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The Royal Welsh Fusiliers

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Crimean War 1854 - 1856

1 23rd Regiment20th September 1854
Battle of the Alma
Edward William Bell
Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel
Edward William Bell

LG 24th February 1857


Recommended for his gallantry, more particularly at the Battle of the Alma, where he was the first to seize upon and capture one of the enemy's guns, which was limbered up, and being carried off.
He, moreover, succeeded to the command of that gallant Regiment which he brought out of action; all his Senior Officers having been killed or wounded.

2 23rd Regiment20th September 1854
Battle of the Alma
 Luke O'Connor
 Luke O'Connor
LG 24th February 1857


Was one of the centre Serjeants at the Battle of the Alma, and advanced between the Officers, carrying the colours. When near the redoubt. Lieutenant Anstruther, who was carrying a colour, was mortally wounded, and he was shot in the breast at the same time, and fell; but, recovering himself, snatched up the colour from the ground and continued to carry it till the end of the action, although urged by Captain Granville to relinquish it, and go to the rear, on account of his wound; was recommended for, and received his commission for his services at the Alma. Also behaved with great gallantry at the assault on the Redan, 8th September, 1855, where he was shot through both thighs.

3 23rd Regiment8th September 1855
Near the Redan, Sebastopol

Robert Shields
LG 24th February 1857

For volunteering, on the 8th of September, 1855, to go out to the front from the 5th parallel, after the attack on the Redan, to bring in Lieutenant Dyneley, who was wounded, and found afterwards to be mortally so.


4 23rd Regiment8th September 1855
Near the Redan, Sebastopol


William Henry Thomas Sylvester
Surgeon Major
William Henry Thomas Sylvester
LG 20th November 1857



For going out, on the 8th September, 1855, under a heavy fire, in front of the fifth parallel, Right Attack, to a spot near the Redan, where Lieutenant and Adjutant Dyneley was lying mortally wounded, and for dressing his wounds in that dangerous and exposed situation.
N.B. This officer was mentioned, in General Sir James Simpson's Despatch of the 18th  September, 1855, for his courage in going to the front, under a heavy fire, to assist the wounded.


Indian Mutiny 1857 - 1859

5 23rd Regiment 18 November 1857
Secundra Bagh, Lucknow, India
Thomas Bernard Hackett
Lieutenant Colonel
Thomas Bernard Hackett
LG 12th April 1859


For daring gallantry at Secundra Bagh, Lucknow, on the 18th November, 1857, in having with others, rescued a Corporal of the 23rd Regiment, who was lying wounded and exposed to very heavy fire. Also, for conspicuous bravery, in having, under a heavy fire, ascended the roof, and cut down the thatch of a Bungalow, to prevent its being set on fire. This was a most important service at the time.

6 23rd Regiment 18 November 1857
Secundra Bagh, Lucknow, India


George Monger
George Monger

LG 12th April 1859


For daring gallantry at Secundra Bagh, Lucknow, on the 18th of November, 1857, in having volunteered to accompany Lieutenant Hackett, whom he assisted in bringing in a Corporal of the 23rd Regiment, who was lying
wounded in an exposed position.


First World War  1914 - 1918

7 1st Battalion 16th May 1915
 Festubert, France
Company Serjeant-Major
Frederick Barter
LG 29th June 1915

No. 3902 Company Serjeant-Major Frederick Barter, Special Reserve, attached 1st Battalion, The Royal Welsh Fusiliers.
    For most conspicuous bravery and marked ability at Festubert on 16th May, 1915. When in the first line of German trenches, Company Serjeant-Major Barter called for Volunteers to enable him to extend our line, and with the eight men who responded he attacked the German position with bombs, capturing 3 German Officers and 102 men, and 500 yards of their trenches. He subsequently found and cut eleven of the enemy's mine leads, situated about 20 yards apart.


8 10th Battalion20 July 1916
Delville Wood
Somme, France
Joseph John Davies
LG 26th September 1916

No. 34314 Cpl. Joseph Davies, R. Welsh Fus.
    For most conspicuous bravery. Prior to an attack on the enemy in a wood he became separated with eight men from the rest of his company. When the enemy delivered their second counter attack his party was completely surrounded, but he got them into a shell hole, and, by throwing bombs and opening rapid fire, succeeded in routing them. Not content with this he followed them up in their retreat and bayonetted several of them. Corporal Davies set a magnificent example of pluck and determination. He has done  other very gallant work, and was badly wounded in the second battle of Ypres.



9 10th Battalion 20 July 1916
Delville Wood
Somme, France
Albert Hill
LG 26th September 1916

No. 15280 Pte. Albert Hill, R. Welsh Fus.
      For most conspicuous bravery. When his battalion had deployed under very heavy fire for an attack on the enemy in a wood, he dashed forward, when the order to charge was given, and, meeting two of the enemy suddenly, bayonetted them both. He was sent later by his platoon Serjeant to get into touch with the company, and, finding himself cut off and almost surrounded by some twenty of the enemy, attacked them with bombs, killing and wounding many and scattering the remainder. He then joined a serjeant of his company and helped him to fight the way back to the lines.
   When he got back, hearing that his Company Officer and a scout were lying out wounded, he went out and assisted to bring in the wounded officer, two other men bringing in the scout. Finally, he himself captured and brought in as prisoners two of the enemy. His conduct throughout was magnificent.


10 13th Battalion 31 July 1917
 Polygon Wood,
 Pilkem, Belgium
James Llewellyn Davies
LG 6th September 1917

No. 31161 Cpl. James Llewellyn Davies, late R. Welsh Fus. (Nantymoel, Glamorgan).
    For most conspicuous bravery. During an attack on the enemy's line, this non-commissioned officer pushed through our own barrage and, single handed, attacked a machine gun emplacement after several men had been killed in attempting to take it. He bayonetted one of the machine gun crew and brought in another man, together with the captured gun. Cpl. Davies, although wounded, then led a bombing party to the assault of a defended house, and killed a sniper who was harassing his platoon. This gallant non-commissioned officer has since died of wounds received during the attack.


11 14th Battalion 26th August 1918
 Bazentin-le-Grand, France
Lance Corporal
Henry Weale
LG 15th November 1918

No. 5046 L./Cpl. Henry Weale, R.W. Fus. (Shotton, Ches.).
     For most conspicuous bravery and initiative in attack. The adjacent battalion having been held up by enemy machine guns, L./Cpl. Weale was ordered to deal with the hostile posts. When his Lewis gun failed him, on his own initiative he rushed the nearest post and killed the crew, then went for the others, the crews of which fled on his approach, this gallant N.C.O. pursuing them. His very dashing deed cleared the way for the advance, inspired his comrades, and resulted in the capture of all the machine guns.


12 25th Battalion 31st October 1917
Wadi Saba, Beersheba, Palestine
Acting Coropral
John Collins
LG 18th December 1917

No. 355652 A./Cpl. John Collins, R. Welsh Fus. (Merthyr Tydvil).
     For most conspicuous bravery, resource and leadership, when, after deployment, prior to an attack, his battalion was forced to lie out in the open under heavy shell and machine-gun fire, which caused many casualties.
     This gallant non-commissioned officer repeatedly went out under heavy fire and brought wounded back to cover, thus saving many lives. In subsequent operations throughout the day Cpl. Collins was conspicuous in rallying and leading his command. He led the final assault with the utmost skill, in spite of heavy fire at close range and uncut wire. He bayonetted fifteen of the enemy, and with a Lewis gun section pressed on beyond the objective and covered the reorganisation and consolidation most effectively, although isolated and under fire from snipers and guns.
     He showed throughout a magnificent example of initiative and fearlessness.


13 25th Battalion 18th September 1918
 Ronssoy, France
Lance Sergeant
William Herbert Waring
LG 31st January 1919

No. 355014 Cpl. (L./Serjt.) William Waring, M.M., late 25th Bn., B. Welsh Fus., T.F. (Welshpool).
     For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty at Ronssoy, on l8th September, 1918. He led an attack against enemy machine guns which were holding up the advance of neighbouring troops, and, in the face of devastating fire from flank and front, single-handed, rushed a strong point, bayonetting four of the garrison and capturing 20 with their guns.
L./Serjt. Waring then, under heavy shell and machine-gun fire, reorganised his men and led and inspired them for another 400 yards, when he fell mortally wounded His valour, determination and leadership were conspicuous throughout.


14 Attached to HQ Mediterranean Expeditionary Force 26th April, 1915
 Gallipoli Peninsula
Lieutenant Colonel
Charles Hotham Montagu Doughty-Wylie
LG 23rd June 1915

Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Hotham Montagu Doughty-Wylie, C.B., C.M.G., Headquarters Staff, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force.

Captain Garth Neville Walford, Brigade Major, Royal Artillery, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force.

On 26th April, 1915, subsequent to a landing having been effected on the beach at a point on the Gallipoli Peninsula, during which both Brigadier-General and Brigade Major had been killed, Lieutenant-Colonel Doughty-Wylie and Captain Walford organized and led an attack through and on both sides of the village of Sedd-el-Bahr on the Old Castle at the top of the hill inland. The enemy's position was very strongly held and entrenched, and defended with concealed machine-guns and pom-poms. It was mainly due to the initiative, skill and great gallantry of these two Officers that the attack was a complete success. Both were killed in the moment of victory.


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