Pte. Arthur Hutt 1/7th Btn.
On 4 October 1917, at Terrier Farm, south-east of Poelcapelle, during the advance on the villages of Poelcapelle and Passchendaele, Belgium, when all the officers and NCOs of No. 2 Platoon had become casualties, Private Hutt took command of and led the platoon. He was held up by a strong post but immediately ran forward alone and shot the officer and three men in the post; between 40 and 50 others surrendered. Later, having pushed too far, he withdrew his party, covering them by sniping the enemy, and then carried back a wounded man to shelter. After he had consolidated his position, he then went out and carried in four more wounded under heavy fire.
T/Capt Julian Royds Gribble 10th Btn.
On 23 March 1918 at Beaumetz, Hermies Ridge, France, Captain Gribble was in command of a company which was ordered to hold on at all costs. They were eventually entirely isolated and he could easily have withdrawn when the battalion on his left was driven back, but he obeyed his orders to the letter and when his company was finally surrounded by the enemy he was seen fighting to the last. He was taken prisoner and died in Germany of his wounds.
Pte. Arthur Vicker 2nd Btn.
On 25 September 1915 at Hulloch, France, during an attack by his battalion on the first line German trenches, Private Vickers on his own initiative, went forward in front of his company under very heavy shell, rifle and machine-gun fire and cut the wires which were holding up a great part of his battalion. Although it was broad daylight at the time, he carried out this work standing up and his gallant action contributed largely to the success of the assault.
T/Lieut Robert Edwin Phillips 13th Btn (Att 9th)
On 25 January 1917 near Kut, Mesopotamia, Lieutenant Phillips went to the assistance of his commanding officer (Edward Elers Delaval Henderson) who was lying in the open mortally wounded while leading a counter-attack. The lieutenant went out with a comrade and, under the most intense fire, they succeeded in bringing their commanding officer back to our lines.
L/ Cpl William Amey 1/8th Battalion
On 4 November 1918 at Landrecies, France, when many hostile machine-gun nests were missed by the leading troops owing to fog, Lance-Corporal Amey led his section against a machine-gun nest under heavy fire and drove the garrison into a neighbouring farm, finally capturing 50 prisoners and several machine-guns. Later, single-handed and under heavy fire he attacked a machine-gun post in a farmhouse, killed two of the garrison and drove the remainder into a cellar until assistance arrived. Subsequently he rushed a strongly-held post, capturing 20 more prisoners.

Medals of the Regiments:
The Royal Warwickshire Regiment

Royal Warwickshire Regiment "ducally gorged and chained"

awaiting insignia pics

Post 1898 cap badge of the regiment;
 an antelope, "ducally gorged and chained standing on a heraldic torse",
with a scroll inscribed Royal Warwickshire below.
Kipling and King 594 

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The Royal Warwickshire Regiment

1674 - 1968
pre 1881post 1881
1st Battalion, 6th (Royal Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot.1st Battalion, The Royal Warwickshire Regiment
2nd Battalion, 6th (Royal Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot.2nd Battalion, The Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Earliest recognised formation: 1674, when raised as "Vane's Regiment", becoming part of the British contingent serving on the Dutch establishment. The Regiment transferred to the British Army in 1685.
Motto: ?
Regimental Journal:  The Antelope
WWI:Battle Honours; 70Victoria Crosses; 5Died; 11610
WWII:    Battle Honours; 15Victoria Crosses;  0Died; ????
Amalgamated:1968, with the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers,  Royal Fusiliers, and the Lancashire Fusiliers  to form The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

Peninsula War 1808 - 1814

Military General Service Medal 1793 - 1814 clasps:

Total MedalsMax clasps

Battle Honours: Roleia, Vimiera, Corunna, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Orthes.

Granted the "Royal" title in 1832

The Kaffir Wars, two campaigns:  1846 - 47 (7th Kaffir War), and 1850-53  (8th Kaffir War).

South Africa Medal 1834-53



Battle Honours: South Africa 1851-2-3.

Increased to two battalions of regulars 1857

India Mutiny 1857 1st Battalion

India Mutiny Medal. 1857 -59


Expedition against the Bazoti Black Mountain Tribes 1868.  1st Battalion

India General Service Medal 1854 - 95

North West Frontier
number :648

Reconquest of the Sudan 1896 - 98 1st Battalion

Queen's Sudan Medal 1896 - 98


Khedive's Sudan Medal 1896 - 1908

clasp :

The Atbara



Battle Honours: Atbara, Khartoum


South African War 1899 - 1902 or "Boer War"  2nd Battalion (December 1899 -July 1901) also providing Mounted Infantry, plus volunteer companies*

Queen's South Africa Medal 1899-1902 

Common clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901,  also encountered:


Relief of Kimberley




Diamond Hill


 Vols & MI?     

South Africa 1902


King's South Africa Medal 1901 - 1902

At least some of the Mounted Infantry served beyond the period of the main battalion and qualified for this medal.


OfficersNCOs and Men
KIA & DOWWoundedDeath from disease KIA & DOWDeath from disease WoundedMissing / POW
2nd Battalion

*Roll not sighted but Westlake (The Territorial Battalions 1859-1985) records about 125 men of the 1st Vol Btn and 100 of the 2nd Vol Btn served in the Boer war, with the 1st present at "Elandsfontein, Pretoria, Diamond Hill and Belfast." )


Battle Honour; South Africa 1899-1902


Somaliland Operations 1902-04

Africa General Service 1899-1956

Somaliland 1902-04

Mohmand Expedition, North West Frontier 1908 1st Battalion

India General Service Medal 1908

North West Frontier 1908

The Great War 1914 - 1918  (raised 30 battalions; 17 served overseas:- )

Generally awarded the British War Medal & Victory Medal, most men overseas prior to 1/1/1916 also a 1914 or 1914-15 Star.

Battalion →1 2*1/51/61/71/82/52/62/72/8910
date of first overseas service.
 (first theatre red x )
France & Flandersxxxxxxxxxx x
Gallipoli          x 
Egypt & Palestine          x 
Mesopotamia          x 
North Persia          x 
South Russia          x 
Italy xxxxx      
possible ?
1914 or 1914-15 xx          
or 1914-15 only  xxxx    xx
VCs at a glance       
Extracted from : "Soldiers / Officers Died in the Great War" (consider approximate - in addition 137 officers are recorded with 'battalion not shown' )
other ranks only; some officers probably included with 1/x figures

* The second battalion were in Malta when war broke out and returned first to the UK (19/9/14)


Territorial Force War Medal 1914-19
 334 officers and men of the Royal Warwickshire regiment also qualified for this medal.

RegularTerritorial ForceNew ArmiesGarrison.


The Great War 1914 - 1918 


Battalion →111415161    
Birmingham City BattalionsGarr.
date of first overseas service.
 (first theatre red x )
France & Flandersxxxx     
Egypt    x    
Italy xxx     
possible ?
1914  or 1914-15          
or 1914-15 onlyxxxxx    
Extracted from : "Soldiers / Officers Died in the Great War" (consider approximate, in addition 137 officers  are recorded with 'battalion not shown' or battalions not shown here )

VCs:  Amey,   Phillips,   Vicker,   Gribble,   Hutt   (Gribble's VC was destroyed in a house fire in 1958)


Battle Honours: Le Cateau; Marne 1914; Ypres 1914, 1915, 1917; Somme 1916, 1918; Arras 1917, 1918; Lys; Hindenburg Line; Piave; Sari Bair; Baghdad. Retreat from Mons; Aisne 1914, 1918; Armentières 1914; Langemarck 1914, 1917; Gheluvelt; Neuve Chapelle; St Julien; Frezenberg; Bellewaarde; Aubers; Festubert 1915; Loos; Albert 1916, 1918; Bazentin; Delville Wood; Pozières; Guillemont; FlersCourcelette; Morval; Le Transloy; Ancre Heights; Ancre 1916; Vimy 1917; Scarpe 1917, 1918; Arleux; Oppy; Bulle-court; Messines 1917, 1918; Pilckem; Menin Road; Polygon Wood; Broodseinde; Poelcapelle; Passchendaele; Cambrai 1917, 1918; St Quentin; Bapaume 1918; Rosières; Estaires; Hazebrouck; Bailleul; Kemmel; Béthune; Drocourt-Quéant; Epéhy; Canal du Nord; Beaurevoir; Selle; Valenciennes; Sambre; France and Flanders 1914-18; Vittorio Veneto; Italy 1917-18; Suvla; Gallipoli 1915-16; Tigris 1916; Kut al Amara 1917; Mesopotamia 1916-18; Baku; Persia 1918.


Operations on the North West Frontier 1936-39 1st Battalion

India General Service Medal 1936-39


North  West Frontier 1937-36

North West Frontier 1937-39


WW2 1939 - 1945  

Battalion →1st2nd1/7th8th12th
campaign ↓     
France and Belgium 1940
(Dunkirk )
North Africa & Middle East     
Sicily / Italy     
N.W. Europe xx  


 In India until moving to the Arakan 21/4/45 (under command of 4th Indian Infantry Brigade 26th Indian Infantry Division) Back to India 13/6/45D-Day landers:
185th Infantry Brigade for NW Europe campaign
1940 campaign with 143rd Inf. Bde.1940 campaign;
 NW Europe 29/6/44
(197th Inf Bde.)

WW2 Stars common to the Battalion. (excluding 39-45 star )
 Key: A = Africa, P = Pacific, B =  Burma, I = Italy,  F&G = France and Germany


Most also entitled to the 1939-45 War Medal and many the Defence Medal


Battle Honours: Defence of Escaut; Wormhoudt; Ypres-Comines Canal; Normandy Landing; Caen; Mont Pinçon; Venraij; Bremen; North-West Europe 1940, 1944-5; Burma 1945.  Bourguébus Ridge; Falaise; Rhineland; Lingen; Brinkum.


Jewish / Arab Unrest, Palestine 1945 - 48 2nd Battalion

General Service Medal 1918 -62


Palestine 1945-48

1947: Regulars reduced to a single battalion (1st Battalion Disbanded 1947, then 2nd Battalion re-designated the 1st,1948)

Canal Zone 1951 - 1954 1st Battalion

General Service Medal 1918 -62


Canal Zone




Korean War 1950 - 1953  1st Battalion (from Sept 1953 - end)

Queen's Korea Medal


The Cyprus Emergency 1955 - 1960  1st Battalion  (January - July 1956)

General Service Medal 1918-62




C.O.; Lt. Col. W. T. Campbell.

1963; now designated  "Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers"

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The Regimental Museum.  St John's House Warwick CV34 4NF ( map )

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Edited by Sir William H. Bowater.Birmingham City Battalions Book of Honour. 424 pp 14th, 15th, and 16th Battalions.London: Sherratt & Hughes. 1919


Additional Bibliography for this Page.

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 Additional bibliography same as Northumberland Fusiliers page  



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