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The South Lancashire Regiment
 (Prince of Wales's Volunteers)

1717 - 1958
pre 1881 post 1881
40th (the 2nd Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot 2nd Battalion, The Prince of Wales's Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment)
82nd (the Prince of Wales's Volunteers) Regiment of Foot 1st Battalion, The Prince of Wales's Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment)
Earliest recognised formation: 40th: 1717, when raised in Nova Scotia as Richard Philips's Regiment of Foot
82nd: 1793, when raised as the 82nd Regiment of Foot. Titled "82nd Regiment of Foot (Prince of Wales's Volunteers)" in 1802
Motto: Ich dien
Regimental Journal:  "The Newsletter"
WWI: Battle Honours; 59 Victoria Crosses; 4 Died; 5450
WWII:    Battle Honours;  21 Victoria Crosses; 0 Died;  ???
Amalgamated: 1958, with The East Lancashire Regiment, to form The Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Volunteers)
A  2nd Battalion of the 40th was operational 1799-1802 and 1804-1816, and a 2nd Battalion of the 82nd, 1804-1816. The 2nd/40th had medal qualifying service in the 1801 Egypt campaign.

Egypt Campaign 1801 (Coys from both battalions, 40th Foot) and the Peninsula War 1808 - 1814   (1st Battalions both Regiments)

Military General Service Medal 1793 - 1814

40th Regiment
  1st & 2nd Btns            







Ciudad Rodrigo

number: 2551 114135 10135 126





St Sebastian



number: 116 137210 146 883 27



total medals max clasps      
number: 125 176373 13     

Ensign Donald MacDonald of the 40th also received Corunna and Fuentes d' Onor for earlier service with the 92nd

1st Battalion 82nd Regiment







number: 44 79 6324 43114  


St Sebastian



Total Medals Max clasps  
number: 9920 6787 218 8  

Captain Henry Pynn was also entitled to Toulouse for service with the 18th Portuguese.




Battle Honours:  40th: Rolica, Vimiera, Talavera, Badajoz, Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Orthes, Toulouse, Peninsula and a Sphinx superscribed Egypt was permitted to be borne on the colours. 82nd: Rolica, Vimiera, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Orthes, Peninsula


Battle of Waterloo 1815  1st Battalion, 40th Regiment.

Waterloo Medal 1815 (names on roll, includes died, missing etc)

Number : 790

Casualties 16th, 17th & 18th June 1815 (extracted London Gazette 8/7/1815 & "Medals of the British Army and  how they were won" T. Carter 1861*)

Officers: 1 Major and 1 Captain,  Killed.  2 Captains, 6 Lieutenants, and 2 Ensigns wounded.

*Sergeants, Trumpeters, Drummers, Farriers and Rank and File:

Wounded Missing
Died of wounds Suffered amputation Discharged Transferred to Veteran or Garrison Battalions Rejoined the Regiment Remaining in hospitals in April 1816 Total Rejoined the RegimentNot since heard of, supposed dead.
33 24 10 - - 105 8 147 - -

*Carter's figures are in turn extracted from the return prepared by the Adjutant-Generals office, 13th April 1816.

Battle Honour;  Waterloo.


First Afghan War 1839-1842  40th Regiment

Candahar Medal 1842

number: 64

Ghuznee Cabul Medal 1842

number: 3

Candahar Ghuznee Cabul Medal 1842

number: 669

Battle Honour: Candahar 1842;  Ghuznee 1842 Cabool 1842


Gawalior Campaign 1843  40th Regiment

Gawalior Campaign Maharajpoor Star 1843


Battle Honour:  Maharajpore


Crimean War  1854 - 1856  82nd Regiment

Crimea Medal 1854 -56

Clasp: → ..none...


Total Medals
Number: ?589 ?

Regiment arrived in the closing stages of the campaign and was not involved in any major actions.


Men who served in the Crimea also eligible for:

Turkish Crimea Medal 1855


Battle Honours:  Sevastopol.


Indian Mutiny 1857-59  82nd Regiment

India Mutiny Medal. 1857 -59


Relief Lucknow


number: 793242* 242* 1035

* all two clasp medals


Battle Honour:  Lucknow


Maori Wars, New Zealand 1860-1866   40th Regiment

New Zealand Medal 1845-1866

reverse1860-18641860-18651860-18661861-1864 18631863-64 1863-1865 1864 1864-66total medals
number?????? ?? ? ?

Regiment stationed in Australia from 1852, then moved to New Zealand in 1860. Left for the UK 1866


VCS: 1:  Lucas     see VC page


Battle Honour: New Zealand

1881: The Regiments now become the 1st and 2nd Battalions, The Prince of Wales's Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment)

Anglo - Boer War 1899 - 1902.  1st Battalion, December 1899 to end of the War

Queen's South Africa Medal 1899-1902, with or without the King's South Africa Medal 1901 - 1902

Common clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902; also:

Relief of Ladysmith

Tugela Heights

number: ? ?        



Officers NCOs and Men
KIA + DOW/ DOD Wounded Missing / POW KIA & DOW Death from disease Wounded Missing / POW
4/1 4 - 45 56 130 15

Battle Honour: South Africa 1900-1902


The Great War 1914 - 1918  ( 21 battalions; 11 served overseas:- )

Generally awarded the British War Medal & Victory Medal, men overseas prior to 1/1/1916 also a 1914 or 1914-15 Star.

Battalion → 1*  2 1/4 1/5 2/4 2/5 6 7 8 9 11
date of first overseas service.
 (first theatre red x )
France & Flanders   x x x x x   x x x x
Gallipoli             x        
Egypt & Palestine             x        
Mesopotamia            x        
India x                    
possible ?
1914 or 1914-15   x                  
or 1914-15 only     x x     x x x x x
VCs at a glance:              
Extracted from : "Soldiers / Officers Died in the Great War" (consider approximate - in addition the regiment as a whole lost an additional 117  officers who are recorded with 'battalion not shown'  or with battalions not shown here, or who we have  not yet allocated a battalion.)
48 1691 448 739 214 88 581 500 491 154 261

*In India at the start, where it remained for the duration -also served NW Frontier for the Third Afghan War, 1919. (see below)

Regular Territorial Force New Armies Garrison.


Territorial Force War Medal 1914-19
12 officers and 551 men of the The Prince of Wales's Volunteers ( South Lancashire Regiment) also qualified for this medal.


VCs: 4;   Ratcliffe    Coury    Readitt    Davies    see VC page


Battle Honours: Mons; Aisne 1914, 1918; Messines 1914, 1917, 1918; Ypres 1914, 1915, 1917, 1918; Somme 1916, 1918; Lys; Doiran 1917, 1918; Sari Bair; Baghdad; Baluchistan 1918. Le Cateau; Retreat from Mons; Marne 1914; La Bassée 1914; Armentières 1914; Nonne Bosschen; St Julien; Frezenberg; Bellewaarde; Albert 1916; Bazentin; Pozières; Guillemont; Ginchy; Flers-Courcelette; Morval; Le Transloy; Ancre Heights; Ancre 1916; Arras 1917, 1918; Scarpe 1917, 1918; Pilckem; Langemarck 1917; Menin Road; Polygon Wood; Passchendaele; Cambria 1917, 1918; St Quentin; Bapaume 1918; Rosières; Estaires; Hazebrouck; Bailleul; Kemmel; Scherpenberg; Drocourt-Quéant; Hindenburg Line; Canal du Nord; Courtrai; Selle; Sambre; France and Flanders 1914-18; Macedonia 1915-18; Suvla; Gallipoli 1915; Egypt 1916; Tigris 1916; Kut al Amara 1917; Mesopotamia 1916-18.


Third Afghan War 1919. 1st Battalion

India General Service Medal 1908

Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919

Battle Honour: Afghanistan 1919


Afridi and Red Shirt Rebellions 1930 -1931.  2nd Battalion

India General Service Medal 1908


North West Frontier

number: ?

WW2 1939 - 1945  

Battalion → 1st 2nd 7th
campaign ↓      
France and Belgium 1940.
(Dunkirk )
North Africa & Middle East      
Burma   x  
Sicily / Italy      
N.W. Europe x    


  4th Division troops France and Belgium '40. evacuated Dunkirk.....
8th Infantry Brigade, 11/6/40 - 31/8/45. D-Day landers, leading formation assault phase.
In India at the start, returned to the UK - then 29th Infantry Brigade, Madagascar, East Africa 5/5/42-16/10/42, Burma; 12/2/44-16/4/44, moved to 114 Indian Infantry Brigade, remaining in Burma theatre until 29/7/45 Sent from the UK to India for internal security duties. Arrived 17/10/42. Became part of 52nd Infantry Brigade, which was used for training British infantry reinforcements in jungle warfare.

WW2 Stars common to the Battalion. (excluding 39-45 star )
 Key: A = Africa, P = Pacific, B =  Burma, I = Italy,  F&G = France and Germany

  F&G B  

Most also entitled to the 1939-45 War Medal and many the Defence Medal


Battle Honours: Dunkirk 1940; Normandy Landing; Bourguébus Ridge; Falaise; Rhineland; North-West Europe 1940, 1944-5; Madagascar; North Arakan; Kohima; Nyaungu Bridgehead.  Odon; Troarn; Venraij; Hochwald; Bremen; Middle East 1942; Mayu Tunnels; Meiktila; Letse; Irrawaddy; Burma 1943-5.


Jewish / Arab Unrest,  Palestine 1945 - 48 1st  Battalion (1946)

General Service Medal 1918 -62

Palestine 1945-48
1948: Regulars reduced to a single battalion (the 1st)

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