1st Life Guards

1882 Egypt Campaign Medal



Hyde Park Barracks
 21st October 1882

 Roll of Officers, Warrant Officers, Non Commd Officers and men entitled to the war medal for the Egyptian campaign 1882
1 Lieut Col. Talbot.  R.A.J. Hon.yesPresented by the Queen
2 MajorNeedham , C.yes 
3 CaptLockheart, S.M. Sir.yes 
4 Lieut.Miles, C. N. yes 
5 Lieut.Rodney, Lord.yes 
6 Lieut.Calley, S.C.P.yes 
7 Lieut.Leigh H.G.yes 
8 SurgeonHamilton, S.G.yes 
9 Veterinary Surgeon Walker, F.yes 
10753TrooperAlford, A.yes 
11846TrooperAtherton, T.yes 
12590TrooperBrumpton, J.no 
13708TrooperBlake, A.yes 
14713TrooperBrannan, T.no 
15746TrooperBuckle, J.noDead    A.G. List 118
16757TrooperBarron, J.no 
17847TrooperBeckham W.yes 
18875TrooperBayley, C.J.no 
19898TrooperBurroughs, W.yes 
20902TrooperBoyd, H.yes 
21947TrooperBooth, H.yes

Dead    A.G. List 120

22995TrooperBowles, H.no 
231017CorporalBayliss, J.W.no 
241013TrooperBartlett, H.no 
251031TrooperBlake, F.no 
261043Shoeing SmithBerry, J.yes 
271049TrooperBarnett, W.yes 
28509Farrier Corp.Cox, S.yesSearch 25198 13/1/??
29662TrooperCato, T.yesSearch 15/6/18 5036/AG.10
30764TrooperCooper, J.yes 
31839TrooperCuckow, C.yes 
32850TrooperChisholm, W.yes 
33871TrooperCraig, N.yes 
34911TrooperCourt, Ryes 
35959TrooperCandy, W. G.no

Dead    A.G. List 170

36963TrooperCorry, D.no 
37982TrooperChaston, J.yes 
381005TrooperClegg, H.yes 
391033TrooperConnor, J.no 
401035TrooperCandler, A. B.yes 
41471Corpl of HorseDonnelly, T.no 
42614TrooperDempster, J.yes 
43668TrooperDickenson, J.S.yes 
44748TrooperDick, A.no 
45974TrooperDane, S.yes 
461032TrooperDean, Eno

Dead    A.G. List 115 Issd. 22/1/83

471084TrooperDrage, J.yes 
48476Troop Corpl. MajorEdwards, J.no 
49940TrooperEvans, W.yes 
501036TrooperEllis, O.O.no 
51749TrooperFoster, W.yes 
52774TrooperFonlger, W.yes

Dead    A.G. List 118 Issd. 21/3/83

53843TrooperForster, J.yes 
54862TrooperFoley, T.yes 
55870TrooperFleming, F.yes 
56883TrooperFudge, C.yes 
57996TrooperFoxwell, G.yes 
581020TrooperFludd, T.yes 
59478TrooperGlanfield, E.yes 
60723TrooperGammie, E.yes 
61803TrumpeterGolding, I.yes 
62900TrooperGittins, T.yes 
63917TrooperGillham, G.G.yes 
64919TrooperGransby, H.yes 
651024TrooperGoodridge, J.T.yes 
661047TrooperGrey, J.yes 
67396Troop Corpl. MajorHole, H.yesPresented by the Queen
68441TrooperHarvey, R.yes 
69548TrooperHumphreys, H.yes 
70618Corpl of HorseHolt, E, F.yesPresented by the Queen
71688TrooperHoone, A.yes 
72802Corpl of HorseHibbard, H.yes 
73841TrooperHarrison, R.no 
74882CorporalHazzard, C.yes 
75890TrooperHockey, W.yes 
76916TrooperHorner, H.no 
77975TrooperHoughton, M.no 
781012TrooperHelman, W.yes 
791057TrooperHills, C. H.yes 
80487TrumpeterIrwin, W.yes 
81621TrooperIngram, J.yes 
82751CorporalJestico, J.yes 
83829TrooperJoynt, A.no 
84521TrooperLoweland, T.yes 
85584TrooperLucker, F.yes 
86657TrooperLewis, W.yes 
87820TrooperLunt, G.yes 
88844TrooperLittlewood, F.yes 
89891TrooperLafferty, H.yes 
90466TrooperMcKibben, H.no 
91485TrooperMatthews, G.no 
92491TrooperMason, J.no 
93562TrooperMcKenzie, A.yes 
94641TrooperMatthews, A.F.no 
95669TrooperManby, J.yes 
96704Corpl of HorseMantel, H.no 
97837TrooperMace, J.yes 
98848TrooperMidgley, J.yes 
99875TrooperMcLean, J.yes 
100877TrooperMaybank, J.no 
101938TrooperMartin, F.no 
102944TrooperMagee, W.no 
103969TrooperMorgan, Gno 
104970TrooperMartin, J.yes 
1051009TrooperMarks, A.yes 
1061048TrooperMiles, F.yes 
1071052TrooperMark, C.no 
1081056TrooperMoffatt, De Lacy.yes 
1091101TrooperMontgomery, F.C.yes 
110705TrooperNicholson, W.yes 
111793Shoeing SmithNoice, R.yes 
112923TrooperNagle, E.no 
113736TrooperOffer, J.no 
114554Corpl. of HorsePinkney, W.yes 
115629TrooperProcter, J.yes 
116658TrooperPerry, W.S.yes 
117827CorporalParry, T.yes 
118855TrooperPalmer, J.no 
119912TrooperPotter, W.H.yes 
1201016CorporalPeacock, A.Gno

Dead    A.G. List 120 Issd. 16/4/83

1211037TrooperPrice, J.yes 
122678TrooperRobert, G.yes 
123712Corpl. of HorseRice, J.yes 
124851TrooperRichardson, T.no 
125915TrooperRiley, J.S.no

Dead E/85995/18  A.G. List 122   Issd. 30.4.83

126921TrooperRogers, D.yes 
127972TrooperRundle, T.yes

Dead    A.G. List 118 Issued. E/90113/12

1281029TrooperRandale, W.no

Dead    A.G. List 130 Issued.

1291086TrooperRichardson, W.yes 
130236Corpl. of HorseShaw, R.W.yes 
131615TrooperSkinner, J.yes 
132707TrooperSharpe, W.yes 
133735TrooperSipling, F.yes 
134805TrooperSanford, E.no 
135811Farrier Corpl.Stroud, R.yes 
136863TrooperSeaton, J.no 
137869TrooperShaxted, G.T.yesE/92198/9
138876TrooperShaw, J.yes 
139942TrooperStephenson, R.H.no

Dead    A.G. List 157

140988TrooperScovell, E.yes 
141986Corpl. of HorseSpence, S.yes 
1421039TrooperSlingsby, T.yes 
1431044TrooperShepherd, G.no 
144NoneArmourer Sergt.Thomas, W.no 
145619TrooperTaylor, T.yes 
146670Shoeing SmithTester, G.no 
147694TrooperTaylor, H.yes 
148701TrooperTubby, J.yes 
149750TrooperThomlinson, C.yes 
150631TrooperUsher, J.no 
151754TrooperVessey, W.yes 
152771TrooperWhitehead, R.yes 
153772TrooperWinsor, H.no 
154830TrooperWilliams, F.yes 
155896TrooperWilliams, C. H.yes 
156935Shoeing SmithWallace, Jyes 
157999TrooperWalling, G.yes

Dead    A.G. List 120 Issued.

1581018TrooperWatson, J.no 
1591026TrooperWilkins, A.yes 

I certify that the individuals named on this roll were actually present on the occasion specified and have fulfilled the conditions entitling them to the decoration claimed.


Henry Ewart, Colonel 2nd Life Guards
Household Cavalry in Egypt.



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