at the Woolwich Arsenal carry this makers mark on the reverse.


The robust card folder packaging.

The outer mailing envelope, in this case with the Acton plaque factory return address.

The Buckingham Palace letter and envelope which came packaged with the plaque.

" I join with my grateful people
in sending you this memorial
of a brave life given for others
in the Great War "

           George R.I.


For an in-depth study of the Memorial plaque visit the Imperial War Museum's pages on the subject


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