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First World War Medals for sale.


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 Gallantry: Singles and groups
b1001 WW1 Military Cross, with its original top wearing brooch pin but no box. GVF £540  Add to Basket
b1002 GV Distinguished Conduct Medal unnamed as issued to foreign nationals. GVF £420  Add to Basket
b1003 (Group of 3) GV Military Medal, British War Medal, Victory Medal to 4-6398 Pte. F. Hall North'd Fus. (242440 Pte. F. Hall 5/North'd Fus on the Military Medal)  GVF £499  Add to Basket
 1914 Star Trios (All)
b1900 5531 Pte. G.R. Smith 19H (19th Hussars) mounted as worn NEF £199  Add to Basket
b1903 Miss G.I.M. Cosby Civ. Hos. Res.  (Civilian Hospital Reserve) "G.I.M. Cosby" on the pair, mounted as worn GVF £439 Add to Basket
b1907 374 Pte. J.S. Lloyd. A.V.C. (Army Veterinary Corps) T.S. Sgt on the pair  GVF £187  Add to Basket
b1908 3785 Pte. B. Goldsmith R.A.M.C. (Royal Army Medical Corps) set of replacement ribbons will be included  VF £125  Add to Basket
b1909 2933 Cpl. H. Washington 17/Lrs. (17th Lancers) Lieut H.T. Washington on the pair. MIC Shows Washington commissioned into the Essex Regiment.  NEF £249  Add to Basket
 1914-15 Star Trios; Cavalry & Infantry
b2601 14078 Pte. C. Thompson S. Lan R. (South Lancashire Regiment) GVF £90  Add to Basket
b2608 R-1607 L. Cpl A.E. Watts K.R.Rif C. Lance Corporal Albert Edward Watts of the 7th Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps died of wounds on the 30th of July 1915. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial.  This is the date of the infamous German flame-thrower attack at Hooge in which this battalion was decimated. GVF £250  Add to Basket
b2609 2039 Pte. J.H. Lister 2-Lond R. (2nd London Regiment)  2-Lieut J.H. Lister on the pair. Some contacting to the BWM from the star. VF £195  Add to Basket
b2610 3599  Pte. J. Walker A&S Highrs. (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders) number on pair is S-7957, both numbers are recorded on this man's MIC together with his six digit territorial number '201561' which is a 1/5th battalion number we believe. The medals were one time  mounted on pin manufactured by 'W. Scully Montreal', which might suggest this man emigrated to Canada. (Ribbons are disintegrating, a new set will be included. GVF £95  Add to Basket
b2615 R.F. Cullen Wr. M.F.A. (Merchant Fleet Auxiliary) pair impressed 214916 Pte. R. Cullen Rif Brig. (Rifle Brigade) MIC shows "Merc Marine Res. 1st Writer" and his navy number "134702" which is all struck through, since his star would be issued by the Navy. Also served Liverpool Regiment. Interesting dual service trio which needs research. £110  Add to Basket
b2617 South African Group of four; 1914-15 Star trio (bi-lingual Victory Medal), and the silver WW2 Africa Service Medal. Trio named to Pte. H.R. Mills 8th Infantry. WW2 Medal named  N.R.V. H.R. Mills (N.R.V. = National Reserve Volunteers) VF+ £110  Add to Basket
b2619 18779 Pte T. Robinson North'd Fus (Northumberland Fusiliers)  GVF £85  Add to Basket
b2622 17523 Pte R.Currie. R.Sc. Fus. (Royal Scots Fusiliers) NEF £95 Add to Basket 
b2626 R-7412 Pte. J. Crowder K.R.Rif.C. Rifleman Joseph Crowder, 7th Battalion King’s Royal Rifle Corps, died of wounds, 31st January 1916 aged 29. Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Crowder, of 2, Hannah's Yard, Rochdale, Lancs; husband of M. L. Butterworth (formerly Crowder), of Nar End, Healey Stones, Rochdale. Buried Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Belgium. NEF  (replacement set of ribbons will be included) £192  Add to Basket
b2627 20507 Pte. J. P. Sadler  L.N.Lan. R. (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) Sadler died 15/10/1918 in Mesopotamia serving with the Inland Water Transport. Buried Basra, from Warrington.  NEF sold sold
b2628 2339 Pte. J. Miller Q.O.R. Glasgow Y. (Queen's Own Glasgow Yeomanry)  Some faint striations on the star, possibly officially re-impressed GVF £165

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b2629 1078 Pte A. Laws North'd Yeo. (Northumberland Hussars Yeomanry) NEF £169  Add to Basket
b2630 2421 Pte F. Williams Leic. Yeo. (Leicestershire Yeomanry) NEF £175  Add to Basket
 1914-15 Star Trios; RA, RE, Corps, RFC / RAF,  etc.
b3303 68668 Spr. A. Duffield. R.E. (Royal Engineers) GVF £75 Add to Basket 
b3304 10529 Pte. J. Rougvie. R.A.M.C. (Royal Army Medical Corps) GVF £75 Add to Basket
b3306 2. Lieut. W.M. Alexander. R.E. (Royal Engineers) GVF £165 Add to Basket 
b3307 T-145 Dvr A.V. Palmer A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) pair has his unit as R.A.M.C. (Royal Army Medical Corps), and single initial A. Albert Victor Palmer died in the UK 03/11/1918  and is buried in Reading Cemetery. interesting low number for this large corps. Albert's medal details are confirmed across two medal index cards, and his first theatre was Egypt, 20/4/15.  NEF £145  Add to Basket
 1914-15 Star Trios: Navy
b3575 Damaged trio:  suspender missing from British War Medal and ring missing from Victory: ST 1716 F.W. Hobson Tr. R.N.R (Royal Naval Reserve) GVF £55  Add to Basket
b3578 H.E. Widocks C.H. Std M.F.A. (Merchant Fleet Auxiliary)  Chief Steward Herbert Edward Widocks, Mercantile Marine Reserve died when the Auxiliary Minesweeper HMS Newmarket was Torpedoed and sunk south of Nikaria Island, Aegean Sea by UC 38. (17th July 1917) 70 of the crew died, three survivors were taken prisoner. GVF £210  Add to Basket
b3579 1493 S.D.  J.E. Wynn D.H. R.N.R. (Royal Naval Reserve) NEF £85 Add to Basket 
b3582 Eng. S. Lt. D.L. Clarke.  R.N.R (Royal Naval Reserve) EF £145 Add to Basket 

(4) 1914-15 Star Trio with GV Admiral's bust RNLSGC. to K22090 W. Gardiner Sto.1 RN; L. Sto  HMS Pembroke on the LSGC. these were purchased local and came with a photo postcard of Gardiner. contacted, GF  £sold

b3585 J.M. Menemy  Tr. M.M.R. (Trimmer, Mercantile Marine Reserve) NEF £85  Add to Basket
b3586 R.M.A. 6686 Sgt E.G. Chorley (Royal Marine Artillery) With extensive service record. Plenty service on Battleships; Hood (Royal Sovereign-class), Illustrious, Mars, Empress of India etc. From Lambeth, born 1879, enlisted 1897. Spent the war on HMS Orion. Qualified Captain of Gun 1903, Gunlayer 1905.  Died 3rd Jan 1962.  GVF sold  sold
b3587 PO.3843 Pte. J. Moir R.M.L.I. (Royal Marine Light Infantry) NEF £80  Add to Basket
 British War Medal and Mercantile Marine groups,  pairs and singles.
b3713 Single British War Medal : Gurrum Ellai Hassa  (Probably Indian Mercantile Marine) VF £36  Add to Basket
b3752 Pair; Mercantile Marine War Medal and British War Medal, to 'Neil Thom'. Neil Thom is a WW1 casualty missing from the Commonwealth War Graves records (are MN accidental deaths not included?) . Thom died when the SS Larchgrove was rammed mid-ships by the US Steamer Hawaiian, off Gibraltar 26th October 1918. The Larchgrove sank almost immediately. We understand 16 men were rescued from the water by the Hawaiian. The Hawaiian had serious damage herself to the bows and was taking on water, just managing to get back to Gibraltar. Neil Thom was aged 28 and born Stranraer. More research required. NEF £115  Add to Basket
b3754 Pair; Mercantile Marine War Medal and British War Medal. BWM named to Lieut. J.W..A. Gibson R.N.R., Mercantile Marine War Medal named to John W.A. Gibson. Unresearched apart for the Royal Navy medal roll which shows no Victory or Star so this is likely his full entitlement. Interesting research project. NEF for BWM , MMWM is somewhat worn and suspension is slightly bent so just fine (see picture) . £105  Add to Basket
b7188 Single British war medal, John Manning GVF £28  Add to Basket
 Territorial Force War Medal Singles and Groups
sold Group of three; Territorial Force War Medal, British War Medal and Victory Medal.  910357  Dvr. R.C. Harris R.A.  NVF, contact marks £ sold
 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pairs (all)
b4477 229375 Gnr. M. Matthews R.A. (Royal Artillery)  GVF £37  Add to Basket
b4482 T-6292 A.Cpl D. McPhee A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) VF £37  Add to Basket
b4488 DM2-208269 Pte. B. F. Hoppett A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) VF £37  Add to Basket
b4489 220846 Dvr. W.A. May R.A. (Royal Artillery) GVF £37  Add to Basket
b4491 T-263149 Dvr. A. Hurn A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) NEF £37  Add to Basket
b4492  DM2-170994 Pte. D.M. Hamilton A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) GVF £38  Add to Basket
b4496 12360 Pte. W. Ritchie Durh L.I.  (Durham Light Infantry)  NEF with MIC entitled to a 15 star and also served Labour Corps.   £43  Add to Basket
b4502 167355 Dvr. H. Smith  R.A.  (Royal Artillery) VF £36  Add to Basket
b4504 T4-128905 Pte. G. Humbles A.S.C. (Army Service Corps)  GVF £37  Add to Basket
b4505 192009 Gnr. E. Housden R.A. (Royal Artillery) GVF £37  Add to Basket
b4514 452677 Pte. C. W. White 11- Lond R. (11th London Regiment)  Killed in Action 2nd September 1918. (Att. Queen Victoria's Rifles) commemorated Vis-en Artois Memorial. Pair full entitlement GVF £100  Add to Basket
b4521 2 Lieut. H.H. Arnold NEF £95  Add to Basket
b4524 RFRA- 10323 Dvr. W.A. Catchpole R.A. (Royal Artillery) Walter A. Catchpole, entitled to a 1914 Star Trio. Pre-1914 reservist prefix to number. NEF £40  Add to Basket
b4525 2 Lieut T. Young EF £86  Add to Basket
b4527 Z.P.1223 J.A. Young A.B. R.N.V.R. (Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve) NEF £45  Add to Basket
b4528 B.Z. 4478 W.S. Bartram A.B. R.N.V.R. (Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve) small knock to British War Medal GVF £45  Add to Basket
b4531 84006 Pte. A. Pringle North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) With copy MIC pair full entitlement. Christian name Alexander. GVF £40  Add to Basket
b4532 8994 Pte R. Stewart North'd Fus.  (Northumberland Fusiliers) With copy MIC pair full entitlement also Labour Corps. Christian name interestingly  is "Robinson" GVF £40  Add to Basket
b4533 39311 Pte.  A.E. Harris North'd Fus.  (Northumberland Fusiliers) GVF £40  Add to Basket
b4534 5117 Pte. A. Mearson S. Gds.   Guardsman Alexander Merson, 2nd Battalion Scots Guards was Killed in Action on the 18th December 1914, and is commemorated on the Ploegsteert Memorial. medals are EF with flattened box of issue and tatty registered envelope to Mr W. Merson, 82 Foster Street, Nottingham. Also entitled to a 1914 Star and bar, which is unfortunately missing. sold sold
b4536 (Pair with memorial plaque) S-14019 Sjt. J. Warby Rif. Brig.    S/14019 Serjeant John Warby, 13th Battalion The Rifle Brigade, killed in action 21st August 1918. Buried Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux. Born and resided Stoke Newington Middx.  NEF sold sold
b4537 TZ.2863 W.L. Harrison  A.B. R.N.V.R.  (Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve)  GVF £45  Add to Basket
b4538 M-299099 Pte. J.A. Rothery A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) NEF £38  Add to Basket
b4539 (Group of 4 medals: British War Medal, Victory Medal, GV Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and the Meritorious Service Medal GV.) 2367 W.O. Cl. II A.W. Sage R.A. (on the pair) 2367 B. S. Mjr. A.W. Sage RFA (on the LSGC and MSM)  Comes with copy service papers etc and a letter from a relative filling in some details on the life and times of Sage. Mounted for wear. GVF  £350  sold
b4547 44035 Pte. C.A. Hancox KOYLI. 44035 Private Charles Arthur Hancox, 9th Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, died of wounds 22nd May 1917. Buried Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery. GVF £110  Add to Basket
b4553 1879 Spr. J. W. Thirlaway R.E. (Royal Engineers) NEF £39  Add to Basket
b4556 25035 Pte. W. Kershaw K.O.S.B.   25035 Private Walter Kershaw, 1st Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers, killed in action, 26th February 1917. No known grave, commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial to the missing. Husband of Ellen McNeish Kershaw, of Knockbeath, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire. EF, replacement ribbons. £110  Add to Basket
b4558 J. 86606 A.B. Poppleton A.B. R.N. (Royal Navy) GVF £45 Add to Basket 
b4559 B.Z. 3847 A.E. Lewis A.B. R.N.V.R. (Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve) GVF £47 Add to Basket 
b4561 T.Z. 3672 W. Warwick A.B. R.N.V.R. (Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve) GVF £48 Add to Basket 
b4562 B.Z. 10182  J.W. Slater A.B. R.N.V.R. (Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve) GVF £47 Add to Basket 
b4567 PO 2320 S Pte. A. Champion R.M.L.I. (Royal Marine Light Infantry) GVF £47  Add to Basket
b4568 30915 Pte. D.W. Greenham Dorset. R.  30915 Private Donald William Greenham, 5th Battalion, The Dorsetshire Regiment, killed in action 28th March 1918 age 35. Buried le Philosophe Cemetery, Mazingarbe.  Lived at 88 St. Andrews Road, Southsea Portsmouth. Son of Robert William Greenham, Sea View, Isle of Wight. Husband of Hilda Amelia Greenham. With original enclosure slip GVF £110 Add to Basket 
b4569 T4-038897 Dvr. P.W. Bray A.S.C.  (Army Service Corps) NEF £39  Add to Basket
b4571 62286 Cpl. J. Airey 27-Can Inf. (27th Battalion Canadian Infantry) Corporal Jeff Airey, killed in action 8th July 1917. He was the son of Louisa Airey of 80 Tetlow Street, later 1 Kirkdale Street, Liverpool.  Airey enlisted at Winnipeg 19/4/1915 aged 22, and he gave his trade as "Bushman". NEF sold sold
b4572 3314269 Pte. J.H. Burke 102-Can. Inf (102nd Battalion Canadian Infantry) Private John Henry Burke, killed in action 27th September 1918. Burke was born Liverpool, enlisted Niagara Falls 23/1/1918. Trade given is Farmer. Next of Kin is a 'Mrs Huldah Palmer' recorded as 'friend' in some documents and foster mother in others, her address has been redacted in all documents for some reason. Burke was killed by enemy shell fire, while standing on top of a dug out, west of Bourlon Wood. NEF sold  sold
b4573 874758 Pte. H.K. Hartley 8-Can Inf (8th Battalion Canadian Infantry) Private Harold Kenneth Hartley died of wounds 29th April 1917 aged 24. Hartley was a farmer from Bowsman River, Manitoba. NEF sold sold
b4574 138559 Pte J.B. Duffie 60-Can Inf (60th Battalion Canadian Infantry) Private Joseph Buchannan Duffie, died of wounds, 26th September 1916 aged 25. Buried Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. At Hill 60 Duffie was hit in the leg by a fragment from a trench mortar bomb, dying six weeks later at No. 17 Casualty Clearing Station.  A native of Londonderry Ireland, he was the son of William and Sarah Duffie. Enlisted Toronto.  NEF sold sold
 1914 Stars
b5004 8627 Pte. G. Baker 1/Som. L. I. (1st Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry) GVF £95  Add to Basket
 1914-15 Stars
b6016 No. 1796 Sepoy Mohd Khan 1/33/Punjabis some light corrosion evident NVF £sold sold
b6020 Pte. R. Andrews 12th Infantry (12th Battalion South African Infantry) Unit served German East Africa.  NEF £35  Add to Basket
b6021 R4-062837 Cpl. C. Ingle A.S.C. (Army Service Corps)   VF £sold sold
b6023 No 53 Sepoy Manga Khan 31/ Punjabis.  Very low number, polished fine  £50  Add to Basket
b6027 49500  Pte H. Rush R.A.M.C. (Royal Army Medical Corps.) VF £sold sold
b6031 (Two medals; 1914-15 Star and Victory Medal) S-9242 Pte. F. Hawkins Sea Highrs (Seaforth Highlanders) VF £55  Add to Basket
b6034 (Two medals; 1914-15 Star and British War Medal) 1195 Spr. H.E. Phillips R.E. (Royal Engineers) GVF £49  Add to Basket
b6037 (Two medals; 1914-15 Star and Victory Medal) 613 Spr A. Marr R.E. (Royal Engineers)  Low number. Star needs cleaned GVF £55  Add to Basket
b6051 No. 1653 Rfmn. Manwaz Khan 1/123/ Rfls. (1st Battalion 123rd Rifles) some contacting VF £30  Add to Basket
b6053 No. 4749 Spr. Rahim Ali 3/S.&M. (3rd Sappers and Miners) EF £30  Add to Basket
b6054 No. 2105 Sepoy Nur Hussain 62/Punjabis GVF £30  Add to Basket
b6058 56314 Spr. S.F. Jones RE. (Royal Engineers) possibly a trace of an official correction to "R.E." GVF £28  Add to Basket
b6059 No. 1205 Sepoy Rahmat Khan 74/Punjabis  GVF £30  Add to Basket
b6061 19788 Pte. T. Taylor G. Gds. (Grenadier Guards) Service papers are online.  Bullet wound to the Shoulder/humerus 1916, with 3rd Battalion. Back to Blighty for a few months, then back to his battalion at the front. This didn't work out due to some loss of movement in his shoulder although he remained in France with his Division serving with Employment Companies and PoW Guard duties etc.  GVF £39  Add to Basket
b6071 (Two medals; 1914-15 Star with Victory Medal) 35588 Dvr. G. Butterfield R.F.A. (Royal Field Artillery) VF £39  Add to Basket
b6072 (Two medals; 1914-15 Star with British War Medal) 8700 Dvr. J. Brown R.E. (Royal Engineers)  Tiny point impact on rim of BWM hardly worth mentioning GVF sold sold
b6074 (Two medals; 1914-15 Star with British War Medal) 135256 Spr. A. McRae. R.E.  (Royal Engineers) NEF sold sold
b6078 18109 Pte. W. Kay  K. O. Sco Bord. (King's Own Scottish Borderers), to Balkans, and a SWB for wounds. GVF £35  Add to Basket
 British War Medals (All)  
b7021 K.21500 W. Hancock  Sto. 1. R.N. (Royal Navy) ek VF £30  Add to Basket
b7024 PLY. 3430 Pte. B. Dibble R.M.L.I. (Royal Marine Light Infantry) VF £30  Add to Basket
b7026 M-282353 Pte. O.W. Griffiths A.S.C. (Army Service Corps)  NEF £27  Add to Basket
b7033 M2-101421  Pte. C.J. Channon ASC (Army Service Corps)  GVF £28  Add to Basket
b7037 S4-242873 Pte. E. Jinks  A.S.C.  (Army Service Corps) VF Some edge bumps VF £27  Add to Basket
b7046 M2-149059  Pte. R.T. Couchman A.S.C. (Army Service Corps)  GVF £27  Add to Basket
b7051 275863  Spr. P.W. Willis R.E. (Royal Engineers) GVF  £27  Add to Basket
b7052 L-8462 Gnr. A.J. Taylor R.A. (Royal Artillery)  NEF £27  Add to Basket
b7057 175387 Gnr. A. Roper R.A. (Royal Artillery)  NEF £sold sold
b7059 T4-275997 Dvr. J.E. Kelly A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) NEF £27  Add to Basket
b7060 T-2684 Dvr. W. Prowse A.S.C.  (Army Service Corps) GVF £sold sold
b7062 W-3564 Gnr.  J.H. Hughes R.A.  (Royal Artillery) GVF £30  Add to Basket
b7063 53357 Pte J. Parsons Devon R. (Devonshire Regiment) GVF Ek. £28  Add to Basket
b7065 GS-82176 Pte. A.V. Rushman R. Fus. (Royal Fusiliers) GVF £28  Add to Basket
b7073 42551 Pte. J.H. Mallard R. Fus (Royal Fusiliers) NEF £28

 Add to Basket

b7077 2425 S.D.   W. Moore  D.H. R.N.R.  (Deck Hand, Royal Naval Reserve)  GVF £28  Add to Basket
b7079 25938 Pte. W.L. Towsend Devon R. (Devonshire Regiment) GVF £28  Add to Basket
b7081 Dvr A. Lamont S.A.S.C. (South African Service Corps) VF sold  sold
b7082 Pte. R.G. Bakewell 6th S.A.I  (6th South African Infantry) some surface scuffing NVF £29  Add to Basket
b7083 21418 Pte. R.H. Jones Essex R. (Essex Regiment) small edge knocks and nibbles suspension slack F sold sold
b7085 52495 Pte.  T. Paterson R.S. Fus (Royal Scots Fusiliers) VF £29  Add to Basket
b7086 59225 Pte. G. Price. Devon R. (Devonshire Regiment) GVF £29  Add to Basket
b7088 B.Z. 6340  W.E. Richardson Ord. R.N.V.R. (Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve) + box of issue EF sold sold
b7089 1111 Havr. Umarudin Khan 2-9 Delhi Regt VF £36  Add to Basket
b7090 SE-28094 Pte.  J.J. Hall A.V.C. (Army Veterinary Corps) GVF £30  Add to Basket
b7091 24173 Pte. F. Eales. R. Fus (Royal Fusiliers) VF £30  Add to Basket
b7093 3470 Pte. E. Williams Ches. R. (Cheshire Regiment) GVF £30  Add to Basket
b7094 203863 Pte. T. Wilson Manc R. (Manchester Regiment) GVF £30  Add to Basket
b7095 B.Z. 7589 P.W. Brown Ord. R.N.V.R. (Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve)  NEF £32  Add to Basket
b7097 141189 Spr. J.A. Ellis C.E. (Canadian Engineers) light contact marks from other medals NVF £30  Add to Basket
b7099 S-8655 Pte. J. Sheddon Seaforth (Seaforth Highlanders)  GVF £30  Add to Basket
b7100 228254 Dvr. A.E. Snape R.A. (Royal Artillery) GVF sold sold
b7103 1458 Nk. Gopal Sing Rawat 2-39 R. Grwl. Rfls (2nd Battalion 39th Royal Garhwal Rifles) slight bruise, VF sold sold
b7104 R-9299 Pte. J. Oliver K.R. Rif. C. (King's Royal Rifle Corps) GVF £30  Add to Basket
b7105 Mte. H. Whiteman M.F.A. (Mate, Merchant Fleet Auxiliary) GVF £40  Add to Basket
b7106 2027 L-Dfdr. Niaz Muhammed 13 Lcrs (13th Lancers) VF £39 available
b7114 17933 Pte. E.A. Pain E. Surrey R. (East Surrey Regiment) GVF sold sold
b7116 64576 Pte. L. Fidler North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) GVF £30  Add to Basket
b7117 L-8968 Gnr. W.E. Moody R.A. (Royal Artillery) GVF £27  Add to Basket
b7118 1544 Sepoy Tek Bahadur 2 Kashmir Rfls (2nd Battalion Kashmir Rifles) VF £45  Add to Basket
b7119 16744 Spr. L. Whitewood R.E. (Royal Engineers) GVF £28  Add to Basket
b7120 3189DA R.H. Colby L.D.H. R.N.R. (Royal Naval Reserve) GVF £28  Add to Basket
b7123 115506 Pnr. R. Craddock R.E. (Royal Engineers) disk only VF £22  Add to Basket
b7127 65061 Dvr. E.T. Cambray R.A. (Royal Artillery) GVF £28  Add to Basket
b7128 2488 Pte. D. Saunders North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) NEF £28  Add to Basket
b7132 26577 Pte. G. H. Downey North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) NEF £28  Add to Basket
b7133 50890 Pte. J.R. Turley L'pool R. [The King's (Liverpool Regiment)]  GVF £30  Add to Basket
b7135 71286 Cpl W. Storey R.E.  (Royal Engineers) NEF £30  Add to Basket
b7136 1257 Spr. E. Beddall R.E. (Royal Engineers) VF £30  Add to Basket
b7137 22872 Pte. F.A. Tait North'd Fus (Northumberland Fusiliers) GVF £30  Add to Basket
b7138 133420 Spr. F. McNab R.E. (Royal Engineers) GVF £30  Add to Basket
b7139 28380 Pte. W. Patterson K.I.O.Y.L.I. (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) black toned NEF £33  Add to Basket
b7140 DEAL.2669-S- L.Cpl J. Allan R.M. (Royal Marines) GVF £31  Add to Basket
b7141 J.82779 J.R. Young Ord. R.N. (Royal Navy) GVF £30  Add to Basket
b7149 34464 Pte. F. Sale Worc. R. (Worcestershire Regiment) NEF £32  Add to Basket
b7150 28813 Pte. J. Butters E. York R. (East Yorkshire Regiment) has been abrasively cleaned NVF £25  Add to Basket
b7151 83120 Pte. S. Dickson North'd Fus (Northumberland Fusiliers) NEF £30  Add to Basket
b7153 434240 Spr. G.H. Pye R.E. (Royal Engineers) VF £28  Add to Basket
b7155 A-205143 Pte. W.C. Robinson K.R.Rif. C (King's Royal Rifle Corps) NEF £30  sold
b7156 CQMS S. Allen 2nd S.A.R. (2nd South African Rifles) some light polishing evident NVF £29  Add to Basket
b7157 Dvr. I. Booysen C.A.H.T.C. (Cape Auxiliary Horse Transport Company) worn only F £26  Add to Basket
b7158 Spr. W.T. McTaggart S.A.E.C. (South African Engineer Corps) NEF £28  Add to Basket
b7159 36582 Cpl. S. Ellis Devon R.  (Devonshire Regiment) GVF £28  Add to Basket
b7161 661911 Pte. G.E. Lewis. Labour Corps GVF £28  Add to Basket
b7162 Cpl. L.R. Anderson S.A.M.C. (South African Medical Corps) GVF £29  Add to Basket
b7167 505435 Spr. S. Armstrong C.E. (Canadian Engineers) NEF £28   Add to Basket
b7168 180625 Spr. W. Hadfield C.E. (Canadian Engineers) NEF £28   Add to Basket
b7171 2.Lieut A. Boakes  NEF £40  Add to Basket
b7172 373046 Pte. F. Butters R. Fus. (Royal Fusiliers) EF £29  Add to Basket
b7173 Sgt. H.W. White C.C.S. (Cape Command Signals) EF £39   Add to Basket
b7174 Const. J.J. Posthumus, 2nd M.C. (Second Military Constabulary) "C" of "M.C." is somewhat lightly impressed. NEF £45  Add to Basket
b7175 Nurse M.H. Bird. (A label on the ribbon states S.A.M.N.S. which is the South African Military Nursing Service.)  NEF £65  Add to Basket
b7176 2918 Sepoy Hazara Singh 90 Pjbis (90th Punjabis) VF £38  Add to Basket
b7177 3595 Sepoy Chanda Singh 1-67 Pjbis (1st Battalion, 67th Punjabis) VF £38  Add to Basket
b7178 4524 Sulaiman Khan 91 Pjbis (91st Punjabis)  some minor wear to rim edge at 3 and 9 o'clock. NVF £32  Add to Basket
b7179 1202 Jemdr. Yakub Khan 4 Pjbis (4th Punjabis) VF £48  Add to Basket
b7180 1681 Jemdr. Majhi Khan 93 Infy (93rd Infantry) eks GF £45  Add to Basket
b7181 2628 Sepoy Abdul Ghani 82 Pjbis (82nd Punjabis) VF £32  Add to Basket
b7182 2994 Sepoy Rusmat Khan 74 Pjbis (74th Punjabis) VF £37  Add to Basket
b7183 418973 A.Sjt. F.E. Cross 42 Can Inf (42nd Battalion Canadian Infantry) ek GVF £36  Add to Basket
b7184 451251 Cpl. T.P. Laird 58 Cn Inf (58th Battalion Canadian Infantry) NEF £36  Add to Basket
b7185 144899 Spr. C. Halstead R.E. (Royal Engineers) NEF £28  Add to Basket
b7186 25260 Pte. H. Hall York R. (Yorkshire Regiment) NEF £28  Add to Basket
b7187 204950 Pte. A.B. Heap Lan Fus (Lancashire Fusiliers) NEF £28  Add to Basket
b7189 37280 Pte. H.P. Miller York. L.I. (The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) entitled to a SWB GVF £28  Add to Basket
b7190 13418 Pte. R. Peat. W. York R. (Yorkshire Regiment) GVF £28  Add to Basket
b7191 290321 Pte. A. Smithies Som. L.I. (Somerset Light Infantry) £28  Add to Basket
b7192 307472 Pte. W. Thomason Lan. Fus. (Lancashire Fusiliers)  EF £28  Add to Basket
b7193 Kpl. J.J. Pienaar 2de Z.A.R. (2nd Zuid Afrikaansche Ruiters, 2nd South African Riders)  NEF £34  Add to Basket
b7194 Pte. D.M. Bailey 1st C.C. (1st Cape Corps)  VF £29  Add to Basket
b7195 Pte. J. Ogilvie Railway Rgt. (Railway Regiment) VF £45  Add to Basket
b7196 Burg. J.L. Maartens G.M.P. (Garrison Military Police)  VF £39  Add to Basket
b7197 3962 Sowar Sher Singh 25 Cav F.F. (25th Cavalry Frontier Force) NVF £35  Add to Basket
b7198 1073 L-Dfdr Mohd Fazal Khan 12 Cavy (12th Bengal Cavalry) GVF sold
b7199 Cpl D.M. Masson Ntl. Light Hse (Natal Light Horse) 'M' of initials is corrected. VF £35  Add to Basket
b7200 760 Sepoy Gajiman Bhaju 85 Rfls (85th Burma Rifles) NVF £40  Add to Basket
b7201 4096 Sowar Bhopal Singh 32 Lcrs (32nd Lancers) NVF sold
b7202 1033 Sower Azmat  Khan 31st Lcrs (31st Duke of Connaught's Own Lancers) GVF  sold
b7203 5036 Sepoy Sadda Singh 14 Sikhs (14th King George's Own Ferozepore Sikhs) VF  sold
b7204 Spr. D. Cannell W.S.C. (Water Supply Corps) GVF £45  Add to Basket
b7205 Sjt. J.K. Jadhunandhan 2nd I.B.C. (Indian Bearer Corps) VF £33  Add to Basket
b7206 4551 Sepoy Azmat Khan 99 Infy (99th Deccan Infantry) GF £30  Add to Basket
b7207 Subdr. Jagatpal Singh XI Rajputs GVF  sold
b7208 Barber Ramsah 103 Mah. L.I. (103rd Mahratta Light Infantry) VF £35  Add to Basket
b7209 783 Sepoy Sewa Singh 15 Sikhs (15th Ludhiana Sikhs)  NVF sold
b7210 2093 Sepoy Suba Khan 1-19 Pjbs. (1st Battalion, 19th Punjabis) NVF sold  Add to Basket
b7211 2862 Sepoy Albad Singh 1-4 Rajputs GF £28  Add to Basket
b7212 3568 Sepoy Mhod. Khan 20 Infy (20th Duke of Cambridge's Own Infantry (Brownlow's Punjabis)) GVF £35  Add to Basket
b7213 3034 Nck. Mehr. Mast 58 Rifles (58th Vaughan's Rifles)  NVF sold sold
b7214 1516 Sepoy Fazal Dad 54 Sikhs GVF £35  Add to Basket
b7215 1519 Nk. Ghulam Hussain 46 Pjbs (46th Punjabis) GVF £35  Add to Basket
b7216 1698 Sepoy Sundar Singh 45 Sikhs NVF £35  Add to Basket
b7217 3325 Sepoy Dewa 44 Merwara (44th Merwara Infantry) GVF £36  sold
b7218 4587 Sepoy Sham Singh 126 Bal Infy (126th Baluchistan Infantry) GVF £28  Add to Basket
b7219 4635 Sepoy Kartar Singh 124 Baluchis (124th Duchess of Connaught's Own Baluchistan Infantry) GVF £32  Add to Basket

Subr. Boston Khan 121 Pnrs (121st Pioneers) VF £39

 Add to Basket
b7221 2869  Rfmn Nawab Khan 104 Rfls (104th Wellesley's Rifles) GVF £35  Add to Basket
b7222 242061 Dvr. N. Bishop R.A. (Royal Artillery) NEF £28  Add to Basket
b7223 1053 Sepoy Afsar Ali Sham  112 Infy. (112th Infantry) GVF £35  Add to Basket
b7224 1756 Sepoy Akha Rawat 120 Infy. (120th Rajputana Infantry) NVF sold  sold
b7225 T2-015807  Dvr. M Morgan A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) NEF £27  Add to Basket
b7226 124458 Gnr. S. Whitchurch R.A. (Royal Artilery) NEF £27  Add to Basket
b7227 S-13383 Pte. A. Porteus Gordons (Gordon Highlanders) GVF £30  Add to Basket
b7228 2437 Cpl. A.B. Inwood R.E. (Royal Engineers) GVF £28  Add to Basket
b7229 118143 Dvr.J. Threlfall R.A. (Royal Artillery) NEF £28  Add to Basket
b7230 3-10947 Sjt. A. Liversidge W.Rid. R. (Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment) VF £29  Add to Basket
b7231 2374 Sepoy Gama Khan 1-66 Pjbs (1st Battalion, 66th Punjabis) NVF sold  sold
b7232 3322 Sepoy Ali Mardan 72 Pjbis (72nd Punjabis) VF £35  Add to Basket
b7233 754265 Pte. J. Dunn  58-Can Inf (58th Battalion Canadian Infantry) NEF sold sold
b7234 1862 Naik  Mohammed Akbar 62 Pjbis (62nd Punjabis) VF £35  Add to Basket
b7235 1060 Sepoy Abdul  Karim 59 Rfls F.F. (59 Scinde Rifles (Frontier Force) )  GVF sold sold
b7236 1010094 Pte. T. Bowman 46 Can Inf. (46th Battalion Canadian Infantry) worn, contacts, F £25  Add to Basket
b7237 16856 Pte. McCall K.O.Sco.Bord. (King's Own Scottish Borderers) KIA Gallipoli NEF sold  sold
b7238 2637 Nk. Sucha Singh 92 Pjbis (92nd Punjabis) VF £35  Add to Basket
b7239 160852 Cpl. L. Layng 54 Can-Inf (54th Battalion Canadian Infantry) KIA 30/09/1918 NEF sold sold
b7240 4/1307 Spr. H.H. Pink N.Z.E.F. (New Zealand Expeditionary Force) VF sold sold
 Victory Medals
b7517 M2-168250 Pte. R. Cromarthy A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) GVF £12  Add to Basket
b7520 3191 Dvr. E.S. Redfern R.E. (Royal Engineers) GVF £14  Add to Basket
b7526 4057 Pte. J. Forbes L'pool R. (The King's Liverpool Regiment) GVF £15  Add to Basket
b7532 M2-073273 Pte L. Anderson A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) NEF £13  Add to Basket
b7534 159165 Pte. F. Walters A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) GVF £13  Add to Basket
b7535 104588 Pte. A. Wadsworth A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) GVF £13  Add to Basket
b7541 228333 Pnr. E. Batchelor R.E. (Royal Engineers) MIC Shows also served in the East Kent Regiment, numbered G-28157 GVF £16  Add to Basket
b7542 M-347102 Pte. J.H. Carruthers A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) GVF £13  Add to Basket
b7543 M2-203928 Pte. T. Sumner A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) GVF £13  Add to Basket
b7550 2892 Pte. W. Dring Notts & Derby R. (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment, The Sherwood Foresters) small edge knocks F £16  Add to Basket
b7556 204860 Pte F. W. Carr North'n R (Northamptonshire Regiment) GVF £18  Add to Basket
b7559 8065 Pte. H. Cooper 9-Lond. R. (9th London Regiment, Queen Victoria's Rifles) GVF £19  Add to Basket
b7561 517 Sgt C.W. Eddings Notts & Derby R. (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment, The Sherwood Foresters) Entitled to a 15 star trio and a TEM and clasp according to his MIC. NEF £22  Add to Basket
b7566 59693 Pte. J. Aspinall M.G.C. (Machine Gun Corps) GVF £18  Add to Basket
b7567 67096 Pte. I. Vaughan M.G.C. (Machine Gun Corps) VF £18  Add to Basket
b7568 1611 Pte. W. Holland North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) somewhat worn NVF. £18 sold
b7569 2408 Pte. W. Clarke Durh. L.I. (Durham Light Infantry) worn F. £14  sold
b7570 661344 Pte. G.A. Colvert Labour Corps. GVF £19  Add to Basket
b7571 7787 Gnr. T. Bails R.A. (Royal Artillery) GVF £15  Add to Basket
b7572 200783 Spr. B. Trickey R.E. (Royal Engineers) NEF £16  Add to Basket
b7573 1181 Dvr. J. Sowerby R.A. (also numbered 675309 on MIC) A Bty. 275th Bde. Royal Field Artillery, died of wounds, 25th April 1918, buried Etaples Military Cemetery. Born Toxteth Lancs, enlisted Liverpool. GVF sold sold
b7574 8869 Pte. E.A. Windebank W. Rid R. (West Riding Regiment) ek NVF £20  Add to Basket
b7575 300045 Pte. J. Marshall W. Yorks. R. (West Yorkshire Regiment) Some documents are online for this soldier. Lived 43 Cheviot View, Byker, Newcastle. 18th Battalion (2nd Bradford Pals) West Yorkshire Regiment. Prisoner of War for 19 months in Germany. Received shrapnel wounds to the head, back and leg; treated in a German PoW hospital. Looks like the Germans picked Private Marshall up off the battlefield on the 3rd May 1917. NEF sold sold
b7576 G-31868 Pte. T. Kneller R. Suss. R. (Royal Sussex Regiment) ek VF £20  Add to Basket
b7577 189278 Gnr A. Baker R.A. (MIC shows Royal Garrison Artillery) GVF £15  Add to Basket
b7578 73600 Pte. E. Dodd Durh. L.I. (Durham Light Infantry) GVF £19  sold
b7579 6755 Pte. J. Irwin North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) scratches and edge knocks F £13  Add to Basket
b7580 58431 Pte. T. Laight Manc. R. (Manchester Regiment) VF £20  Add to Basket
b7581 252399 Pte. G.T. Gillman Essex R. (Essex Regiment) couple of small edge nicks. VF £18 sold
b7582 6539 Pte. A. Wilkins 6-Lond. R. (6th Battalion, The London Regiment) GVF £22  Add to Basket
b7583 46502 Pte. J. Parris Leic R (Leicestershire Regiment) GVF £22  Add to Basket
b7584 203240 Pte. E. Cork E. Lan. R. (East Lancashire Regiment) GVF £20  Add to Basket
b7585 8225 Pte. W.L. Fleming R. Fus. (Royal Fusiliers) GVF £20  Add to Basket
b7586 6879S C. Haith Sto. R.N.R (Royal Naval Reserve) GVF £18  Add to Basket
 Memorial Plaques (wide "H" types unless stated)
b8007 'George Parker' drilled at 12 o'clock £85  Add to Basket
b8011 This plaque has had the name erased and then engraved "Thomas Ellis" - someone might have a use for this? polished VF £45 sold
b8023 'Arthur Horace Watts' Unique when cross referenced with solders died: 9626 Private Arthur Horace Watts, 9th Battalion Essex Regiment, killed in action 3rd July 1916. 3rd day of the battle of the Somme. Buried Ovillers Military Cemetery. Born Hackney, enlisted Stratford, resided Walthamstow. GVF  £105  sold
b8029 'Michael McGuire'  GVF £88  Add to Basket
     Silver War Badges

   WW1 Miscellaneous
b9001 Iron Lusitania medal in box of issue with original enclosure leaflet GVF  image2  image3  GVF sold sold
b9012 Trench art No 5, Mk 1. British hand grenade. Mounted with East Yorkshire Regiment cap badge, and a narrow slot slot cut in the front (moneybox?). Brass base plug dated 8/16;  made at the Elmbank Foundry Glasgow. Empty and safe, can be dismantled. Heavy item, UK only. sold sold
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Recently Sold Items

b1905 1914 Star Trio: 5229  Pte. A.J. Day 2/K.R.Rif.C. (2nd Battalion, King's Royal Rifle Corps) GVF sold sold
b1906 1914 Star Trio: 8466 Pte. D. Carr 1/Gord. Highrs. (1st Battalion, Gordon Highlanders) mounted as worn NEF sold sold
b2440 1914-15 Star Trio: G-8646 Pte. R. Storey Middx. R. 11th Btn. DOW.  28th March 1916, F & F, Born Norwich, enlisted St. Pancras, resided Islington. with MIC. NEF sold sold
b2450 (1914-15 Star Trio with Memorial Plaque)  19155 Pte A. Sargent Essex R.  11th Battalion, Killed in Action 22/3/18, age 20. No known grave, commemorated on the Arras Memorial, Bay 7.  Alfred Sargent, born, enlisted and resided Colchester. Son of Henry and Annie Maria Sargent of 35 Shrub End, Colchester.  (German Spring Offensive: 44 of the battalion killed on day one [21st] and 55 more including Sargent on this the 2nd day) plaque image  GVF sold  sold
b2581 1914-15 Star Trio: PS-7204 Pte. G.H. Green R. Fus (Royal Fusiliers) NEF sold sold
b2583 1914-15 Star Trio: 11016. Pte J. Low 3rd. Hrs (3rd Hussars) GVF sold sold
b2589 1914-15 Star Trio: 15678 Pte H. Drysdale North'd Fus (Northumberland Fusiliers) + red fibre dog tag GVF sold sold
b2591 1914-15 Star Trio: 5645 Pte T. Bell North'd Fus (Northumberland Fusiliers) GVF sold sold
b2592 1914-15 Star Trio: 11561 Pte. T.W. Dent North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) GVF sold  sold
b2596 1914-15 Star Trio: 16701  Pte. J.O. Young R. Fus (Royal Fusiliers)  Comes with copy MIC and medal roll which shows 2nd Battalion, first theatre (2b) Balkans; Christian names "James Oswald", which when cross referenced to the 1911 census shows only one, a 15 year old Apprentice Engineer from 3 Ellesmere Terrace, Middlesbrough. Number is prefixed on the pair "GS"  GVF sold sold

1914-15 Star Trio: 39542 Pte. J. Atkinson Durh. L. I. (Durham Light Infantry) number on the pair is 14948, these numbers correct as per the MIC, which also shows service with the Labour Corps. Private Jacob Atkinson is also entitled to a silver war badge, roll for this included, showing badge issued for wounds.  NEF sold

b2605 1914-15 Star Trio: 12995 Pte. T. Arkless North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) MIC shows to Balkans 20/9/15 and also served with the Labour Corps. GVF sold  sold
b2606 1914-15 Star Trio: 3-9787 Pte J. Gladstone North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) entitled to a SWB for wounds, enlisted 9/11/14 discharged 5/7/17. Medals mounted as worn, minor ek to BWM GVF sold sold
b2607 1914-15 Star Trio: S-2307 Pte. W. Sowter Rif. Brig. (Rifle Brigade)   NEF sold  sold
b2611 1914-15 Star Trio: S-6723 Pte. McL. Baxter Gord Highrs. (Pte M. Baxter on pair) Private Macclatchie Baxter 9th Battalion Gordon Highlanders killed in action 6th June 1918 aged 36. Son of Mrs. Jane Baxter, of 108, Raplock St., Larkhall, Lanarkshire. Buried Anzin-St. Aubin French Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais.  NEF sold  sold
b2612 1914-15 Star Trio: 6240 Pte. A. Caygill Durh. L.I. (Durham Light Infantry) NEF comes with related single Victory Medal to S-306875 Pte. J.R. Caygill A.S.C. We assume these men are brothers? NEF (four medals) sold  sold
b2613 1914-15 Star Trio: 23469 Pte. G. Powell Durh. L.I. (Durham Light Infantry) GVF sold sold
b2614 1914-15 Star Trio: 5500 Pte. G. Cowan Durh. L.I. (Durham Light Infantry) GVF sold sold
b2616 1914-15 Star Trio: 4391 Pte. J. Dobson North'd Fus. Private Joshua Dobson, 8th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers died 16th August 1917. No known grave, Commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium. Born Chopwell, enlisted Newcastle. NEF sold  sold
b2618 1914-15 Star Trio: 7828 Pte. A. Felton Suff. R. (Suffolk Regiment)  This soldiers MIC shows "forfeited desertion" in relation to the star but this is struck through and roll entry is marked reinstated. Theatre entry 16th January 1915, and the card shows 1st Battalion.  NEF sold  sold
b2620 1914-15 Star Trio: 10559 Pte. D. Chapman North'd Fus (Northumberland Fusiliers) GVF sold sold
b2621 1914-15 Star Trio: 11044 L/Cpl. F.R.W. Fenwick C. Gds.   11044 Lance Corporal Frederick Richard William Fenwick, 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards,  killed in action 22nd December 1914. No known grave, commemorated on the Le Touret Memorial. Son of John M. Fenwick, of 85, Ariel St., Ashington, Northumberland. Comes with a modern photo of 85 Ariel Street. GVF sold sold
b2623 1914-15 Star Trio: 10905 Pte. P.G. Alves Dorset R.:-   10905 Private Percival George Alves, 5th Bn. Dorsetshire Regiment, killed in action 9th August 1915 aged 22. Commemorated on the Helles Memorial Gallipoli.  Son of George and Amy Jessie Alves, of 21, Norbins Rd., Glastonbury, Somerset.  Born and resided Glastonbury, enlisted Taunton, Somerset. Trio comes with his father's silver National Fire Brigades Union Medal with 'twenty years' top bar. Medal hallmarked and engraved 'Lieutenant G. Alves Feb 6 1913' GVF (4 medals) sold sold
b2625 1914-15 Star Trio: R-2290 L.Cpl. W. Best K.R.Rif.C. Lance Corporal William Best, 10th Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps, died of wounds 10th August 1917. Son of William Best, of 33, Severn St., Middlesbrough. Born and Enlisted Middlesbrough. Buried Bard Cottage Cemetery, Belgium. GVF (replacement set of ribbons will be included) sold sold
b2624 1914-15 Star Trio: 25955 Pte. E.A. Pursell Durh. L.I.:- Some service papers have survived for this man, showing he was wounded and taken prisoner of war by the Germans.  Mounted as worn GVF sold sold
b3270 1914-15 Star Trio: L-27070 Dvr. G. Harlow. RFA. (Royal Field Artillery) Driver George Harlow, "D" Battery, 231st Brigade; died of wounds 17th October 1917  Copy MIC, GVF back of star discoloured, due a clean. sold sold
b3300 1914-15 Star Trio: 15172 Gnr Wyal Field Artillery) Papers are online for this man. A previous regular also awarded the India Medal 1895 (Relief of Chitral and Punjab Frontier 1897), Queen's South Africa (Johannesburg, Driefontein, Diamond hill +) and the King's South Africa.  Whereabouts of his Victorian campaign medals unknown. Widgery was from Winchester. Medals contacted. GF sold sold
b3301 1914-15 Star Trio: 533 Pte. R. Bywater. R.A.M.C. (Royal Army Medical Corps) 533 Private Robert Bywater, 2nd/1st East Lancashire Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps, died at sea 13th August 1915. Commemorated Helles Memorial Gallipoli. Born Clayton Lancashire, enlisted Manchester. GVF £sold sold
b3296 1914-15 Star Trio: 1224 Pte H. Dawson R.A.M.C. (Royal Army Medical Corps) Private Harry Dawson died 30th September 1918. With Service papers: died of dysentery in a German prisoner of war camp. (captured 27th May 1918) Born and enlisted Newcastle.  Service number at CWGC is 386051 both numbers confirmed on papers. Dawson was a shipyard plater, enlisted 1912, lived Norfolk Street, Byker. GVF sold sold
b3297 1914-15 Star Trio: 32240 Pte. A.W. Jackson R.A.M.C.  (Royal Army Medical Corps) 32240 Private Albert William Jackson, 102nd Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps. Died of wounds 21st October 1917 aged 26. Buried Dozinghem Military Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Son of Albert and Emma Jackson; husband of Emily Jackson, of 25, Pitt St., Mexbro', Yorks. NEF sold  sold
b3298 (Trio with Memorial Plaque) 21775 Gnr. J.C. Anderson R.G.A. (R.A. on the pair) Gunner John Craig Anderson, 9th Siege Battery Royal Garrison Artillery, aged 33, died at home 6th September 1917, and is buried in Jarrow Cemetery. Husband of Edith Anderson of 91 Walter Street, Jarrow. Plaque in its folder. NEF sold  sold
b3299 1914-15 Star Trio: M2-100227 Pte. C.E. Pestell A.S.C. Private Charles Ernest Pestell, Army Service Corps Mechanical Transport Caterpillar Section, attached to V Corps Heavy Artillery, Died of Wounds, 2nd April 1918, aged 32. Buried St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen. Son of Charles and Ann Pestell, of Rotherby, Leicester; husband of Margaret Ada Pestell, of Preston's Farmhouse, Ightham, Sevenoaks, Kent. Born King's Cliffe, enlisted Leicester, resided Stoke Prior, Hereford.  GVF £ sold
b3302 1914-15 Star Trio: T4-040719. Dvr. P. Thew. A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) GVF sold sold
b3305 1914-15 Star Trio: Capt. C.H. Fraser. R.F.A. (Royal Field Artillery) , Captain on all three. Mounted as worn GVF sold sold 
b3580 1914-15 Star Trio:  M. 10833. R. Guy 2.Ck. Mte. R.N (Royal Navy) GVF sold sold
b3581 1914-15 Star Trio: J. 34605. W. Orledge Boy. 1. R.N (Royal Navy) GVF sold sold
b3583 1914-15 Star Trio: 227564 W.W. Barker. P.O. Tel. R.N. (Royal Navy) NEF sold sold
b3712 Single British War Medal : John Dagger (Chief Engineer, Mercantile Marine. Born Preston 1891. With copy C.R.10 form which has an ID portrait photo of recipient) NEF £ sold
b3750 Single Mercantile Marine War Medal: Thomas A. Ellis. With copy C.R.10 form which has an ID portrait photo of recipient: born Lichfield, 1897, Rating in 1919 "Quarter Master". NEF sold sold
b3751 Pair; Mercantile Marine War Medal and British War Medal, George Williams. Several men of this name on the medal cards, including casualties NEF sold sold
b3753 Pair; Mercantile Marine War Medal and British War Medal, to Frank H. Liddle: Copy CR10 Merchant Navy card refers; Frank Henry Liddle, born Chatterton 1899, Wireless Operator. Card also shows a photo of a young looking Liddle. NEF £

b4448 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: S-15325 Pte. S. Belfall Rif. Brig. (Rifle Brigade) NEF with copy 1911 census. Showing Samuel Belfall (aged 19) living at Southwick, London with his father also a Samuel Belfall (aged 59). Belfall Snr. was a scaffolder and Belfall Jnr. was a printer's messenger. These are the only two "Samuel Belfall's" on the entire census NEF sold sold
b4449 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: T4-044945 Dvr. A.E. Greene A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) NEF sold  sold
b4452 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 172085 Gnr. A. Cox R.A. (Royal Artillery) GVF sold sold
b4460 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: Engr. P. Whyte M.F.A.  ( Engineer, Merchant Fleet Auxiliary) NEF sold sold
b4464 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 37723 Pte. S.W.M. Stead W. Yorks R. (West Yorkshire Regiment) GVF  sold sold
b4466 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 19838 Pte. J. Marr K.O.S.B. (Kings Own Scottish Borderers) GVF sold sold
b4473 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: T4-215198 Dvr H. Thompson A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) NEF sold sold
b4484 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 214810 Gnr. W.W. Ballard R.A. (Royal Artillery) NEF sold sold
b4495 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: TZ.10365 J. Heptenstall A.B. RNVR.  (Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve)  copy service sheet. Served aboard the Armed Boarding Steamer HMS Amsterdam from 10th May 1917 to 31st Dec 1918; operating out of HMS Gibraltar then the HMS Gunner bases in Scotland.  Some knocks to victory VF sold sold
b4497 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: M2-149241 Pte. R.C.Goodram A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) NEF sold sold
b4500 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: K.44062 P.W. Saunders Sto. 1 RN. (Royal Navy) Very well polished! G.  £ sold
b4501 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 162700 Gnr. H.D. Leach R.A.  (Royal Artillery) NEF sold sold
b4503 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: (Pair with memorial plaque) M-349561 Pte H. Lawson A.S.C. ('Henry Lawson' on the plaque):-   M/349561 Private Henry Lawson, Mechanical Transport, Army Service Corps,  Died  23/10/1918 aged 34. Buried Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille, Pas de Calais, France. Son of Robert and Elizabeth Lawson, of Seaton Delaval Northumberland; husband of Margaret Lawson, of 22, Avenue Rd., Seaton Delaval, Northumberland. 1911 Census return shows Henry was a coal miner. EF sold  sold
b4507 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 338192 Gnr G.E. Aldersley R.A. (Royal Artillery). Service number suggests 'Durham Fortress Royal Garrison Artillery'. with tatty box NEF sold sold
b4509 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 315776 Pte. J.R. Parker Tank Corps GVF sold sold
b4513 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 30151 Pte. T. McLean K.O.Scot. Bord. (King's Own Scottish Borderers). Some service papers have survived for this man; Thomas McLean lived 15 Edgemont Gardens, Langside, Glasgow. Aged 36, married with 3 children. Received a 'Blighty' gun shot wound in 1918 to the upper arm and face which put him in Whipps Cross War Hospital, then discharged. (entitled to a SWB) GVF sold sold
b4515 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 292977 Pte.  E.C.Woodhouse Midd'x R. (Middlesex Regiment) Private Ernest Charles Woodhouse, 3/10th Battalion Middlesex Regiment, killed in action 4th October 1917 aged 32.   Son of Frederick Woodhouse, of 29, Gratton Terrace, Cricklewood, London; husband of Evelyn Woodhouse, of 11, Marquis Rd., Camden Square, Camden Town, London. GVF sold  sold
b4517 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 73158 Pte. A. Goddard Welsh R. (Welsh Regiment) GVF sold sold
b4519 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 2347 Pte. R. Michie R.A.M.C. (Royal Army Medical Corps) GVF sold
b4522 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 423670 Pte. F. J. Whitehead 10-Lond R. (10th London Regiment, Hackney) NEF sold sold
b4523 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 94923 Pte. T. Hoggarth L'pool R.    94923 Rifleman Thomas Hogarth, 6th Battalion The King’s Liverpool Regiment, killed in action, 1st September 1918 aged 19. Son of John T. and Elizabeth Hoggarth, of Victoria Terrace, Caldervale, Lancs. Buried Queant Road Cemetery, Buissy, Pas des Calais. GVF sold sold
b4526 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 31528 Pte. T. Ellis L'Pool R.  31528 Private Thomas Ellis, 4th Battalion The King's (Liverpool Regiment), Died of wounds, 23rd of April 1917 aged 20. Buried Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux, originally buried Henin-Sur-Cojeul German Cemetery. Son of John and Eliza Ellis, of 17, Enfield Rd., Old Swan, Liverpool. VF  sold sold
b4529 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 3380 Pte T. Atkinson North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) medals are contacted G sold sold
b4530 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 3981 Cpl. J. Robinson North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers). 3981 Lance Sergeant Joseph Robinson, 2nd Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers Killed in Action 18th October 1918. SDGW shows born 'Burgess Green, Durham.' Enlisted Newcastle. CWGC gives this man's number as 813981 and SDGW as 3981. Only number on MIC is 3981. Pair is full entitlement.  EF sold sold
b4535 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: M2-133761 C.Q.M.Sjt. D. Peebles. A.S.C. (entitled to a Meritorious Service Medal and a MID emblem - both missing. Peebles was from Rutherglen according to the London Gazette) NEF sold sold
b4541 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 260230 Spr. J. Colmer R.E. (Royal Engineers) GVF sold sold
b4542 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 59589 Pte. J. Thomson R. Scots.  (Royal Scots) GVF sold sold
b4543 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: Capt. A.C.W. Hands GVF sold sold
b4544 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: S-307335 Pte. E.E. Wilson A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) GVF sold sold
b4550 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 50511 Pte. B. Buckley Linc. R. (Lincolnshire Regiment) some minor bruising GVF sold sold
b4552 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 95756 Pte. G. Collin L'pool R. (Liverpool Regiment) NEF sold sold
b4554 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 4-3563 Pte. J. A. McClean North'd Fus. 4-3563 Private John Archibold Mclean , 1/4th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers, died of wounds 17th September 1916. Son of Mr. D. McLean, of 24, Quay St., Newport, Isle of Wight. Buried St. Pierre Cemetery Amiens NEF sold sold
b4545 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 242691 Pte. T.J. Stoker Y & L. R. 242691 Private Thomas Joseph Stoker 2nd/5th Bn., York and Lancaster Regiment, killed in action, 3rd May 1917 Age 41. Son of Robert and Margaret Stoker; husband of Jane Thynne Stoker, of Vulcan Place, Bedlington, Northumberland Commemorated Arras Memorial. GVF sold sold
b4546 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: K.30035 H.C. Kerr Sto. RN. (Royal Navy) BWM is NEF, Victory is somewhat worn with small nicks and bumps. Chap probably wore it on his watch chain NEF and F sold sold
b4548 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 36308 Pte. J.F. Turner North'd Fus. 36308 Private John Futers Turner, 26th (Tyneside Irish) Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, killed in action 1st November 1917 aged 19. Son of John Dawson Turner and Annie Turner, of 1, Victoria Terrace, Prudhoe, Northumberland. Buried St. Martin Calvaire British Cemetery, St. Martin-Sur-Cojeul.  GVF £sold sold
b4551 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair:  J.Clayton Tr. M.F.A.  898589 Trimmer Joseph Clayton, H.M.S. "Champagne." Mercantile Marine Reserve died 9th October 1917 aged 24.  Son of Thomas and Jessie Clayton, of Liverpool; husband of May Clayton, of 99, Gladstone Rd., Edge Hill, Liverpool. Plymouth Naval Memorial.  [HMS Champagne: Armed Merchant Cruiser sunk by German Submarine in the Irish Sea. ] NEF £sold sold
b4555 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 204381 Pte. R.C. Simpson North'd. Fus.   204381 Private Ronald Cuthbert Simpson 12/13th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers, died 14th March 1918, no known grave and commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. Born Swallwell Durham, enlisted Newcastle. NEF sold  sold
b4557 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 326362 Pte. J. McNeish R. Scots  326362 Private John McNeish, 2nd Battalion Royal Scots, killed in action 2nd May 1918 aged 26. No known grave and commemorated on the Loos memorial. Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John McNeish, of Craigbeck Cottage, Moffat, Dumfriesshire.    sold sold
b4560 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 121366 M. Ford C.P.O. R.N. (Royal Navy) GVF sold sold
b4564 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: K 33595 H.S. Crosby Sto. 1 R.N (Royal Navy) GVF sold sold
b4565 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: M 34537 A.A. Cooper 3 Wr.  R.N (Royal Navy) GVF sold sold
b4468 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 24347 Pte. E. Martin K.R.Rif.C. (King's Royal Rifle Corps)  VF sold sold
b4566 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 288777 W.L. Wood S.P.O. R.N (Royal Navy) GVF sold sold 
b4570 S-21952 Pte. S. Fossett Rif. Brig. Rifleman Samuel Fossett 13th Battalion Rifle Brigade, died of wounds 13th September 1918. Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Fossett; husband of Mary Ann Fossett, of 15, Salisbury Row, Rodney Rd., Walworth, London. Commemorated Vis-en Artois Memorial . Some contacting to BWM, and number lightly impressed on the victory medal. VF sold sold
b4508 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: M2-113771 Pte. F. H. Leet A.S.C. (Army Service Corps)  NEF sold sold
b5001  (Two medals; 1914 Star and British War Medal) 10827 Pte. F. Churchill C. Gds. (Coldstream Guards) MIC shows theatre entry 11/11/14 entitled to SWB number B346020. SWB roll shows "D.A.H"  for cause of discharge, whatever that is. Enlisted 6th August 1914, Discharged 28th February 1919. GVF sold sold
b4540 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: 1974 Pte. J. Wright Sco. Rif. (Scottish Rifles) VF sold sold
b4549 British War Medal and Victory Medal Pair: Lieut W.P. Morris.    Lieutenant William Percy Morris 11th Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps, died 20th December 1918 aged 30. Buried St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen. Son of William and Emily Jane Morris, of "St. Sever," Vernon Rd., Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Native of Goodmayes, Essex. with crushed boxes and packets of issue, enclosure slip and 7 photos of grave and female relative. [ what's going on there then? did the parents name their house after their son's cemetery?] EF sold sold
b5006 (Two medals; 1914 Star and Victory Medal) 3-5049 Pte. D. Macphee Cam Highrs.  (Cameron Highlanders)  EF sold sold
b5012 (Two medals; 1914 Star and British War Medal) 7815 Pte. J. Bodsworth 1/North'd Fus (7815 Sjt J.H. Bodsworth North'd Fus on the British War Medal) GVF sold sold
b5008 1914 Star: 8636 Pte J. Beattie K.O. Sco. Bord. (King's Own Scottish Borderers) NEF sold sold
b5009 1914 Star: 555 Pte. H. David 1/Rif. Brig.  (1st Battalion, Rifle Brigade) NEF sold sold
b5010 1914 Star: 7725 Pte. W. Ryan 1/E. York R. 7725 Private William Ryan, 1st Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment, died of wounds, 27th October 1914. Buried Erquinghem-Lys Cemetery, Nord, France. Son of William and Catherine Ryan, of Hull. Born and Resided Hull, enlisted Beverley. VF sold sold
b5010 1914 Star: 28313 Gnr. T.J. Ellis RFA (Royal Field Artillery) Killed in Action 15th October 1914. A typed note that came with this medal reads: "Thomas Jacob Ellis- This man served as Gunner 28313 with the XV Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery, which was a regular army unit with 5th Division. He landed in France with the brigade on 19 August 1914, and was killed in action on 15 October 1914. He won the 1914 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. His next of kin claimed the "clasp and roses" for his 1914 Star. Unusually for a gunner, Thomas has no known grave and is commemorated in the Memorial to the Missing at Le Touret. According to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, he was with 11 Battery in the brigade and was husband of Ada Elizabeth Ellis, of 95, Larches St., Sparkbrook, Birmingham. He was a member of the Birmingham Fire Brigade and almost certainly of the Special Reserve, called up immediately on outbreak of the war. "
VF sold
b5011 (Two items, 1914 Star with Memorial Plaque) S-28320 Pte. P. Ellis A.S.C., Memorial Plaque to "Percival Ellis". MIC Shows No.2 Field Butchery ASC and Cheshire Regiment, number 51356 .  A research note that comes with these states:  Percival Ellis:  He turned out to be a rather interesting gentleman. He landed in France on the very early date of 11 August 1914 and at that time was serving as Private S/298230 with the Army Service Corps. This is a reasonable indicator that he had been a Special Reservist before the war, mobilised for duty on 5 August. He was serving with No 2 Field Butchery when he landed but served at times with 1st, 4th, 5th and 19th Divisions and No 2 Lines of Communication Company and by the description "unit of supply" was in all probability employed in their field butcheries.
Percival had no fewer than nine separate periods of service with the ASC before he transferred to the 16th (Service) Battalion of the Cheshire Regiment on 24 September 1917. On each occasion he would have left for medical reasons. Given a role with a butchery we would expect this to have been due to illness rather than wounds.

51356 Corporal Percival Ellis died with the 16th Battalion Cheshire Regiment, attached to the 12th Entrenching Battalion, 6th April 1918. Buried Namps-Au-Val British Cemetery. Husband of A. Ellis, of Tweed, Ontario, Canada.
 VF, plaque is drilled at 12 o'clock (see picture) sold

b6014 No.1324 Sowar Jata Singh 3/Horse GVF sold  sold
b6015 1914-15 Star:  No. 2856 Sepoy Khan Mohd. 1/89/Punjabis VF sold sold
b6032 (Two medals; 1914-15 Star and Victory Medal) 5903 Cpl. A.T. Morris Glouc R. (Gloucestershire Regiment) (Sjt. on Victory) With MIC which shows 10th battalion. GVF sold sold
b6064 1914-15 Star:  13515 Dvr. S. Castledine R.F.A. (Royal Field Artillery)  GVF  sold sold
b6070 1914-15 Star:  No. 3327 L. Dfdr. Sahu Khan 7/ Hariana Lncrs.  (7th Hariana Lancers)  GVF sold sold
b6022 1914-15 Star: S-9543 Cpl. E.E. Boardman Rif. Brig. (Rifle Brigade) GVF sold sold
b6024 R4-067510 Pte. H. Mann A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) GVF sold  sold
b6038 1914-15 Star: 55408 Spr. T. E. Webber R.E. (Royal Engineers)  number has been double struck, GVF sold sold
b6042 1914-15 Star: 138010 Spr. C. Beaumont R.E. (Royal Engineers)  NEF sold sold
b6043 1914-15 Star: 36936 Dvr A. Bridges R.F.A. Driver Arthur Bridges, 20th Div. Ammunition Column, Royal Field Artillery, killed in action 25th July 1918, buried Villers Station Cemetery, Villers-Au-Bois. Born and enlisted Saxmundham Suffolk. Comes with a postcard photo of two artillerymen, one marked with a cross believed to be Bridges. GVF sold sold
b6044 1914-15 Star: No. 2411 Sepoy Murad Khan 1/56/Rfls. F.F. (1st Battalion 56th Rifles Frontier Force) VF sold  sold
b6050 1914-15 Star: No.1303 Nk. Mahr. Mohd. 1/19/Pjbs. (1st Battalion  19th Punjabis) VF sold sold
b6045 1914-15 Star: No. 3467 Sepoy Maghar Singh 45. R. Sikhs (45th Royal Sikhs) sold sold
b6046 1914-15 Star: No. 697 Spr. Rahim Ali  Ry. Bn. S&M. (Railway Battalion Sappers and Miners) GVF sold sold
b6047 1914-15 Star: No. 2008 Sepoy Imam Din, 1/The 101/Grndrs ( 1st Battalion The 101st Grenadiers) GVF sold sold
b6048 1914-15 Star: No. 1933 Sepoy Fazal Khan Reserve Bn. B.M.P. (Reserve Battalion, Burma Military Police) VF sold sold
b6049 1914-15 Star: No. 1107 Gunr Gulab Khan 27/ Mtn. By. (27th Mountain Battery) GVF sold sold
b6052 1914-15 Star: No. 3240 Resvt Tnakar Singh 45 R. Sikhs. (45th Royal Sikhs)  GVF sold sold
b6055 1914-15 Star: L-19685 Gnr. T. Jesson R.F.A. (Royal Field Artillery) GVF sold sold
b6056 1914-15 Star: 1819 Sgt. C Keen North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) (Served with the 1st Battalion in India pre WW1 and entitled to a IGSM clasp North West Frontier 1908) GVF sold  sold
b6057 1914-15 Star: 72 Pte A. Ayres North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) MIC shows 17th Battalion prefix, (North East Railway Pioneers) but the medal is simply impressed "72"   VF sold sold
b6060 1914-15 Star: 14415 Pte. J.A. Meeres C. Gds. Private John Augustus Meeres, 4th Battalion Coldstream Guards, killed in action aged 30, 29th October 1917. Buried Canada Farm Cemetery, Ypres. Son of Augustus and Elizabeth Meeres, of 149, Newmarket St., Great Grimsby, Lincs. NEF sold sold
b6062 1914-15 Star: 18789 Pte. H. Ellis R. Innis. Fus. (Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers) MIC shows entitlement to a SWB.  A research note that comes with this one reads: "Henry Ellis: This man served as Private 18789 with the 11th (Service) Battalion of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. He enlisted on 5 January 1915, and landed in. France with the battalion on 5 October 1915. This makes it very likely he came from Ulster, as the battalion was raised in Counties Donegal and Fermanagh from members of the Ulster Volunteer Force. Interestingly, there is a man of this name from Ellismere in County Donegal, who signed the Ulster Covenant in 1914 at Bundoran. It may well be him. He was discharged at the age of 22 on 11 April 1917, having been wounded. He won the 1914-15 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal and got a Silver War Badge."   East-west star points are dented/worn [see picture] only G . sold sold
b6063 1914-15 Star: G-9584 Pte. J. Woods, Midd'x R. (Middlesex Regiment)  GVF sold sold
b6065 1914-15 Star: 4474 Pte. A. Stevens Glouc. R. (Gloucestershire Regiment) VF sold sold
b6066 1914-15 Star: G-2618 Pte. P. Fox R. Suss. R. (Royal Sussex Regiment) NEF sold  sold
b6067 Lt. C. King. S.A.S.C. - T & R. ( South African Service Corps - Transport and Remounts)  NEF sold sold
b6068 1914-15 Star: 638 Spr. W. Lewis R.E. (Royal Engineers) GVF sold sold
b6069 1914-15 Star: 167419  A.R. Macey A.B. R.N. (Royal Navy) VF sold sold
b6073 1914-15 Star: (Two medals; 1914-15 Star with British War Medal) S4-059964 Pte. G. Campbell A.S.C. (Army Service Corps). MIC Shows also served with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Discharged 19/8/1918 from that latter unit and entitled to a Silver War Badge for wounds. (roll also shows aged 27, enlisted 08/02/1915) GVF sold sold
b6075 789 Sjt. G.H. Murphy W. Yorks R. (West Yorkshire Regiment) low number  GVF sold  sold
b6076 (Two medals; 1914-15 Star with Victory Medal) 9477A  W.C. Hammock Smn. R.N.R. (Royal Naval Reserve) GVF sold sold
b6077 1914-15 Star: Lieut W.E. Barker R.A.M.C. (Royal Army Medical Corps) medal has light pitting overall hence fine sold sold
b7023 1985  Pte. E. Hanley  L.N. Lan R.  (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) GVF sold  sold
b7027 British War Medal: 1586  Pte. T. Horrocks L. N. Lan R. (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) VF sold sold
b7035 British War Medal: 170980. D.A.   F.R. Walker DH. RNR (Deck Hand , Royal Naval Reserve)  NEF sold sold
b7039 British War Medal: 25815 Pte. H. Hurst  Hamps R. (Hampshire Regiment) GVF sold  sold
b7041 British War Medal: 2984 Sepoy Sikandar Shah 58 Rifles NVF sold sold
b7061 British War Medal: 26789  Pte. J.W. Hodgson North'd Fus (Northumberland Fusiliers) NEF sold sold
b7112 British War Medal: 91734 Pte. W.R. Parry R.W.F. (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) multiple eks VF sold sold
b7121 British War Medal: 45393 Pte. F.W. Goodrick Suffolk R. (Suffolk Regiment) GVF sold sold
b7124 British War Medal: 237482 A. Collinge L. Sig. R.N. (Royal Navy) Entitled to the French Medaille Militaire LG 14/1/1919 (quite rare award to RN.) sold sold
b7045 British War Medal: 3839 L-Dfdr. Ashaq Ali, 7 Lcrs (7th  Hariana Lancers)  NVF sold sold
b7068 British War Medal: 2685 Sep. Sri Rama 42 Deoli Regt. Disc only, test cut, bumps, knocks and scratches... oh dear... G sold sold
b7075 British War Medal: 70343 Pte. L.R Sheasby Devon R. (Devonshire Regiment)  VF sold  sold
b7101 British War Medal: S-24628 Pte. G. Stephen  Gordons. (Gordon Highlanders) NVF sold sold
b7110 British War Medal: WT4-037210 Dvr. T. Owen A.S.C. (Army Service Corps)  minor eks VF sold sold
b7115 British War Medal: S-18631 Pte J.R. Rae  Gordons. (Gordon Highlanders) GVF sold  sold
b7125 British War Medal: 1725 Sepoy Chawan Singh 2-39 Gurwals. (2nd Battalion 39th Garhwal Rifles) NEF sold  sold
b7148 British War Medal: 170563 Pte. G. Hogg M.G.C. (Machine Gun Corps) NVF sold  sold
b7152 British War Medal: 2593 Pte. E. Robertson R.A.M.C. (Royal Army Medical Corps) GVF sold  sold
b7154 British War Medal: 461037 2. Cpl. R.H. White R.E. (Royal Engineers)  NEF sold  sold
b7160 British War Medal: 340 H. Smith R.A. (Royal Artillery) low number. Slack at claw, contacts. F sold  sold
b7163 British War Medal: 120008 Gnr A. Prince R.A.   120008 Gunner Arthur Prince 135th Battery, 32nd Brigade Royal Field Artillery, died of wounds 8th October 1917. Buried Cement House Cemetery Langemark-Poelkapelle Belgium. Born and Enlisted Dublin. Note this medal has a couple of heavy edge knocks and blunt impact marks to the bust. Naming is unaffected NVF sold  sold
b7164 British War Medal: 508030 Spr. F.W. Briers C.E. (Canadian Engineers) includes some copy documents(4 pages): attestation paper, newspaper copy reporting his sudden death in 1938 and Province of British Columbia Registration of Death copy document. NEF sold  sold
b7165 British War Medal: 504111 A. Sgt. N. Norris C.E. (Canadian Engineers) NEF sold sold
b7166 British War Medal: 505702 2 Cpl R.S. Frost C.E. (Canadian Engineers) NEF sold sold
b7169 British War Medal: 173 Spr. W.H. Pollard C.E. (Canadian Engineers) NEF sold  sold
b7170 British War Medal: 790547 Pte. F.W. Gooch 47-Can Inf (47th Battalion Canadian Infantry) Died 18/10/1918:- CWGC  with extensive copy documents. Frederick William Gooch, a farmer born in Norfolk England. Will states "In the event of my death I give the whole of my property to my mother Mrs Robert Gooch, Hithel, [Hethel] Nr Norwich, Norfolk England." Received a gunshot wound to arm in 1917 (fully recovered) Courts Marshalled for AWOL 6/18, KIA 18/10/1918, papers refer: "Killed in action. At about 11.00 o'clock on the morning of October 18th 1918, whilst with his company taking shelter behind some large haystacks in the outskirts of Fressain, during a heavy shelling by the enemy, he was hit in the head and instantly killed by shrapnel, when two large calibre shells fell simultaneously about ten feet away from one of the haystacks. NVF some contact marks, see picture.  sold  sold
b7056 British War Medal: S. Nurse R. Anderton NEF sold  sold
b7126 British War Medal: 2126 Rfmn. Namje Lama 4.A.R.  (4th Assam Rifles) GF scarce sold  sold
b7134 British War Medal: 58928 Pte. B.J. Steven N.Z.E.F. (New Zealand Expeditionary Force) EF sold sold
b7142 British War Medal: 5425 Pte. W. Hempleman 2-Lond. R. (2nd (County of London) Battalion The London Regiment) GVF sold sold
b7144 British War Medal: 295168 H.W. Williams S.P.O. R.N.  (Royal Navy) First three digits probably contacted from his Star. Fine sold sold
b7153 British War Medal: 29660 Pte. W.E. Greenwood R.W.F. (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) GVF sold sold
b7047 British War Medal: 224 Sepoy Wa-Ri-S 54 Sikhs. Polished F sold sold
b7053 British War Medal: 4655 Sepoy Umar Gul 126 Bal Infy. (126th Baluchistan Infantry)  polished hence F sold sold
b7070 British War Medal: 23904 Spr. A. Belcher R.E. (Royal Engineers) NEF sold sold
b7107 British War Medal: S-43224 Pte. J.N. Thornton Gordons. (Gordon Highlanders). Died of wounds 9/4/17 1st Battalion. only GF sold sold
b7108 5111 Pte. W. Shearer Gordons. (Gordon Highlanders). VF £ sold
b7143 British War Medal: M2-187987 Pte. D. Clark A.S.C.    M2/187987 Private David Clark, Base Mechanical Transport Depot, Army Service Corps, died 26th November 1918 Salonica, buried Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria. Husband of R. B. Clark, of 8, St. Anthony Lane, Leith. GVF sold   sold
b7145 British War Medal: 51312 Spr. G. Huntley R.E. 51312 Sapper George Huntley, 13th Div. Signal Coy. Royal Engineers, died 07/08/1916, aged 22. Buried Basra War Cemetery Iraq. Son of William Elliott Huntley and Mary A. Huntley, of 2, Sea Rd., Fulwell, Sunderland. Medal is somewhat worn and surname is difficult to read. Fine sold sold
b7146 British War Medal: 125171 Pnr T. Richardson R.E. (Royal Engineers)  MIC shows also served with the Royal Flying Corps and all medals (entitled to a 15 star trio) are on the RFC and RAF rolls. Small area of light scratching in the obverse field. GVF sold sold
b7147 British War Medal: 19805 Pte R.J. Buglass North'd Fus. 19805 Private Robert John Buglass, 10th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers, Killed in Action 6th June 1915 aged 25. Buried Wytschaete Military Cemetery. Son of Robert John and Hannah M. Buglass, of 17, Institute Row, West Sleekburn, Choppington, Northumberland. NEF sold  sold
b7152 British War Medal: 16-1608 Pte. G. Mould North'd Fus (Northumberland Fusiliers) NEF sold sold
b7505 Victory Medal: 405 Sepoy Mohammed Khan 62 Punjabis. Low number VF sold sold
b7521 Victory Medal: 16631 Spr. F. Inmonger R.E. (Royal Engineers) MIC & SWB roll shows entitled to a pair and a Silver War Badge. enlisted 17/4/16 discharged 18/2/18 aged 25, cause; wounds. 1911 Census shows only one person of this name, an 18 year old Wheelwright and Carpenter living with his parents at Holbeach Bank, Holbeach, Lincolnshire  NEF sold sold
b7522 Victory Medal: 1426  Spr G. T. Lyon R.E. 1426 Sapper George Thomas Lyon, 1st/1st Field Company Royal Engineers, Killed in Action 26th April 1915 aged 20. Commemorated on the Menin Gate. Son of Richard and Isabella Lyon, of 552, Welbeck Rd., Walker, Newcastle-on-Tyne. GVF sold sold
b7523 Victory Medal: 10592 Pte. A.V. Jowers Worc R.  10592 Pte. Albert Victor Jowers 4th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment, killed in action 30th April 1915 Gallipoli. Commemorated on the Helles Memorial. GF Medal is somewhat worn and knocked. sold sold
b7525 Victory Medal: 42717 Pte. C. Calvesbert Notts & Derby (The Sherwood Foresters, [Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment]) GVF sold sold
b7527 Victory Medal: 360112 Sgt. W.A. Willings North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) MIC shows entitled to a pair and a General Service Medal clasp Iraq (Served in the York and Lancaster Regiment in the Iraq campaign.) VF ek  sold sold
b7529 Victory Medal: T4-043047 Dvr. T. Keaney  A.S.C. (Army Service Corps)  Service papers are online. Thomas, enlisted 1915 age 19. From “Ralstonhill Cottage”, Kilmarnock.  Served 238 Coy, Salonica from 1916. Bit of a Jack the lad: Conduct sheet shows disciplined over time for: Hesitating to obey an order; Parading with dirty harness; Trotting Mules, contrary to orders; Creating a disturbance after lights out; Not complying with an order; Drunk in Red Lamp St about 3.50pm (!)  includes copy docs on a DVD. GVF sold sold
b7531 Victory Medal: S-295079  Pte. E. Bailey A.S.C.  (Army Service Corps) VF sold  sold
b7533 Victory Medal: Officially re-impressed in the correct style: Major H.G. Magrath.  MIC states Royal Army Medical Corps, and medals were returned to correct the rank from Captain to Major. There is a Henry George Magrath,  Physician and Surgeon, living in Great Missenden Buckinghamshire on the 1911 census. NEF sold

b7537 Victory Medal: 26065 Pte H. Woollams  Ches. R.  26065 Private Harold Woollams, 15th Battalion Cheshire Regiment, killed in action 20th October 1918. Buried Bissegem Communal Cemetery, Kortrijk, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Husband of Amelia Christina Woollams, of 8, Rowley St., Stafford. NEF sold sold
b7538 Victory Medal: 16093 Pte. R. Thyer S. Wales Bord. (South Wales Borderers) faint scuff over "Bo" of "Bord" VF sold sold
b7539 Victory Medal: 19842 Pte. W. Brown York R. (Yorkshire Regiment)  Papers online show William Brown  from Garston Liverpool. Had a tough war: back to the UK with scabies in 1915,  Wounded April 1916, Gunshot wound to heel in 1917, head wound in April 1918,  taken prisoner of war May 1918, repatriated December 1918.  VF sold sold
b7540 Victory Medal: 62963 Pte. J. Sanderson Welsh R. (Welsh Regiment) Papers online; from Blyth in Northumberland. Gassed (Shell) June 1918 to Gas Hospital in the UK, discharged 1919.  GVF sold sold
b7518 29858 Pte. H. Wardman  Ches. R (Cheshire Regiment) GVF sold  sold
b7545 Victory Medal: 110682 Pnr. W.R. Davison R.E. (Royal Engineers) VF sold sold
b7546 Victory Medal: 1594 Bmbr. J.R. Bowman R.A. (Royal Artillery) slight eks Fine sold sold
b7513 Victory Medal: 53492 Pte. E. Thomas D.L.I. (Durham Light Infantry) GVF sold sold
b7524 Victory Medal: 34042 Pte. T. Gains North'n R. (Northamptonshire Regiment) GVF sold sold
b7530 Victory Medal: 39083 Pte. J. Jackson North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) GVF sold sold
b7536 Victory Medal: 1626 Pte. J. Ramsey North'd Fus. (Northumberland Fusiliers) GVF sold sold

Victory Medal: 73034 Pte. G. Fox Durh. L.I. (Durham Light Infantry) slight eks VF sold

b7547 Victory Medal: Neatly erased. GVF sold sold
b7548 Victory Medal: PO.12745 Act. Cpl. A.E. Ganner R.M.L.I. (Royal Marine Light Infantry) Medal is officially re-impressed. Recipient entitled to the French Medaille Militaire, LG 5/10/20. GVF sold sold
b7549 Victory Medal: 124564 Pte. A.V. Baxter M.G.C. (Machine Gun Corps) GVF sold sold
b7511 Victory Medal: 251389 Dvr. J. Cummusky RA.   (Royal Artillery)  GVF sold sold
b7528 Victory Medal: 222236 Gnr A. Taylor R.A. (Royal Artillery) VF sold  sold
b7552 Victory Medal: 541549 2. Cpl. E. Davies C.E. (Canadian Engineers) GVF sold sold
b7553 Victory Medal: S-5691 Pte. G.O. Clarke The Queen's R. This chap has an interesting medal index card. 2nd Battalion. Medals forfeit for desertion, conviction declared unfit  28.4.17 and medals restored. Entitled to a 1914 Star trio, silver war badge and mentioned in despatches. There is also a rubber stamped date "25 Sept 1944" also on his card. Could be interesting and worthy of further research. VF  £sold  sold
b7554 Victory Medal: 1416 Dvr. W. Beard A.S.C (Army Service Corps) GVF sold sold
b7555 Victory Medal: 53376 Pte. E. Blakey W. York R. Ebenezer Blakey is listed in the Prisoner of War roll in Laurie Milner's 'Leeds Pals' book, extract online here (sorry we don't have a copy) GVF sold sold
b7557 Victory Medal: 48310 Gnr. H. Clapham R.A. Lance Bombardier Herbert Clapham, "C" Bty. 84th Bde., Royal Field Artillery, killed in action, 3rd October 1918 Age 26. Son of Thomas and Grace Clapham, of Main St., Pannal, Harrogate, Yorks. GVF sold  sold
b7558 Victory Medal: K.30153 A. Colwill Sto. 1 R.N. (Royal Navy) GVF sold  sold
b7560 Victory Medal: 22919 Pte. G. Curren L.N.Lan. R. (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) NEF sold  sold
b7562 Victory Medal: 2-6874 Pte. D. Gorman R. Ir. Rif. David Gorman, born Newtonards Belfast 1882, enlisted at Glasgow1902 into the Royal Irish Rifles, previously served in the 3rd battalion of that regiment. Transferred to the army reserve in 1910. Mobilised at Belfast 5th August 1914. Disembarked in France 27th August 1914. Received a gunshot wound to the shoulder on the 14th September 1914 at Vailly during the Battle of the Asine. Gorman’s Militia papers also show he served with the 3rd Battalion in South Africa 1/4/1901 -1/07/1902 gaining entitlement to a Queen’s South Africa Medal.
Gorman was not the model soldier and has a number of entries on his defaulters sheet. Breaking out of barracks, drunk in barracks (a number of times), having a corroded rifle, etc. Gorman died in 1961.
GVF sold
b7563 Victory Medal: 9818 Pte. C.E. Larner Dorset R. (Dorset Regiment) MIC shows 1st battalion and entitled to a 1914 Star trio and a silver war badge. NEF sold sold
b7565 Victory Medal: 3030935  Pte C. Reid 58-Can Inf. (58th Battalion Canadian Infantry) Also numbered 33935. Private Charles Reid, killed in action 29/09/1918, (Battle of the Canal du Nord). Front sheet of attestation paper shows Reid was born it Tyrone Ireland, and gives his address as 1531 S, Newkirk St. Philadelphia U.S.A. Commonwealth war graves shows:  'Son of William and Sarah Reid, of Co. Tyrone, Ireland; husband of F. Birch (formerly Reid), of 1523, South Taney St., Philadelphia, U.S.A.'   The Canadian war graves registers 'circumstances of casualty form' gives some details (recorded with his long number as on the medal):- "Killed in Action": While in a sunken road just north of Fontaine, Notre Dame, west of Cambrai, he was instantly killed by an enemy shell"  Reid is buried in Anneux British Cemetery, Nord, France. NEF  sold sold
b8008 Plaque: "Hussey Burgh George Macartney"  (Captain, 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers)  NEF sold sold
b8010 Plaque: "Arthur Bird"  GVF sold sold
b8013 Plaque: "David Slater Lawson" unique: 16699 Private David Slater Lawson 8th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment, killed in action 10th July 1916, aged 33. Commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. Husband of Mary Louisa Lawson, of 11 Fir St., Hebburn Colliery, Co. Durham. Born Hebburn, enlisted Sunderland, resided Hebburn Colliery. VF sold sold
b8014 Plaque: "Henry Hainsworth Kelley" unique: 403660 Corporal Henry Hainsworth Kelley, 1st/2nd West Riding Field Ambulance, died of wounds, 20th November 1917 aged 24. Buried Etaples Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais France. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Kelley, of 16, Bradford Rd., Shipley, Yorks. GVF sold sold
b8015 Plaque: "James Storey Hall" unique: 16813 Private James Storey Hall, 1st Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers, killed in action 18th June 1915. Commemorated on the Menin Gate. Born Cullercoates, enlisted North Shields.  GVF sold sold
b8016 Plaque: "Joseph William Knapper" unique: 27/404 Private Joseph William Knapper, 1/5th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers, killed in action 15th April 1918, aged 30. Son of John and Eliza Knapper, of Netherton Colliery, Morpeth, Northumberland; husband of Emma Knapper, of 19, Sproat St., Coupen Quay, Blyth. Previously served with the Tyneside Irish. GVF sold sold
b8017 Plaque: "John Hector Taylor" unique; Second Lieutenant John Hector Taylor "O" Flight, Royal Air Force. Died 19th November 1918, aged 20. Buried Premont British Cemetery, Aisne, France. Son of Alexander and Minnie Taylor, of High View, Wallsend. VF sold  sold
b8018 Plaque: "William Charles Evans" (four possible, 7th KSLI kia new year's day 1917, 2nd/1st Bucks Bn. Ox and Bucks, 9th L.N. Lancs and Drake Bn. RND ) GVF sold  sold
b8019 Plaque: "William Wigham"  ( three possible: 14th North'd Fus, 7th KOSB 1st day Loos, and 49th Canadian Infantry) GVF sold sold
b8020 Plaque: "Nicholas Hogg"  unique, 2550 Lance Corporal Nicholas Hogg, 2nd Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers, killed in action, aged 28,  27th February 1917. Buried Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery. Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Hogg, of 89, Clara St., Benwell, Newcastle-on-Tyne. VF sold sold
b8021 Plaque: "Richard Comerford";   unique,  28038 Private Richard Comerford, 2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry,  killed in action, 3rd June 1917. Buried Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe, Pas de Calais France. Son of Mr. J. Comerford, of 18E, Elizabeth-ville, Birtley, Co. Durham. Born Quebec, Co. Durham, enlisted Birtley Co. Durham.  VF sold sold
b8022 Plaque: "Edward Fairless"; 'Narrow H' type. Two men recorded with this name; 1st:- 18/267 Private Edward Fairless, 18th Battalion Durham Light Infantry, killed in action, 27th July 1916.  Buried St. Vaast Post Military Cemetery, Richebourg-L'avoue, Pas de Calais, France. Son of the late Edward Fairless, of Westgate-in-Weardale, Co. Durham.
2nd, and more likely candidate as this is a 'Navy type' plaque:- Tyneside Z/794 Able Seaman Edward Fairless, Collingwood Battalion Royal Naval Division, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. Missing presumed Dead 4th June 1915 Dardanelles. Commemorated on the Helles Memorial. Husband of Grace Fairless, 3 Spicecake Row, Seghill, Northumberland GVF sold
b8012 Plaque: "Samuel Shields" GVF sold sold
b8005 Plaque: "Thomas Richardson"  large number of casualties with this name VF sold sold
b8025 Plaque: "Arthur Herbert Bonner" Unique listing: 48675 Private Arthur Herbert Bonner, 13th Battalion The King's (Liverpool Regiment), died of wounds 18th October 1916 aged 32. Buried Varennes Military Cemetery. Husband of Ruth Bonner, of Bank Lodge, Eccleshall, Staffs. GVF sold sold
b8024 Plaque: 'Robert Mills' cleverly drilled into the rim to pass a string through for suspension. nothing visible from the front. VF sold sold
b8026 No plaque, just a good condition original card folder for a plaque sold sold
b8027 Plaque: "John Tubman Melvin" Unique listing: 46016 John Tubman Melvin 9th Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers, killed in action 16th August 1917. No known grave, commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial. Born Burradon Northumberland, enlisted Cramlington Northumberland. GVF sold sold
b8028 Plaque: "Nicholas Nugent" Unique listing:  25308 Private Nicholas Nugent, "B" Coy. 12th Bn Durham Light Infantry, died of wounds 11th July 1917 aged 20. Buried Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. Son of Timothy and Jessie Nugent. Born Gateshead-on-Tyne. GVF sold sold
b8030 Plaque: 'Albert George Beul' Unique at CWGC: 548754 Sapper Alfred George Beul, Royal Engineers, died 29th June 1919 aged 35. Buried Leytonstone (St. Patrick's) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Essex.  Son of George and Annie Eliza Beul; husband of Victoria Beul, of 49, Redman Buildings, Bourne Estate, Holborn, London. Born at Poplar, London. GVF sold sold
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