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1st (Royal) Dragoons

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  1st (Royal) Dragoons
1661 - 1969

Some Titles..

The Tangier Troop of Horse 1661
The Royal Regiment of Dragoons 1690
1st (Royal) Regiment of Dragoons 1751
1st (Royal) Dragoons 1877
Motto: Spectemur agendo = Let us be judged by our acts.
Regimental Journal: The Eagle
WWI Battle Honours; 18.    Victoria Crosses;1.    Died; 180
WWII Battle Honours; 15    Victoria Crosses; nil.     Died; ????
Amalgamated: 1969, with the Royal Horse Guards (The Blues) to form The Blues and Royals (Royal Horse Guards and 1st Dragoons)

Peninsula War 1808 - 1814

Military General Service Medal 1793 - 1814 clasps:

Total Medals Max clasps


Fuentes d' Onor



148**4* 1* 78 112 106

*The 4 clasp medal is to Assist. Surgeon  George Steed.

**three officers (two staff list and one ADC) have 2 x Sahagun & Benevente, 1 x Badajos, 1 x Fuentes d' Onor, and 1 x Busaco and are not counted here.

Three Pyrenees clasps are recorded for the regiment but Mullen states "Pyrenees must be an error for Toulouse" and are not shown here.

Battle Honours: Fuentes d'Onor; Peninsula.


Battle of Waterloo 1815

Waterloo Medal 1815

number: 367

Captain Alexander Kennedy Clark captured the Eagle of the French 105th Regiment at Waterloo, A  symbol which later was to become the badge of the 1st Royal Dragoons. This fabulous object now resides in the National Army Museum.

Battle Honour: Waterloo


Crimean War  1854 - 1856             

Crimea Medal 1854 -56

clasp: →





Total Medals
number: 3 ?* 193 (approx) 241**452 461

* A surgeon , a clerk, and an orderly to Lt Gen. The Earl of Lucan.

**Heavy Brigade chargers 25/10/1854

also eligible for:-

Turkish Crimea Medal 1855

Battle Honours: Balaclava,  Sebastopol.


The Nile Expedition 1884-5 A detachment of the 1st Royal Dragoons formed a component of the Heavy Camel Regiment

Egypt and Sudan Medal 1882-89

The Nile 1884 -85

Abu Klea

number: 47* 39**

* 3 officers and 43 other ranks served in the Heavy Camel Regiment plus one more officer of the regiment (Major Jackson ) in the Intelligence department. (Jackson was also present at Abu Klea and is counted here for both clasps.)

**  13 men killed at Abu Klea and one more died of wounds the same day.  


Recipients also entitled to a Khedive's Star dated 1884-6



South African War 1899 - 1902 or "Boer War"  (Nov 1899 - end of the war)

Queen's South Africa Medal 1899-1902, with or without the King's South Africa Medal 1901 - 1902

Frequently encounterd clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902; also:



Relief of Ladysmith
Tugela Heights

Laing's Nek

total names on roll
number; 16 ? ? ? 1204
    these three (with state clasps above) are a common combination for the regiment  

As usual "odd men" create exceptions to the common patterns that are generally found; one notable individual  of the 1st Royal Dragoons (serving as war correspondent)  is Colonel Francis William Rhodes who received Relief of Mafeking, Orange Free State, Elandslaagte, Defence of Ladysmith. - Francis Rhodes was the brother of Cecil Rhodes.



Officers* NCOs and Men
KIA & DOW Wounded Missing / POW KIA & DOW Death from disease Wounded Missing / POW
2 2 1 10 47 27 51

*in addition two officers died from disease.


Battle Honours: Relief of Ladysmith; South Africa 1899 - 1902


The Great War 1914 - 1918 


Regiment was in South Africa when war declared, sailed from Cape Town for the UK, Arriving 19/9/14 and joined 6th Cavalry Brigade. Landed Ostend 8th October 1914. Remained in the 'France and Flanders' theatre for the duration of the war.  

Soldiers/Officers died records 180 deaths for the period.


Men landed France and Flanders prior to 1/1/1916 entitled to a 1914 or 1914-15 Star as appropriate. Also the British War Medal & Victory Medal


Battle Honours: Ypres 1914, 1915; Frezenberg; Loos; Arras 1917; Somme 1918; Amiens; Hindenburg Line; Cambrai 1918; Pursuit to Mons; France and Flanders 1914-18. Langemarck 1914; Gheluvelt; Nonne Bosschen; Scarpe 1917; St Quentin, Avre; Beaurevoir.


VCs: (1) Dunville (offsite)


Jewish / Arab Unrest, Palestine 1936 - 39 (1939)

General Service Medal 1918 -62



number: ?

WW2 1939 - 1945 

campaigns: North Africa & Middle East* Italy** North West Europe
WW2 campaign stars:  Africa  Italy, France and Germany

8th Army

- -

Most also entitled to the 39-45 Star & 1939-45 War Medal

*Oct 1942. Divisional troops with 10th Armoured Division at the Battle of El Alamein with 46 Armoured Cars.

**July 43, initially 'A' Squadron only present, Sicily landings, 4th Armoured Brigade. Rest of the regiment sent it Italy Oct 43 but returned to the UK Dec 43 to prep for operation Overlord.

Battle Honours:  Nederrijn; Rhine; North-West Europe 1944-5; Syria 1941; Knightsbridge; El Alamein; Advance on Tripoli; North Africa 1941-3; Sicily 1943; Italy 1943.Veghel; Msus; Gazala; Defence of Alamein Line; El Agheila.

 Canal Zone 1951 - 1954 (1950 -54)

General Service Medal 1918 -62


Canal Zone

number: ?



The Malaya Emergency: Operations against Communist insurgents. 1948-60

General Service Medal 1918 - 62



number: ?

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