4015 Cpl. Shoeing Smith A. Kelland. Defence of Mafeking, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa1901. Killed near Tarkastad, 17 September 1901.


4128 Cpl. Shoeing Smith A Robertson,Defence of Mafeking, Orange Free State, Transvaal, Served with Protectorate Regiment at Mafeking.


4361 Shoeing Smith R. Robinson. Defence of Mafeking, Orange Free State, Transvaal, Served with Protectorate Regiment at Mafeking. Died of Disease at East London 2nd January 1901

Henry Evelyn Wood

Lieutenant Henry Evelyn Wood

17th Lancers

   On the 19th October 1858, at Sindwaho, during the Indian Mutiny, Lieutenant Wood was in command of a troop of the 3rd Light Cavalry. He attacked almost single-handed, a body of mutineers who were making a stand and routed them completely.
   A short time afterwards, near Sindhora, a Patel, named Chemmum Singh, had been seized by the enemy. Hearing that they intended to hang the wretched man for his loyalty to us, Lieutenant Wood took about twelve men and started in pursuit. After a ride of some miles they came upon the mutineers, about seventy in number encamped and asleep. Taking two men he crept up to them, fired a volley, dashed among them, and rescued the man.


John Farrell
Quartermaster-Sergeant John Farrell
17th Lancers

On the October 25, 1854, after the charge at the battle of Balaklava, when Farrell's horse was shot under him, Captain Webb was severely wounded. Farrell and Berryman (V.C.) carried the officer as far as the pain of his wounds would allow, and, when a stretcher was obtained, he assisted Berryman and a Private of the 13th Dragoons (Malone, V.C.) to carry him from the field. Farrell died at Secunderabad, India, on August 4, 1865.

Charles Wooden

Sergeant-Major Charles Wooden
17th Lancers

On the October 26, 1854, after the battle of Balaklava, Sergeant-Major Wooden went (with Dr. Mouat, V.C.) to the assistance of Lieut.-Colonel Morris, C.B., and rescued him when lying exposed to a very heavy fire, thereby saving his life.

John Berryman

Troop Sergeant John Berryman
17th Lancers

 Berryman was one of the many heroes who fought right through the Crimean War. He was " mentioned " for Alma, Balaklava, Inkermann, and MacKenzie's Farm, and at the last place captured three Russian soldiers close up to their own guns. On 25 October 1854 at Balaclava, Crimea,  Troop Sergeant-Major Berryman, whose horse had been shot under him, stopped on the field with a wounded officer amidst a storm of shot and shell. Two sergeants (John Farrell and Joseph Malone) came to his assistance and between them they carried the wounded officer out of range of the guns. Born on July 28, 1825, he died on June 27, 1896. (V.C. LG. 24/2/1857)


Medals of the Regiments:
The 17th (Duke of Cambridge's Own) Lancers.

17th Lancers cap badge
17th Lancers Collar Badge.
Above: the famous "Death or Glory" badge of the regiment.
 white metal cap badge (top) and gilding metal collar badges of the 17th Lancers.

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  The 17th (Duke of Cambridge's Own) Lancers.
1759 - 1922
Some titles... Period
18th Light Dragoons 1759 - 1763
17th Regiment of  Light Dragoons 1763-1823
17th Regiment of  Light Dragoons (Lancers) 1823-1876
17th (The Duke of Cambridge's Own) Lancers 1876 -1921
Motto: (Death ) "Or Glory"
Nickname: Death or Glory Boys.
Regimental Journal:  The White Lancer
WWI: Battle Honours; 16 Victoria Crosses; nil Died; 104
Amalgamated: 1922, with the 21st Lancers to become the 17th/21st Lancers.

Crimean War  1854 - 1856                  When can their glory fade?

Crimea Medal 1854 -56

Clasp: →





Total Medals
Number: 218 145 204400 450

also eligible for:-

Turkish Crimea Medal 1855


"Light Brigade chargers"; Regiment part of the gallant 600 who rode into the valley of death on that fateful day 25th October 1854

Battle Honours: Alma, Balaclava, Inkermann, Sebastopol.

VCs : 3; Berryman Farrell Wooden.  (all for the charge)


India Mutiny 1857  

India Mutiny Medal. 1857 -59

 'no clasp' medals

Battle Honour: Central India.

VCs: 1; Wood


South Africa and the Zulu War 1876-79

South Africa Medal 1877-79

clasp: ...none....


numbers : 33 599 632

Medal numbers from Forsyth roll, includes 7 medals and clasps returned to mint. One man KIA  and 6 men "died on service"

Battle Honour: South Africa 1879


South African War 1899 - 1902 or "Boer War"  served March 1900 - end of the war.

Queen's South Africa Medal 1899-1902, with or without the King's South Africa Medal 1901 - 1902

Common clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902; also common:

Defence of Mafeking


Diamond Hill



names on roll
numbers; 3 ? ? ? ? 1141


Officers NCOs and Men
KIA & DOW   Wounded Missing / POW KIA & DOW Death from disease Wounded Missing / POW
7   6 - 58 28 100 -

Battle Honour: South Africa 1900-1902


The Great War 1914 - 1918 


Regiment was in India when war declared, sailed for France 16th October 1914, arrived 7th November 1914.104 deaths total for the period, 6 of which are officers attached to other units.


Men landed France and Flanders prior to 1/1/1916 entitled to a 1914 or 1914-15 Star as appropriate. Also British War Medal & Victory Medal generally.


Battle Honours; Festubert 1914; Somme 1916, 1918; Morval; Cambrai 1917, 1918; Lys; St Quentin; Avre; Hazebrouck; Amiens; Persuit to Mons; Hindenburg Line; St Quentin Canal; Beaurevoir;  France and Flanders 1914-1918.


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