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WW2 Medals and General Service Medals For Sale.


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 India General Service Medal 1908-35 
c4037 Clasp North West Frontier 1930-31:  230 Bhishti Jiwan Singh P.A.V.O. Cavy. ( Prince Albert Victor's Own Cavalry). Rather nice GVF+ 75  sold
c4038 Clasp Waziristan 1921-24: 1185 Sep. Zulfi Ram 3-12 F.F.R. (Frontier Force Regiment) GVF 75  Add to Basket


 India General Service Medal 1936-39 
 General Service Medal 1918-62  (all pre WW2 clasps) 
c5499 Clasp Iraq;  88969 Pte. J.T.  Fletcher North'd Fus.  NEF 115  Add to Basket
c5500 Clasp Iraq;  2 Lieut H.E. Coasby NEF 185  Add to Basket
c5501 Clasp Palestine; 7869636 Sjt P.B. Johnson R.A.P.C.  Official correction to a couple of digits of the number (Royal Tank Regiment service number?) +GVF 95  Add to Basket
WW2 Groups (All) 
c6018 (7) GVI Naval General Service Medal 1915-62 Clasp Palestine 1936-1939,1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal, 1939-45 War Medal, Naval Long Service Good Conduct GVI Fid Def.  NGS named SS X 18929  L.A. France-Miller O.S. R.N. ; NLSGC named MX 59784 L.A. France Miller C.P.O. Wtr. H.M.S. Defiance ('Defiance' possibly corrected). There are entries in the London Gazette referring to L.A. France-Miller, a Supply Lieutenant placed on the retired list 1967; so some considerable service. Medals loose, contact marks from being worn NVF 230  Add to Basket
c6033 (3) 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star, 1939-45 War Medal. Medals came with some interesting documents and enclosure slip, but no box.

Enclosure slip
Soldier's Release Book to 1503781 Sapper Robert Alexander Russell
1939 Military Training Act document to Russell of 15 Windsor Gardens Consett
1939 Military Training Act Grade Card to Russell (reverse with brief description of the man)
1939 Military Training Registration Certificate
Testimonial from Wright Electric Motors Ltd dated 1949.

Hopefully researchable in the not too distant  future GVF 34

c6034 (no medals) Air Raid Precautions whistle and scarce ARP member's card to 'S. Anderson', Brough of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis. (no medals, but likely to be entitled to the Defence Medal?) 26  Add to Basket
 Naval General Service Medal 1915-62 (all clasps) 
c6700 Clasp Palestine 1936-1939  P/JX 147108  G.E. Bull C.P.O. R.N. Scuff over prefix to number  GVF 140  Add to Basket
c6720 GVI Fid. Def. Clasp Malaya.   R M  7945  J. Isherwood  Mne. R. M.  GVF 155  Add to Basket
 General Service Medal 1918 - 1962 (all post WW2 clasps)
c6920 Clasp South East Asia (GVI) 14740329 Pte W. Mc Bryde R.A.S.C. (Royal Army Service Corps) line of small impacts in obverse field GVF 100  Add to Basket
c7003 Clasp Malaya: (GVI) 22250960 Tpr. R.E. Aston RAC. (Royal Armoured Corps) GVF 95  Add to Basket
c7031 Clasp Malaya: (EIIR) 23499920 R.G. Lock REME  (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) NEF 65  Add to Basket
c7032 Clasp Malaya: (EIIR) Br: Omn.  22971270 Tpr. D. Malony 15/19 H   (15th/19th Hussars) EF 90  Add to Basket
c7033 Clasp Malaya: (EIIR) 23284678 Tpr. D. Buckley 15/19 H  (15th/19th Hussars) VF 90  Add to Basket
c7034 Clasp Malaya: (EIIR) Br: Omn. 23219151 Tpr. H. Revell 15/19 H (15th/19th Hussars) NEF 90  Add to Basket
c7155 Clasp: Cyprus: 23454829 Pte H. Collar Wilts  (Wiltshire Regiment) EF 90  Add to Basket
Queen's Korea Medal 1950 - 53 
 General Service Medal 1962
c9041 Clasp South Arabia; 23988077 Pte. R. Holliday PWO. (The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire ) NEF 100  Add to Basket
c9043 Clasp South Arabia; 23514478 S. Sgt. P.J. O'Regan REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) NEF 85  Add to Basket
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