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Belgian Medals For Sale. Belgian Orders, Decorations, War Medals and Commemoratives.

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(medals are in no particular order) 

be0009  1 metre of replacement full size ribbon for the WW1 Belgian Croix de Guerre. Excellent quality  4.25  Add to Basket
be1000   Order of the Crown grand officer breast star, nice old quality piece, some minor surface flakes off the white enamel. GVF 350  Add to Basket
be1050  Silver palms of the Order of the Crown GVF 14  sold
be1051  Military Decoration, Albert monogram, with long service type ribbon  14 sold
be1052  Commemorative medal for the reign of king Albert  15  Add to Basket
be1053  Civic Decoration Medal, in gilt. 8  sold
be1054  Civic Decoration Medal, in silver. 8  Add to Basket
be1055   1940-45 Defaulter's Medal, white striped ribbon  28  Add to Basket
be1056   1952 pattern Volunteers Medal, ribbon bar Pugnator, short ribbon 29  Add to Basket
be1057   WW2 1942-45 Deportees Medal 39  Add to Basket
be1058   Civic Decoration Medal, in silver, old looking example. 10 sold
be1059   Commemorative Medal of Leopold II, 1865-1909 version. 16  Add to Basket
be1060   WW1  Croix de Guerre. GVF 20 sold
be1061   African War Medal, 1940-45 NEF  18  sold
be1062   WW1 Croix de Guerre, circular lion type emblem on the ribbon. GVF 26  sold
be1063  Order of the Crown, Officers' badge, with rosette on the ribbon. Probably of more recent manufacture NEF 28  Add to Basket
be1064  Commemorative medal of the Great War. GVF 12 sold
be1065  WW2 Maritime Medal, as worn on a short ribbon GVF 68 sold
be1066  WW2 Commemorative Medal GVF 15  sold
be1067  Military Decoration, Chevron on the ribbon VF 20 sold
be1068  1830 - 1930 Centenary Medal. GVF 15 sold
be1069  Order of Leopold II, Knight, unilingual version, crossed swords on the ribbon. A nice oldie. GVF 45  Add to Basket
be1070 King Albert Veterans Medal. 1948-1973.  glue on the ribbon making it stiff. VF 17 sold
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