4th Light Dragoons

Crimea Medal, Eupatoria Only



4th/Queen's Own/Light Dragoons

 Names of Officers, Warrant Officers, Non Commd Officers and men  who landed in the Crimea after the 9th September 1855, but who are specially entitled to the Crimea Medal in consequence of having served with their Corps in the Expedition to Eupatoria during October of the same year.
1  LieutDe Bourbet, H. H. Retired from the service 22d May 1857
2 ??3Sergt. Tomlinson Josh.With Regiment  Serving as ... clerk. ...brigade (illegible)
3 ??60Private Bates, J. H. Discharged 19/Cavalry/410...
4 ??12Private Belk Josh.-do-
5 ???6Private Boyce, Wm.Tranfd to 3d Dn Guards.
6 1894Private Boyd, IsaacWith Regt now serving
7 ??41Private Briggs Samuel -do-
8 ??93Private Bushell, Jas.Tranfd to17th Lancers
9 ??90Private Cook, Jno.Tranfd to 7th Hussars
10 2008Private Curran, EdwardTranfd to Mily Train
11 1993Private Carpenter, ThomasWith Regt now serving
12 1953Private Davis, Jas.-do-
13 1879Private Eastwood, SquireDischarged
14 1870Private Gow, Robt.With Regiment
15 1896Private Grimstone, Wm.Discharged
16 1952Private Harpur, AlbertWith Regt.
17 1891Private Hewings Josh.Tranfd to 2d Dn Guards.
18 1918Private Hibbert, Josh.With Regt.
19 1950Private Holt, Jas.-do-
20 1928Private Jacobs, ThomasDischarged
21 1986Private Kirk, Josh.Tranfd to 3d Dn Guards.
22 1996Private Latchford, Jno.Discharged
23 1882Private Panett, RichardTranfd to 7th Huss.
24 1839Private Pownall, Thos.Discharged
25 1895Private Pye, JamesWith Regt.
26 1822Private Potter, Wm.Discharged
27 1955Private Shackleton, Wm.Tranfd to 7th Huss.
28 1823Private Smith, RichardWith Regiment
29 1899Private Smith, Wm.Discharged
30 1864Private Walker, Jno.With Regiment
31 1919Private Webb, Wm.-do-
sent to ?? 18 Hu?? Aldershot 9 Nov 59





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