John Doogan

Private John Doogan
1st Dragoon Guards

On January 28, 1881 at the action of Laing's Nek, Major Brownlow was dismounted during a charge, owing to his horse being shot. Doogan, who was the Major's servant, seeing the precarious position of his master, rode to his assistance, and though himself severely wounded, sprang from his horse to induce him to accept his mount, receiving another wound while engaged in this gallant act.


Medals of the Regiments:
The 1st (King's) Dragoon Guards


Above: cap badge 1915 - 1937  Above;  The post 1938  double headed eagle badge.
 This eagle emblem was the symbol of  Emperor Francis Joseph II of Austria and is based on a similar badge worn from 1896 - this earlier badge was discontinued in 1915 for obvious reasons in favour of the badge pictured left. (note: similar eagle badge design was also adopted by the amalgamated regiment in 1959)

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  The 1st (King's) Dragoon Guards
1685 -1959



The Queen's or "2nd" Regiment of Horse. 1685 - 1746
1st King's Dragoon Guards 1746 to amalgamation in 1959
Motto: Honi soit qui mal y pense
Regimental Journal: 'Regimental Journal of the King's Dragoon Guards'
WWI Battle Honours; 3.  Victoria Crosses; 0. Died; 124
WWII Battle Honours; 26.  Victoria Crosses; 0.  Died; ??
Other Victoria Crosses : 1,  Doogan  (for the Boer Revolt 1880-1881)
Amalgamated: 1959 with the   2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays)  to form 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards
Two officers of the  KDG are on the Staff officer's list with Peninsula War MGS medals, but the regiment as a whole had no qualifying service.

Battle of Waterloo 1815

Waterloo Medal 1815

Number: 573



Crimean War  1854 - 1856

Crimea Medal 1854 -56

Clasp: → ..none...


Total Medals
Number: 24 ? 345369

Men who served in the Crimea also eligible for:

Turkish Crimea Medal 1855


Second China War 1856-60

Second China War Medal 1856-60

clasp: ..none...

Taku Forts 1860

Pekin 1860

total medals
numbers:3 317302 321

Roll is annotated  -difficult to read but looks like: - "269 serving , 11 Depot (1 to mint) 18 dead (2 to mint) 24 Discharged & to Leave (6 to Mint) 1 duplicate  = 323"   which is 1 or 2 different from our count. 


South Africa and the Zulu War 1876-79

South Africa Medal 1877-79

clasp: ...none....


numbers : 78 641 719

Medal numbers from Forsyth roll, includes 6 medals and clasps returned to mint. One officer is shown KIA attached to the 4th Hussars and 14 men "died on service"


Black Mountain Expeditions, 1888 & 1891.

India General Service Medal 1854


Hazara 1888

Hazara 1891

Numbers: 12 5


The Regiment also served in the Boer Revolt of 1880-1881 winning a Victoria Cross.

South African War 1899 - 1902 or "Boer War"  (main body served from February 1901)

Queen's South Africa Medal 1899-1902.

815 names on the roll. 97% have some combination of : Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902 Only.
In addition  25 odd men; such as 1KDG officers on attachment to other units, a signaller, two men attached to 14th Hussars, etc, etc., accrued the following:




Relief of Mafeking


Modder River

Relief of Ladysmith
numbers; 1* 5 3 4 3 5

Tugela Heights

Relief of Kimberley




Laing's Nek

numbers; 5 2 8 4 7 4

Diamond Hill



numbers; 7 3 4      

*4139 Cpl. Charles Christian "with Corps of Signals"

Odd men possibly entitled to The King's South Africa Medal , main body generally not. (received date bars for their QSA instead)

Officers NCOs and Men
KIA & DOW Wounded Missing / POW KIA & DOW Death from disease Wounded Missing / POW
4 8 2 9 27 30 5

The Great War 1914 - 1918 


Regiment was in India when war declared, sailed for France 16th October 1914, arrived 7th November 1914. Returned to India 7th October 1917 for the remainder of the war. 124 deaths total for the period, of which 91 other ranks are recorded as died in France and Flanders.


Men landed France and Flanders prior to 1/1/1916 entitled to a 1914 or 1914-15 Star as appropriate. Also the British War Medal & Victory Medal




Third Afghan War 1919

India General Service Medal 1908

Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919
numbers: 377*

*see note on following medal


Iraq 1919 - 20

General Service Medal 1918 -62



numbers: 296*

* roll not seen , number of this and the preceding IGS medal from the Orders and Medals Research Society June 2007 Journal article; "Campaign Medals to the Heavy Cavalry Regiments" by Barney Mattingly


WW2 1939 - 1945 (Royal Armoured Corps)

WW2 Stars:  Africa   Italy
clasps 8th Army?  

(most also entitled to the 39-45 star  and 1939-45 War Medal)

WW2 Battle Honours (emblazoned in bold)
Beda Fomm Tobruk Sortie Tobruk 1941 Defence of Tobruk
Relief of Tobruk Defence of Alamein Line Gazala Bir Hacheim
Alam el Halfa Point 201 (Roman Wall) El Hamma Akarit
Advance on Tripoli Tebaga Gap Tunis Capture of Naples
North Africa 1941-3 Scafati Bridge Gothic Line Monte Camino
Capture of Perugia Arezzo Athens Garigliano Crossin
Italy 1943-4 Greece 1944-5

Jewish / Arab Disturbances, Palestine 1945 -48   (In theatre 1945-48)

General Service Medal 1918 - 62


Palestine 1945-58


The Malay Emergency: Operations against Communist insurgents. 1948-60  (In theatre 1956-?)

General Service Medal 1918 - 62




equipped with Daimler armoured cars and Ferret scout cars.


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Selected Links

Museum Website  (1st Queen's Dragoon Guards) excellent site detailed histories.


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