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French Medals For Sale. French Orders, Decorations, War Medals and Commemoratives.

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(medals are in no particular order)

f2016   Croix du Combattant (Combatant's Cross) WW2 Vichy type VF £90  Add to Basket
f2024  WW2 Croix de Guerre and palm, undated. Probably manufactured by J.R. Gaunt in London, and awarded during the war years to a Free French, UK or an allied individual. Cross has a typical British suspension bar fitted. GVF £65  Add to Basket
f2025   Civilian War Wounded Medal, ribbon faded and old glue on back. (Medaille des Blesses Civils de Guerre)  GVF £34  Add to Basket
f2026  Military Wounded Medal, type 2. GVF £22  Add to Basket
f2027   WW2 Croix de Guerre '1939'. Front of ribbon faded  GVF £25  Add to Basket
f2028   Medaille d'Outre Mer  (Overseas Medal, successor to the Colonial Medal)  GVF £25  Add to Basket
f2034    National Rescue Society, Civil Valour Cross, with ribbon clasp 'Devouement' (Federation Nationale de Sauvetage)  GVF £38  Add to Basket
f2035   Alpes Maritimes district Rescue/Lifesaving Medal. (Chevaliers Sauveteurs des Alpes Maritimes) silver gilt and enamel. £62  Add to Basket
f3002  Unidentified French railwayman's?  medal, gilt and enamel EF £15  Add to Basket
f3007  Interior Ministry Medal of  Honour for Acts of Courage and Devotion. Bronze. GVF £55  Add to Basket
f3009  Social Assurance Medal of Honour, bronze GVF £27  Add to Basket
f3012  Medal for Voluntary Service in the Free French Forces - variant  in box of issue GVF £39  Add to Basket
f3017  WW2 Croix de Guerre 1939 official issue type. gilt star on the ribbon GVF £30  Add to Basket
f3019  Medaille Militaire 1951-62 IVth Republic. (Frequently awarded for Indochina, North Africa, etc.) GVF £22  sold
f3024  Post and Telegraphs Medal of Honour. Named to Jean Redon 1933 GVF £35  Add to Basket
f3027  Fireman's Medal of Honour. Silver-gilt, some wear to the gilt on obverse. VF £35  Add to Basket
f3029  Order of Social Merit. Some minor enamel damage, otherwise GVF £14  Add to Basket
f3039  Croix de la Valeur Militaire - Cross of Military Valour -  NEF £26  Add to Basket
f3042  WW1 Commemorative Medal, retains original applied patina. GVF £12  Add to Basket
f3047  WW2 Croix de Guerre 1939. The typical theatre made version.  GVF £30  Add to Basket
f3048   Medal for Operations in North Africa. Clasp Algerie NEF £30  Add to Basket
f3053   Cross of Military Valour (Croix de la Valeur Militaire) GVF £25  Add to Basket
f3054   Military Preparation National Merit Medal, (Medaille Merite National Preparation Militaire ) Officer's silver and gilt /argent vermeil GVF  £45  Add to Basket
f3058    Croix de Guerre TOE - (Overseas Theatres) Silver star on the ribbon. GVF £25  Add to Basket
f3060   Overseas Medal ( Medaille d'Outre Mer), clasps: Cambodge and Mauritanie,  NEF £27  Add to Basket
f3061   Overseas Medal ( Medaille d'Outre Mer), clasp: Centrafrique, NEF £25  Add to Basket
f3062   Overseas Medal ( Medaille d'Outre Mer), clasps: Moyen-Orient and Cambodge,  modern striking NEF £20  Add to Basket
f3063   Overseas Medal ( Medaille d'Outre Mer), clasps: Méditerranée Occidentale and Détroit d'Ormuz NEF £35  Add to Basket
f3064   Overseas Medal ( Medaille d'Outre Mer), clasp: Liban, NEF £25  Add to Basket
f3065   National Defence Medal (Médaille de la Défense Nationale) gilt, clasps:  Defese Aerienne, Aviation Legere, Corps Europeen. NEF £26  Add to Basket
f3066   National Defence Medal (Médaille de la Défense Nationale) gilt, clasps: F.F.S.A., Fusiliers Commandos de l'Air. NEF £24  Add to Basket
f3067   National Defence Medal (Médaille de la Défense Nationale) gilt, clasps: Infanterie. NEF £22  Add to Basket
f3068   National Defence Medal (Médaille de la Défense Nationale), silver, clasps: Artillerie, Corps Europeen F.F.A. NEF £26  Add to Basket
f3069   National Defence Medal (Médaille de la Défense Nationale) Bronze, clasps:  Marins Pompiers, Nageurs de Combat. NEF £24  Add to Basket
f3070   1st expedition Madagascar Medal 1883 - 1886 ( (Médaille de Madagascar)  GVF £120  Add to Basket
f3071    WW1 Eastern Medal (Médaille d'Orient) with the elusive "Orient" clasp. GVF £60  Add to Basket
f3074   1859 Italian Campaign Medal  (Médaille de la Campagne d’Italie) Signed Barre, crown suspension. Rare. £180  Add to Basket
f3075   WW2 Cross of the Combatant Volunteer of the Resistance (Croix du Combattant Volontaire de la Résistance)  EF £39  Add to Basket
f3076   The National Federation for Combatant Prisoners of War Medal. (Fédération Nationale Des Combattants Prisonniers De Guerre) with barbed wire emblem o the ribbon. Silver plate. GVF £25  Add to Basket
f3077   The National Federation for Combatant Prisoners of War and Combatants of Algeria, Tunisia and Morroco  Medal. (Fédération Nationale Des Combattants Prisonniers De Guerre Combattants D'algérie, Tunisie, Maroc) Dark bronze. GVF £25  Add to Basket
f3078   Medal for Syria-Cilicia and the Levant (Médaille de Syrie-Cilicie et du Levant) with silver clasp "Levant 1941", which is a Vichy award. GVF £85  Add to Basket
f3079   Escapees' Medal (Medaille des Evades) Old looking example but requires a replacement ribbon GVF  £20  Add to Basket
f3080   Cross of French Merit and Dedication (Croix de ‘Mérite et Dévouement Français’) GVF £35  Add to Basket
f3081    1859 Return of the Troops to Paris Commemorative Medal. "a la Gloire de l'Armee Francaise Rentree des Troupes a Paris le 14 Aout 1859" An 1959 Italian Campaign commemorative.  Bronze GVF £75  Add to Basket
f3083  1789  Jean Sylvain Bailly commemorative medal.  VF £85  Add to Basket
f3084   1805 Napoleonic medal for the capture of Vienna and Bratislava.  Silver plated and mounted on a ribbon for wear. VF £85  Add to Basket
f3085   Order of Military Merit (Ordre du Merite Militaire, Chevalier) Knight class in silver. A short lived order, uncommon. GVF £35  Add to Basket
f3086   Order of National Merit. (Ordre National du Merite)  officers gilt breast badge with rosette on the ribbon. GVF £50  Add to Basket
f3087   Aeronautical Medal (Medaille de l'Aeronautique) NEF £90  Add to Basket
f3088   French revolution commemorative medal: Medal for the Confederation of the French (Médaille de la Confédération des François, 14 juillet 1790) gilt finish.  VF £60  Add to Basket
f3089  Departments and Communes Medal of Honour in silver. GVF £18  Add to Basket
f3090  Rhine and Danube Campaign Cross (Croix de la Campagne Rhin et Danube), 1944-1945 GVF £53  Add to Basket
f3091 Commemorative Medal of the Great War 1914-1918, with the elusive correct "Engage Volontaire" ribbon clasp. VF £35  Add to Basket
f3092  Croix de Guerre, 1914-1917 reverse, palm emblem on the ribbon. GVF £25  Add to Basket
f3093  Medal for civilian prisoners, deportees and hostages of the 1914-1918 Great War ( Médaille des prisonniers civils, déportés et otages de la Grande Guerre 1914-1918 GVF £32  Add to Basket
f3094   Cross of Military Valour (Croix de la Valeur Militaire) plam and two stars on the ribbon NEF £35  Add to Basket
f3095   1859 Italian Campaign Medal  EF £48  Add to Basket
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f2014   WW2 Vichy type Croix de Guerre, palm on the ribbon, in box of issue; although someone has written 'Vichy' on the outside in biro. Choice condition £  sold
f2018   Verdun Medal, Vernier type with ribbon clasp GVF £ sold
f2019   Geneva Cross 1870 - 1871, correct replacement ribbon. VF £ sold
f2020  1914-1918 War Commemorative Medal, nice example, NEF £ sold
f2022   Maroc Medal, clasp Casablanca. GVF £ sold
f2023  Medaille Militaire post 1951 version, in tatty box of issue  with recipient's name on labels top and bottom 'Gillet Gaul'. Medal EF £ sold
f2029   War Ministry long service medal set named to the same female; Mme Warambourg, bronze, silver and gilt medals (3)  reverse GVF £ sold
f2030   Franco-Prussian War Medal 1870-1871 GVF £ sold
f2031    Union of French Women Red Cross Medal. A very desirable Great War period issue, engraved and impressed on the back with the recipients initials and number, and the years 1914-1915-1916. Complete with the original ribbon, top bar and gilt laurels.  GVF £ sold
f2032    The Society for Aid to Military Wounded Medal  GVF £ sold
f2033    The Society for Aid to Military Wounded Medal named to 'Dr. J Saban' GVF  £ sold
f2036    Railways Medal of Honour, a solid silver version named to Pierre Coet 1924  GVF £ sold
f2037    Railways Medal of Honour, plated bronze,  named to Joseph Langlais 1922 GVF £ sold
f3040  Medaille Militaire. Typical WW1 version. GVF £ sold
f3051  Aisne Survivors Medal (La Medaille des Rescapes de l'Aisne): 1914-1918 1939-1940. With the WW2 Clasp. GVF adhesive on the ribbon £ sold
f3049   Fireman's Medal of Honour, Silver, 2nd type with the '1900' date NEF £ sold
f3038  Medal of Honour for Public Assistance.  (Médaille d'Honneur de l'Assistance Publique) Bronze version named to Mr Isadore Clarinval 1906  GVF £ sold
f3036  Medal for Physical Education and Sport. Silver GVF £ sold
f3034 Geneva Cross, ribbon missing. Interestingly this has "A. 1/11/17" scratched on the lower arm. GVF £  sold
f3030  Croix de Guerre TOE - (Overseas Theatres) Silver star on the ribbon. GVF £ sold
f3031 Croix de Guerre 1914 - 1918 GVF £ sold
f3028  WW1 Croix de Guerre 1914-1918 reverse, bronze star on the ribbon. GVF £ sold
f3025 Unidentified medal of the National Society for the Encouragement of Good (Société Nationale d’Encouragement au Bien) the obverse states "Propagande" [!?]  and is awarded to J. Santais 1930. No ribbon, GVF £ sold
f3026  Fireman's Medal of Honour. Silver. Very nice patina. GVF £ sold
f3022  Railway medal, named and dated to J. Schoenn 1948 GVF £  sold
f3023  Railway medal, named and dated to A. Rousset 1947 GVF £ sold
f3020  Maroc Medal. On an ancient looking piece of colonial medal ribbon with a square type old silver "Maroc" ribbon bar. GVF £ sold
f3013  Medal for Voluntary Service in the Free French Forces GVF £ sold
f3014  WW1 Victory Medal GVF £ sold
f3010  Group of three medals, Bronze and Silver War Ministry service medals and a French Family medal GVF £ sold
f3011  Colonial Medal, smaller variant, clasp 'Tunisie' and a mini clasp 'Extreme Orient'. GVF £ sold
f3008  Social Providence Medal of Honour, bronze. Named and dated to C. Demilt, 21-7-1934 GVF £ sold
f3005  St Helena Medal. Very nice example. Full chocolate colour finish. GVF £ sold
f3006  Two "Departments and Communes Medal of Honour" in silver, one large and one medium size. EF £ sold
f3001  Order of Liberation, enamel cross type EF £ sold
f2021   Silver Octroi service medal GVF £ sold
f3003  WW1 Combatant Volunteer Cross. GVF £ sold
f3004  WW1 Combatant Volunteer Cross, scarce "Grosse Tete" version. Nice medal. GVF £ sold
f3018  WW2 Croix de Guerre 1939 official issue type. GVF £ sold
f3021  Croix de la Confederation Europenne des Anciens Combattants - European Confederation of War Veterans Cross. GVF - Some glue on the ribbon. GVF £ sold
f3033 Vichy Croix de Guerre 1939- 1940 GVF £ sold
f3041  Colonial Medal, 3 clasps: Libye, Erythree, Afrique Occidentale Francaise. GVF £ sold
f3037  Colonial Medal, clasp Tunisie; this is the old 'Clapet' hinged type clasp, with multiple hallmarks to front and back. Scarce GVF £58   sold
f3043  Colonial Medal, clasp 'Extreme Orient'. Nice example. NEF £ sold
f3044  Croix de Guerre 1939 - 1940 unofficial Vichy model. GVF £ sold
f3045  Colonial Medal, clasp 'Extreme Orient'. Smaller version. NEF £ sold
f3050   Korea Medal. NEF £ sold
f3052   Légion d'Honneur, Legion of Honour, knight's class. 1870. III Republic. Valid for the WW1 and WW2 eras. White enamel at the arm tips has been sympathetically repaired  VF £ sold
f3055   Medaille Militaire, III Republic. Scarce double sided suspension.  Nice example NEF £ sold
f3056   Medaille Militaire, III Republic. Two rings type suspension. £ sold
f3057   Medaille Militaire, III Republic. Double sided suspension, hinged through the disc. Early and scarce. Some enamel loss. VF £ sold
f3072   South Vietnamese Honour Medal. Occasionally awarded to French personnel. VF £ sold
f3073   1859 Italian Campaign Medal  (Médaille de la Campagne d’Italie) Unsigned version. Uncommon. £ sold

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