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The Royal Munster Fusiliers

 Victoria Crosses

LG = London Gazette.



Name  Citation/Notes

India Mutiny 1857 - 1859

1 1st Bengal European
16 November 1857
 Narnoul, India.
 Francis David Millett Brown
Francis David Millett Brown
LG 17th February 1860

Lieutenant Francis David Millett Brown

   For great gallantry at Narrioul, on the 16th November, 1857, in having, at the imminent risk of his own life, rushed to the assistance of a wounded soldier of the 1st European Bengal Fusiliers, whom he carried off, under a very heavy fire from the enemy, whose cavalry were within forty or fifty yards of him at the time.

2 1st Bengal European
 9th March 1858
Lucknow, India

Thomas Adair Butler
LG 6th May 1859

Lieutenant Thomas Adair Butler

 "Of which success the skirmishers on the other side of the river were subsequently apprised
 by Lieutenant Butler, of the Bengal Fusiliers, who swam across the Goomtee, and,  climbing the parapet, remained in that position for a considerable time, under a heavy fire of musketry, until the work was occupied."
(Extract of Lieutenant-General Sir James Outram's memorandum of operations carried on under his command at the siege of Lucknow, published in the Governor-General's Gazette Extraordinary, of the 5th April, 1858, and re-published in General Orders by the Commander-in-Chief in India, on the 27th of December, 1858.) Crown-Office, May 3, 1859.

3 2nd Bengal
European  Fusiliers
12th June 1857
 Delhi, India
Thomas Cadell
LG 29th April 1862

Lieutenant Thomas Cadell

   For having, on the 12th of June, 1857, at the Flag-staff Picquet at Delhi, when the whole of the Picquet of Her Majesty's 75th Regiment and 2nd European Bengal Fusiliers were driven in by a large body of the enemy, brought in from amongst the enemy a wounded Bugler of his own regiment, under a most severe fire, who would otherwise have been cut up by the rebels. Also, on the same day, when the Fusiliers were retiring, by order, on Metcalfe's house, on its being reported that there was a wounded man left behind, Lieutenant Cadell went back of his own accord towards the enemy, accompanied by three men, and brought in a man of the 75th Regiment, who was severely wounded, under a most heavy fire from the advancing enemy.


4 1st Bengal European
 23rd June 1857
 Delhi, India

John McGovern
LG 21st June 1859

Private  John McGovern

   For gallant conduct during the operations before Delhi, but more especially on the 23rd of June, 1857, when he carried into camp a wounded comrade under a very heavy fire from the enemy's battery, at the risk of his own life.


5 1st Bengal European
14th September 1857
Delhi, India
 James McGuire
LG 24th December 1858

 Serjeant James McGuire

   At the assault on Delhi on the 14th September, 1857, when the Brigade had reached the Cabul Gate, the 1st Fusiliers and 75th Regiment, and some Sikhs, were waiting for orders, and some of the Regiments were getting ammunition served out (three boxes of which exploded from some cause not clearly known, and two others were in a state of ignition), when Serjeant McGuire and Drummer Ryan rushed into the burning mass, and, seizing the boxes, threw them, one after the other, over the parapet into the water. The confusion consequent on the explosion was very great, and the crowd of soldiers and native followers, who did not know where the danger lay, were rushing into certain destruction, when Serjeant McGuire and Drummer Ryan, by their coolness and personal daring, saved the lives of many at the risk of their own.


6 1st Bengal European
14th September 1857
Delhi, India
  Drummer Miles Ryan LG 24th December 1858

see joint citation with McGuire above.

First World War  1914 - 1918

7 2nd Battalion25th June 1916
 Colonne, France
Arthur Hugh Henry Batten-Pooll
LG. 5th August 1916

Lt. Arthur Hugh Batten-Pooll, R. Muns. Fus.
     For most conspicuous bravery whilst in command of a raiding party. At the moment of entry into the enemy's lines he was severely wounded by a bomb, which broke and mutilated all the fingers of his right hand. In spite of this he continued to direct operations with unflinching courage, his voice being clearly heard cheering on and directing his men.
    He was urged, but refused to retire. Half an hour later, during the withdrawal, whilst personally assisting in the rescue of other wounded men, he received two further wounds.
    Still refusing assistance, he walked unaided to within 100 yards of our lines when he fainted, and was carried  in by the covering party.


8 1st Battalion26th April 1915
Cape Helles, Gallipoli,
William Cosgrove
LG 23rd August 1915

No. 8980 Corporal William Cosgrove, 1st Battalion, The Royal Munster Fusiliers.
    For most conspicuous bravery in the leading of his section with great dash during our attack from the beach to the east of Cape Helles, on the Turkish positions, on 26th April, 1915. Corporal Cosgrove on this occasion pulled down the posts of the enemy's high wire entanglements single-handed, notwithstanding a terrific fire from both front and flanks, thereby greatly contributing to the successful clearing of the heights.


9 1st Battalion  2nd September 1918
 Reincourt, France
Acting Company Sergeant Major
Martin Doyle. M.M.
31st January 1919

No. 10864 C.S.M. Martin Doyle, M.M., 1st Bn., R. Muns. Fus. (New Boss, Co. Wexford).
    For most conspicuous bravery on the 2nd September, 1918, near Biencourt, when as Acting Company Serjeant-Major, command of the company devolved upon him consequent on officer casualties.
    Observing that some of our men were surrounded by the enemy, he led a party to their assistance, and by skill and leadership worked his way along the trenches, killed several of the enemy and extricated the party, carrying back, under heavy fire, a wounded officer to a place of safety. Later, seeing a Tank in difficulties, he rushed forward under intense fire, routed the enemy who were attempting to get into it, and prevented the advance of another enemy party collecting for a further attack on the Tank. An enemy machine gun now opened on the Tank at close range, rendering it impossible to get the wounded away, whereupon C.S.M. Doyle, with great gallantry, rushed forward, and, single-handed, silenced the machine gun, capturing it with three prisoners. He then carried a wounded man to safety under very heavy fire.
    Later in the day, when the enemy counter-attacked his position, he showed great power of command, driving back the enemy and capturing many prisoners. Throughout the whole of these operations C.S.M. Doyle set the very highest example to all ranks by his courage and total disregard of danger.



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